Home Made DIY Motorcycle Lift Build

There’s nothing more therapeutic and satisfying than working on your own bike. Routine motorcycle maintenance that includes oil changes, brake fluid top up, brake pad replacement, air filter cleaning and general diagnosis is quite easy to take care of by yourself. Doing this will help you to save money and to understand your motorcycle better. […]

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10 Best Motorcycle Hitch Mount Carriers Reviewed

Best Motorcycle Hitch Carrier Reviews

If you’re looking for a cheaper, easier, and safer way to carry your motorcycle in your vehicle, then we recommend purchasing a good-quality hitch carrier. The handy tool serves the purpose of a “motorbike rack” that securely holds your prized possession behind your SUV, van, or pickup truck so that you can ride to your […]

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The Best Bike / Bicycle Grease for Bearings: Review Guide

Best Bike Grease Reviews

Much like any other machine, owning a bike requires consistent maintenance. By “consistent maintenance” we aren’t only referring to the usual stuff drivetrain lubrication and oil changes; we’re talking about the small but important, and often ignored aspects of bike maintenance. In this article, we’ll talk about different grease options for the ball bearings on […]

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How to Remove Paint from Tires?


When spraying your car, it is often recommended that you cover your wheels to avoid spraying on the tires. However, if you forgot to cover the wheels and the damage is already there, it time to think of the best and easy way to remove paint from the tires. The process is often easy if you […]

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10 Best Modular Helmet Reviews 2020 – Buying Guide

Best Modular Helmet Reviews

The recent years have witnessed a MAGICAL rise in the popularity of the modular helmets. Every rider and their grandma wants to ride their bike when wearing the best modular helmet. The reason? It’s simple…modular helmets are a hybrid of full-face and open-face helmets and offer you the best of both worlds. They let you easily flip up to […]

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Arai XD-3 Helmet Review – BikersRights

Arai XD-3 Helmet Review

The Arai XD-3 is now one of the elder statesmen of what is becoming a fast growing segment of on/off road riding helmets. Almost all brands of riding gear including the once urbanized (ICON Variant Helmet) brand offer something to this growing market. Once called Dual Sport, the term Adventure Riding has now become the […]

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How to Wash a Motorcycle Properly?


After a day of riding, your motorcycle is not likely to be as shiny as it was when you rode out with it. You have ridden through dust, mud, puddles, and so forth. The bike may look okay, if you are riding primarily through urban areas and on pavements. However, after a few days, you will […]

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