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How to Measure Motorcycle Brake Pad Thickness?

Some riders don’t realize the importance of measuring the thickness of their motorcycles’ brake pads. Well, it’s a way to find out how much the pad has gotten worn. It’s all part of the maintenance process. Each manufacturer provides a minimum thickness for its brake pads. We break down the why and the how of measuring […]

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How to Paint a Motorcycle Fairing?

Motorcycle fairings add style and flare to the bike. Some even have motorcycle fairing speakers.  They are installed over the bike’s frame and their real utility is to reduce air drag. Have you ever wondered how to go about painting them? The process is easy. First you clean and sand them, then you paint them. Let’s […]

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How to Build a Motorcycle Ramp for a Shed?

The best motorcycle storage sheds are typically built several inches above the ground for the sake of durability and protection from the elements. You need a ramp to roll your motorcycle into and out of the shed. The following is a DIY guideline on how to build a great motorcycle ramp.CaveatIf you do your research and […]

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Best Motorcycle Fairing Speakers & Stereo Systems For Music

Best Motorcycle Fairing Speakers Reviews

For many, motorcycles and music are inseparable. Here are the best motorcycle fairing speakers and stereo systems for your Harley.For many bikers, motorcycles and music are inseparable. However, using headphones while riding really divides people and it’s a controversial subject all together. Fairing speakers on the other hand, are a whole different story. They allow […]

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Motorcycle Action Camera Mounting Positions: Tips

So you just got yourself a motorcycle action camera? And now you’re wondering how and where exactly to mount it so that you can take those incredible shots and clips of your motorcycle trips? If yes, you have come to the right place. There are numerous mounting positions for your action camera—and there are aftermarket […]

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Easy Ways To Wash Motorcycle Gloves Properly

Gloves form part of your motorcycle protective gear. They keep your hands out of harm’s way and save you from injuries in the event of a fall.  They also prevent the formation of calluses and improve your riding comfort when riding for long hours. After wearing your gloves for days, they’ll doubtlessly accumulate a lot of […]

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How to Make a Custom Motorcycle Cover?

How to Make a Custom Motorcycle Cover

If you’re the handyman and have got an hour or so to spare, why not come up with your own motorcycle cover from scratch? Think about it; a DIY cover allows you to use a fabric of your own and customize it according to the specific size of your motorcycle. This guide gives you a complete […]

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XYZCTEM Motorcycle Cover: A Proper All-Season Protection?

If you have you tried all the extra-large (XL) motorcycle covers and nothing seems to fit your motorcycle, you should try this extra extra larger (XXL) XYZCTEM Motorcycle Cover. Made for all-season use, this XYZCTEM promises to protect your motorcycle from all sorts of elements—including rain, dirt, dust, UV, and more—that might end up damaging not […]

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How To Clean A Motorcycle Cover Properly?

How To Clean A Motorcycle Cover Properly

A motorcycle cover protects your bike from elements such as the sun’s UV rays, rain, dust, and grime. By covering your motorcycle, it also ensures reduces the risk of theft since thieves wouldn’t know what model of bike you have when it’s concealed. With that said, taking care of your cover is necessary to ensure it […]

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Lithium Vs Lead Acid Motorcycle Battery: Which Is Good?

It’s easy to get stuck between lead-acid and lithium batteries if you don’t know much about motorcycle batteries. For starters, the lead-acid batteries are the traditional, conventional batteries that have been around for many years. These batteries still enjoy extensive usage today. The lithium-ion batteries represent the recent upgrades in motorcycle battery technology that changes how […]

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Motorcycle Boots Vs Shoes: Which One To Pick?

Trying to decide on whether to get motorcycle boots or shoes has never been an easy thing—especially for beginner bikers. Most seasoned bikers will agree that a motorcycle boot offers you more protection. They cover your feet past the ankle to protect you against ankle injuries or exhaust pipe burns, which can affect your future rides.While […]

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How To Wrap A Motorcycle Exhaust? Proper Solution


Wrapping a motorcycle exhaust is a popular ritual that every motorcycle owner has considered at some point in their biking life. The story goes that the wraps stop the exhaust headers from cooling down, thus increasing the performance as the exhaust gases flow through your bike engine faster. The result is significant reduction in engine temperatures. If […]

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Motorcycle Exhaust Pipe Heat Wrap: Why Do People Do It?


When it comes to motorcycle exhaust wraps, there’s a lot of misinformation out there. Because of this, it’s normal to feel confused about whether to use them or not Many motorcycle enthusiasts believe that wrapping your exhaust pipes can actually increase the horsepower of your engine while others strongly disagree with these bold claims and have their […]

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