3 Reasons to Check Out Icon’s Overlord Jacket Series

3 Reasons to Check Out Icon’s Overlord Jacket Series

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Icon's Overlord Jacket series has gained a loyal following from sportbike riders. The attack fit, quality protection, and modern styling make it a great choice for anyone who's hitting the track, street, or fest.

I've been wearing Icon's Overlord Prime Hero jacket for the last few weeks and here are the three things that have impressed me the most.

Icon Overlord Style 

The first thing that struck me about the Overlord Prime Hero was the unique style. Icon's Overlord jackets all have the same attack fit. It's a snug, aggressive jacket that was a little tight around my bulging beer belly, but you can't blame Icon for that.

3 Reasons to Check Out Icon’s Overlord Jacket Series

The Overlord and the Overlord Prime are both available in a variety of colors, but with the Prime Hero you also get a great skull design on the front and back. For me, riding around with skulls on my back isn't my ideal look, but Icon's design isn't "in your face" like a lot of other jackets. The Icon Overlord Prime Hero's design is subtle but startling. Quiet but intimidating.

The skull design on the Prime Hero caused Icon to change up its ventilation pattern. The perforated leather on the Prime Hero, which ran right through the chest of the jacket, has been moved to the sides. The venting system is far less obvious but works just as well. But we'll get to that later.

Icon Overlord Comfort 

I got the chance to use the Icon Overlord Prime Hero during an interesting span of weather in Chicago. From 40 degree nights to 90 degree days to thunderstorms and crisp fall days. The Overlord Prime Hero fared pretty well in every situation.

The ventilation system is really effective. The 1.2-1.4MM premium grade perforated leather extends up under the arms, over the biceps, around the shoulders, and down the middle of the back. The jacket also has vents up by the neck, underneath the back plate, and behind the zipper (in a cool "Ride with us" pattern). You might sweat a little in stand still traffic, but pull the throttle back and the whole jacket opens up.

The jacket has a removable windproof liner that you can use in cold weather, and its pretty effective. Riding at 50 mph down the windy Lake Shore Drive on a 45 degree night with the a long sleeve shirt, the insulated liner, and a full face helmet... I had nothing to complain about.

The other thing I noticed about the Overlord Prime Hero jacket is that despite its pre-curved attack fit cut, the jacket isn't stiff at a stand still. A lot of jackets keep your arms slightly bent whether you're riding or not, but I didn't have that problem with Icon's Overlord.

Icon Overlord Protection 

Yes, the Overlord Prime Hero jacket looks nice. And yes, you'll be comfortable when you're wearing it. But if the thing can't protect your hide when you hit the pavement it really isn't worth a penny. Unfortunately, I didn't get the chance to go pavement sliding with this jacket yet, but based on the pads provided by Icon, I wouldn't be afraid too.

The jacket comes with ICON CE Field Armor, which is trusted by riders like Jason Britton, Nick Brocha, and the No Limit Team of Japan. Icon also has external injected plastic plates for extra protection when you inevitably scrape your elbows around a turn... Maybe we aren't all there yet, but it's nice to know that if we ever get our bikes that far over, the protection is there. 

3 Reasons to Check Out Icon’s Overlord Jacket Series3 Reasons to Check Out Icon’s Overlord Jacket Series

The back protector is the only thing that seems a little cheap about the Overlord Prime Hero, but you can upgrade the back pad to the stryker CE back protector. And if the Icon CE armor isn't enough to make you feel safe, ICON has dropped a St. Christopher Medal into the inside pocket of every jacket.

Here are some other cool features about the jacket:

  • Sponsorship patches on the chest
  • Adjustable waist band
  • Built in zipper for attachable pants
  • Gathered stretch panels at the elbows and shoulders for better flexibility
  • Three zippered pockets with or without the liner.

All three of Icon's Overlord jackets have been met with praise from riders, critics, and the fashion conscience. If you're looking for a jacket that will fit well, look good, and protect you in case of a fall, you should check out Icon's Overlord jacket series.

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