How Long Do Motorcycle Tires Last?


Did you know that your motorcycle tires have a shelf life? Experts suggest that tires last for around 5 years, after which you must consider replacing them. This is arguably the most valuable motorcycle safety advice; old, worn-out tires significantly affect the performance and traction level of your bike on the road, making it dangerous to […]

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Motorcycle Exhaust Pipe Heat Wrap: Why Do People Do It?


When it comes to motorcycle exhaust wraps, there’s a lot of misinformation out there. Because of this, it’s normal to feel confused about whether to use them or not Many motorcycle enthusiasts believe that wrapping your exhaust pipes can actually increase the horsepower of your engine while others strongly disagree with these bold claims and have their […]

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10 Best Motorcycle Hitch Mount Carrier Options

Best Motorcycle Hitch Carrier Reviews

If you’re looking for a cheaper, easier, and safer way to carry your motorcycle in your vehicle, then we recommend purchasing a good-quality hitch carrier.The handy tool serves the purpose of a “motorbike rack” that securely holds your prized possession behind your SUV, van, or a pick-up truck so that you can get to your […]

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The Best Motorcycle Lift Table For the Money

Best Motorcycle Lift Table Reviews

When performing routine maintenance or repair on your motorcycle, it helps to have easy access to all of its components. Simple tasks like drivetrain maintenance, oil change, air filter replacement get even simpler if you use a motorcycle lift table. It allows you to elevate your bike to a proper height where you can easily access […]

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The Best Bike / Bicycle Grease for Bearings: Review Guide

Best Bike Grease Reviews

Much like any other machine, owning a bike requires consistent maintenance. By consistent maintenance we aren’t only referring to the usual drivetrain lubrication and oil change; we’re talking about the small but important, and often ignored aspects of bike maintenance.In this article, we’ll talk about the best grease options on the market. Each of these […]

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Best Motorcycle Fairing Speakers & Stereo Systems For Music

Best Motorcycle Fairing Speakers Reviews

For many, motorcycles and music are inseparable. Here are the best motorcycle fairing speakers and stereo systems for your Harley.For many bikers, motorcycles and music are inseparable. However, using headphones while riding really divides people and it’s a controversial subject all together. Fairing speakers on the other hand, are a whole different story. They allow […]

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The Best Full Face Motorcycle Helmets Under 200

Best Motorcycle Helmet Under 200 Reviews

One of the biggest reasons why bikers have a hard time picking the perfect motorcycle helmet is because of how these products are distributed across the price spectrum. The $200 sweet spot is populated by both good quality and poorly engineered products. In search of the best options in this price range, we’ve evaluated dozens of […]

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The Best Lightweight Motorcycle Helmets for Women

Best Women’s Motorcycle Helmets Reviews

Whether you’re a rider or a pillion; being on a moving motorcycle without a helmet is a complete no-go. If you’re a woman looking for a helmet, we can understand how annoying it must be to find the right one. You’re probably wondering why they aren’t as readily available as men’s helmets. Two reasons:There isn’t really […]

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The Best Motorcycle Tire Plug Repair Kit

Best Motorcycle Tire Repair Kit Reviews

No matter how great your tires are, there is always a chance of unexpected failure. Understandably, this is more dangerous for motorcycles as opposed to cars because if even a single puncture can compromise the balance and composure of your bike.However, there are few things you can do if your tire fails while you are […]

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What’s the Best Harley Davidson Starter Bike for Beginners?

Best Entry-level Harley Davidson Motorcycle

If you’re a new motorcyclist looking for the perfect cruiser to usher you into the fun world of motorcycles, then Harley Davidson should top your list of preferred brands.Don’t let the high-displacement, low-rpm torque-hogs scare you away; most of them are surprisingly easy to handle and ride.The manufacturer has an unmatched reputation for producing powerful, […]

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How Often to Change Motorcycle Oil and Why?


Most motorcycles are really tough machines. Ride them to hell and back, they’ll still take it and be ready for more. If there’s one thing you should never do though, is to skip an oil change; that’s the real Kryptonite for your bike.Your motorcycle’s engine oil plays a significant role in ensuring all the engine’s […]

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How To Build a Home Made DIY Motorcycle Lift

There’s nothing more therapeutic and satisfying than working on your own bike. Routine motorcycle maintenance that includes oil changes, brake fluid top-up, brake pad replacement, air filter cleaning, and general diagnosis is quite easy to take care of by yourself.Doing this will help you to save money and to understand your motorcycle better. The latter […]

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How Long Does Spray Paint Take to Dry and Why?


In our modern, fast-paced life, spray paints are like the fast food of paints. Spray paint’s prominent advantage is its versatility and portability.You may use it for home décor, vehicle, furniture or maybe even become the next Banksy. It’s half the work and twice the productivity compared to the traditional way of painting with a […]

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The Best Motorcycle Lift Jack Reviews of 2020

Best Motorcycle Lift Reviews

There’s nothing more therapeutic and satisfying than working on your own bike. Routine motorcycle maintenance that includes oil changes, brake fluid top up, brake pad replacement, air filter cleaning and general diagnosis is quite easy to take care of by yourself.Doing this will help you to save money and to understand your motorcycle better. The […]

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How to Remove Paint from Tires?


When spraying your car, it is often recommended that you cover your wheels to avoid spraying on the tires. However, if you forgot to cover the wheels and the damage is already there, it time to think of the best and easy way to remove paint from the tires. The process is often easy if you […]

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