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7 Signs of a Bad Motorcycle Battery

Signs of a Bad Motorcycle Battery

Starting to realize that your motorcycle’s battery may be failing is a sad event indeed. However, it is also a time to bring in new changes that will result in a better motorcycling experience altogether. No matter how many motorcycle battery reviews you go through before purchasing one, most batteries need to be replaced every 3 […]

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How to Measure Motorcycle Brake Pad Thickness?

Some riders don’t realize the importance of measuring the thickness of their motorcycles’ brake pads. Well, it’s a way to find out how much the pad has gotten worn. It’s all part of the maintenance process. Each manufacturer provides a minimum thickness for its brake pads. We break down the why and the how of measuring […]

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How to Paint a Motorcycle Fairing?

Motorcycle fairings add style and flare to the bike. Some even have motorcycle fairing speakers.  They are installed over the bike’s frame and their real utility is to reduce air drag. Have you ever wondered how to go about painting them? The process is easy. First you clean and sand them, then you paint them. Let’s […]

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