Missouri Senator Introduces S.B. 294

21 and over Helmet Law Modification Bill


January 18, 1999

Jefferson City, MO. Today, Senator Danny Staples (D, Eminence) introduced Senate Bill (S.B.) 294. This bill would require persons under the age of 21 to wear helmets while operating or riding as a passenger on any motorcycle or motortricycle on any highway in Missouri. This legislation mirrors the wording of House Bill (H.B.) 184 as introduced in the Missouri House of Representatives in December. Freedom of Road Riders is pleased to see Senator Staples sponsor this bill. Senator Staples has been a long-time friend of Freedom of Road Riders and in his position as Chairman of the Senate Transportation, has provided support for our legislative efforts in the past. Tom Pauley, Director of Government Relations for Freedom of Road Riders, says, "Having Senator Staples carry this bill in the Senate provides us with an excellent opportunity for success. We are very excited to have the Senator's support."

For further information about this proposed legislation, interested persons may access bill information through the Missouri General Assembly's web site: http://www.moga.state.mo.us/ . Accurate wording of the bill can be found through the link to the Introduced Bill Text. The Missouri State web page will also list Bill summaries. For the best information, choose the text as introduced.

Freedom of Road Riders, Inc., of Missouri, is the largest motorcyclists rights group in Missouri. For further information about Freedom of Road Riders or other pending legislation, contact Tom Pauley, Director of Government Relations, at tom@mrf.org, or Wayne "Tip" Tipton, State Legislative Coordinator, at uncatip@aol.com.

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