Missouri Helmet Mod Bill Moves Out of Committee
SB 294: 21 and over Helmet Law Modification Bill


February 2, 1999

Jefferson City, Missouri - At 1:30 p.m. today, the Senate Transportation Committee voted 6 to 1 in favor of sending Senate Bill (S.B.) 294 to the floor. S.B. 294 is the proposed modification of the Missouri helmet statutes to allow adult motorcyclists the freedom of choice in helmet use. After testimony, the committee immediately went into Executive Session where S.B. 294 was voted on.

Voting in favor were: Senator Danny Staples (Chair, 20th District, D); Senator Ronny DePasco (11th District, D); Senator Ted House (2nd District, D); Sam Graves (12th District, R); Bill Kenney (8th District, R); and John Russell (33rd District, R). The only dissenting vote was cast by Senator John Scott (3rd District, D). Freedom of Road Riders urges thank you letters to those who voted yes, and letters urging Senator Scott to vote yes when this bill comes to the floor.

Freedom of Road Riders calls for all Missouri motorcyclists to contact their Senators immediately and urge for passage of this legislation. Handwritten letters are the most effective means of making your request known.

Testimony at the hearing was offered in support of SB 294 by Tom Pauley, Director of Government Relations, Freedom of Road Riders. Attending in support were Freedom of Road Riders members: Adam Brown, State Chairman; Wayne "Tip" Tipton, State Legislative Coordinator; Brian Lundy, past President, Local 25; Vince Long, current Vice President, Local 25; Scott Hefele, member, Local 25; and four members representing the newest FORR local, Local 41: Bob Brummel, President; Clifford Meiburger, Vice President; Chip Swarzentruber, Legislative Liaison; and Karl McKinzie, member.

Freedom of Road Riders, Inc., of Missouri, is the largest motorcyclists rights group in Missouri. For further information about Freedom of Road Riders or other pending legislation, contact Tom Pauley, Director of Government Relations, at tom@mrf.org, or Wayne "Tip" Tipton, State Legislative Coordinator, at uncatip@aol.com.

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