Missouri SB 294
April 28, 1999

21 & Over Helmet Law Modification Bill


April 28, 1999
-Jefferson City, MO-The Missouri House of Representatives
third read and passed Senate Bill 294 (SB 294), the bill that returns freedom
of choice to adult motorcyclists in Missouri. SB 294 will now return to the
Senate with a request for concurrence, which asks the Senate to approve
changes made by the House to a Senate bill. If the Senate agrees, the bill
is finally passed and sent to the Governor. If the Senate disagrees, the
bill goes to a Joint Conference Committee made up of members of the House and
the Senate.

SB 294 modifies the current Missouri helmet law statutes in a section of law
numbered 302.020. With the passage through the House of Representatives
today, SB 294 opened that section of law for other transportation issues. In
the past, Freedom of Road Riders' has looked for bills that opened 302.020
for the chance to insert helmet law modification legislation. For the first
time, a helmet law modification bill was the vehicle through which other
transportation issues could be addressed. Because of this opportunity, SB
294 passed with amendments. These amendments are not motorcycle specific
issues and do not compromise Freedom of Road Riders' efforts for a "clean"
helmet law modification bill.

Missouri's 90th General Assembly adjourns May 14, 1999. In Missouri, the
Governor has until July 14, 1999, to veto or sign the bill into law, or the
Governor is allowed a third option, known as "pocket passage," by which he
can choose not to act at all. In this option, the bill automatically becomes
law on August 28, 1999. Whether the Governor signs the bill or "pockets" it,
the bill will not be in effect until August 28, 1999.

At the time of the floor vote, the tally was 93 aye, 35 nay, and 33 absent.
While the final count may be different, the outcome cannot be changed.
Freedom of Road Riders' Government Relations Department will have the final
vote available upon request.

For further information about this proposed legislation, interested persons may access bill information through the Missouri General Assembly's web site: http://www.moga.state.mo.us/ . Accurate wording of the bill can be found through the link to the Introduced Bill Text. The Missouri State web page will also list Bill summaries. For the best information, choose the text as introduced.

Freedom of Road Riders, Inc., of Missouri, is the largest motorcyclists rights group in Missouri. For further information about Freedom of Road Riders or other pending legislation, contact Tom Pauley, Director of Government Relations, at tom@mrf.org, or Wayne "Tip" Tipton, State Legislative Coordinator, at uncatip@aol.com.

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