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Welcome to Bikers Rights! If you’ve ever wanted to get the most out of your two-wheeled machine, you’ve come to the right place. Our site is dedicated to helping motorcycle novices, and experienced riders find any information they might need. From tips and techniques to buying guides and product reviews, we’ve certainly got you covered. No matter where you are in your biking journey, will help you.

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We started Bikers Rights intending to help people by providing them with information about motorcycles, but the site quickly developed into something more. Our passion for motorcycles and everything related to them inspired us to write better content on a broader range of topics.

After several sleepless nights and hours of work, Bikers Rights eventually developed and has grown into what you see today. All of our reviews are unbiased, detailed, and rooted in research. We have created a place for motorcycle enthusiasts of all kinds to learn more about motorcycles and share their passion for bikes.

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Are you tired of feeling uneasy in your motorcycle helmet? Buying a quality motorcycle helmet doesn’t mean you have to give up comfort. If you’re sold on that idea, it’s time to say hello to modular motorcycle helmets! This innovative

You’ve had your motorcycle helmet for a while now, and you’re beginning to wonder if it’s time to trash it.  Although helmets are built to be strong and tough, they won’t last forever. Helmets have lifespans; when that time has

Like every other riding gear, motorcycle helmets pick up dirt and grime on the road. Apart from the need to maintain personal hygiene, not cleaning your helmet regularly can reduce its ability to protect you. Although motorcycle helmets aren’t particularly

The air-to-fuel mixture of any motorcycle engine will dramatically affect the bike. In some cases, you may want a richer mixture, while at other times, it may be a better idea for the engine to run a little more lean.

For many riders, there will be long stretches of time that your bike will have to live in storage without being ridden. When a bike sits for a long time, several components get affected, but none of them quite so

The main job of a motorcycle helmet is to protect the rider in the event of an accident. But helmets cannot do their jobs effectively if they aren’t the right fit. If your helmet is too small or too large,

When you’re out on the road, there’s always the possibility that something unexpected might happen, so your motorcycle needs a little help to get wherever you’re going. Mechanical problems, fuel, and damage can all bring a quick and disappointing end

As motorcycle riders, one of the first things we learn is how to use the clutch on our bikes to shift gears, and the pattern of engaging the clutch, changing gears, and then disengaging the clutch again becomes a natural

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