Motorcycle Action Camera Mounting Positions: Tips

So you just got yourself a motorcycle action camera? And now you’re wondering how and where exactly to mount it so that you can take those incredible shots and clips of your motorcycle trips? If yes, you have come to the right place. There are numerous mounting positions for your action camera—and there are aftermarket […]

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Easy Ways To Wash Motorcycle Gloves Properly

Gloves form part of your motorcycle protective gear. They keep your hands out of harm’s way and save you from injuries in the event of a fall.  They also prevent the formation of calluses and improve your riding comfort when riding for long hours. After wearing your gloves for days, they’ll doubtlessly accumulate a lot of […]

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How To Make a Custom Motorcycle Cover?

If you’re the handyman and have got an hour or so to spare, why not come up with your own motorcycle cover from scratch? Think about it; a DIY cover allows you to use a fabric of your own and customize it according to the specific size of your motorcycle. This guide gives you a complete […]

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XYZCTEM Motorcycle Cover: A Proper All-Season Protection?

If you have you tried all the extra-large (XL) motorcycle covers and nothing seems to fit your motorcycle, you should try this extra extra larger (XXL) XYZCTEM Motorcycle Cover. Made for all-season use, this XYZCTEM promises to protect your motorcycle from all sorts of elements—including rain, dirt, dust, UV, and more—that might end up damaging not […]

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How To Clean A Motorcycle Cover Properly?

A motorcycle cover protects your bike from elements such as the sun’s UV rays, rain, dust, and grime. By covering your motorcycle, it also ensures reduces the risk of theft since thieves wouldn’t know what model of bike you have when it’s concealed. With that said, taking care of your cover is necessary to ensure it […]

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Lithium Vs Lead Acid Motorcycle Battery: Which Is Good?

It’s easy to get stuck between lead-acid and lithium batteries if you don’t know much about motorcycle batteries. For starters, the lead-acid batteries are the traditional, conventional batteries that have been around for many years. These batteries still enjoy extensive usage today. The lithium-ion batteries represent the recent upgrades in motorcycle battery technology that changes how […]

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Motorcycle Boots Vs Shoes: Which One To Pick?

Trying to decide on whether to get motorcycle boots or shoes has never been an easy thing—especially for beginner bikers. Most seasoned bikers will agree that a motorcycle boot offers you more protection. They cover your feet past the ankle to protect you against ankle injuries or exhaust pipe burns, which can affect your future rides. While […]

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How To Wrap A Motorcycle Exhaust? Proper Solution


Wrapping a motorcycle exhaust is a popular ritual that every motorcycle owner has considered at some point in their biking life. The story goes that the wraps stop the exhaust headers from cooling down, thus increasing the performance as the exhaust gases flow through your bike engine faster. The result is significant reduction in engine temperatures. If […]

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Motorcycle Exhaust Wrap Benefits And Drawbacks!


You might have heard all manners of rumors and misinformation surrounding the motorcycle exhaust wraps—leaving you confused about whether to use them on your bike or not. Experts are often divided on whether it’s a good idea to wrap your motorcycle pipes. A bunch of them believe that these wraps can really up the horsepower of […]

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Is Motorcycle Coolant the Same as Car Coolant?


Coolant keeps your motorcycle engine temperature within a safe range. This is a critical role that keeps your bike performance top-notch at all times. That said, the coolant requires a regular change to continue working correctly. As a new motorcycle owner, you might have heard folks saying that coolant is just coolant, and you can use even […]

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How to Wear Glasses with Motorcycle Helmet?

If you wear glasses and also own a motorcycle, you might have already figured out that wearing glasses with a helmet isn’t as easy as it might appear. As you try to wriggle your glasses through your lid, the expensive frame might snap and leave you disappointed. And if you’re lucky and they get though, you […]

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Is Backpack Safe When Riding Motorcycle?

Is Backpack Safe When Riding Motorcycle

It’s a common practice for nearly every motorcycle rider to carry their gear and other necessities in a backpack when riding their motorcycle. You just can’t think of a better, more convenient, and practical way to carry your gear! But have you ever wondered whether it’s really a safe practice to carry your essentials in a […]

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How to Strap a Motorcycle? A Beginners Guide

If you want to transport your motorcycle without riding it, then the best way to do so involves hauling it with your trailer or truck. But instead of dumping in the trunk ordinarily, you’ll need to tie it down correctly to ensure it stays in place. This will help prevent it from shifting or tipping over […]

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How to Properly Lubricate Your Chain? For Newbies

The chain requires regular care to keep it in top condition. You’ll need to keep it well lubricated to minimize friction between its moving parts— this helps reduce tear and wear, extend its lifespan, and enable your bike to move more smoothly. As a motorcycle owner, learning how to lubricate your motorcycle chain properly on your […]

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Cardo Vs Sena: Where Do They Differ Actually?

As technology continues to grow rapidly, its impact has been felt far and wide, even in the motorcycle riding world. One specific area where a strong impact of technology has been felt in the biking world is how bikers communicate. The birth of motorcycle intercom and Bluetooth communication system has made it possible for fellow riders […]

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Homemade Motorcycle Wheel Chock: 5 Amazing Ideas

Homemade Motorcycle Wheel Chock

A motorcycle wheel chock is an important piece of equipment that helps you safely store or transport your motorcycle. It features a slot for the front wheel to keep it from turning and potentially causing your bike to tip over. If you’re the handy type, this quick guide will show you some top homemade motorcycle wheel […]

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How to Build a Motorcycle Lift? DIY For Newbies

Unless you’re a daredevil, you should NEVER think of conducting routine maintenance on your motorcycle without a lift. This is dangerous as the bike can fall on you. Plus, without a lift, you’ll really struggle to access some parts and components of your bike. To cut a long story short, a motorcycle lift is a necessary […]

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Antifreeze Vs. Coolant: Are These Same Or Different?

Confusion is rife when it comes to these two terms; antifreeze and coolant. The majority of motorcycle owners, including beginners and experienced riders, are always in the dark on whether the two terms refer to the same or different things. The truth, however, is, antifreeze and coolant aren’t much different. A coolant refers to an antifreeze […]

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