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Exhaust Pipe Noise Tickets - Fiction vs. Reality. In California, unlike speeding tickets where the cops have radar detectors that must be calibrated with proof read into the record of every speeding ticket taken to court, the equipment used to determine exhaust pipes excess noise are the cops ears, which by the CHP's own admission is subjective. Subjective enforcement of a law is by nature is arbitrary, inconsistent and against the law. Here are some facts and letters I used to fight my ticket.

I Hope Nobody Famous Slips in the Bathroom! Due to the skiing untimely deaths of M. Kennedy and S. Bono, the Safety Nazis, legislators and Insurance Industry take aim at how we choose to recreate.

"However... Coma" - what it means...

The Difference Between Men & Women - Revealed!

The Difference between the CIA, FBI & LAPD

National ID Card - is now Federal Law!

Richard Lester AIMS at HD - AIM associate, Mitchell Cohen, recently filed a product liability suit against Harley Davidson on April 21, 1997. AIM argues that this is an old case, but it is really an old accident and a new case which, contrary to what AIM says, is "lame" and iNCOMe producing.

NCOM Reorganizes - distances from leg protectors and general CYA...

NCOM Product Liability Lawsuits - force top MRF resignations

The Truth, The Whole Truth - Ed Youngblood on NCOM, Richard Lester. (2/98)

Freedom of Speech Upheld - 6/26/97 - The U.S. Supreme Court struck down the so-called "Communications Decency Act" leaving our rights to free speech on the Internet free and untouched! The Legal Information Institute has the court's opinion.

Anti-Spam Sites - Had enough junk email? bills, lawsuits, articles & notices

A Blow Against Bureaucracy - Excellent article on self determination

Stugis Website - 57th Annual, August 4th through 10th.

Sturgis discussion group - At the request of the Minneapolis Star-tribune newspaper Gary Swenson of Minnesota, started a terrific chat site. Check it out and bookmark it!

ABATE State Run - August 15 - 17, Julian, California.

A decision in the monumental internet FREE SPEECH case is expected soon. Join tens of thousands of your fellow internet users to announce the decision in real time. CEIC #1, CEIC #2, CEIC #3.

Helmet Protest Ride & Overnighter - Sat. & Sun. June 14 - 15, 1997.

MAY Motorcycle Awareness Day - ABATE Makes The US Congressional Record

Anatomy of a Helmet Ticket - I recently received a 2nd ticket from the same deputy for the same helmet in West Hollywood. The first ticket had been dismissed at arraignment. Here's my complaint letter.

Hold The Cheese - What's more dangerous: hamburgers or no helmets? LA Times (2/96).

Hollister - The Wild One II - This is the official home page of the Hollister Independence Rally, July 3-6, 1997. Check here for the latest details of events, places to stay, where to eat, drink, and make merry. After the rally, this is where to find the winners of raffles and competitions.

The Right for Free Speech - online lands in the supreme court in 15 days. Join thousands of your fellow internet users in a historic countdown. (4/6/96)

Bike Tanks Millions of Years Old! - rare prehistoric find... (timeless)

Sen. Ben Nighthorse - GOP ride, San Diego. 8/96

Announcement - Bikers Rights Online, goes LIVE

RoadHouse Rock - Concert Benefit '97

Calif State Run - 8/97

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