The Best Commuter Motorcycle: An Awesome Ride to Work

The Best Commuter Motorcycle: An Awesome Ride to Work

While many motorcycle lovers like riding bikes for sports, fun, and the hobby of it, many people out there ride them as urban transport. Most people do not need them for long mountain drives or cruise around the town; they just need them to commute from one point to another or a nearby grocery store when they want to get a few things. 

While there are many motorbikes on the market, not all of them are designed for this purpose. If you want to use the bike for commuting purposes, you need to buy one that is designed for that purpose. In this guide, we will review some of the best commuter motorcycles that you can use to ride to work, school, grocery store, on the highway, and more. Read on to see our expert picks. 

Top Pick

Our top recommendation is the Honda MSX125 Grom. This commuter motorcycle is designed for this purpose. You can ride it around the city without any issues, thanks to its safety features, compact design, sharp cornering ability, and powerful engine.

Here Are the Best Commuter Motorcycles:

1. Honda MSX125 Grom – Best Motorcycle for Commuting to Work

honda msx 125 grom

The Honda MSX125 Grom made it to the top of our list because of its great performance. If you are looking for the perfect motorbike to zip around town, this is one of the best options to consider. This machine comes with an almost indestructible single-cylinder, air-cooled, 125cc engine. While this engine might not look like much, it provides a practical and incredibly fun riding experience. 

Many people love this machine because of its easy handling, budget-friendly price, and unexpected torque. It does a great job of economizing fuel, making it a great commuter option. The bike is lightweight, small, and unintimidating. It is ideal for both professionals and new riders. It is very easy to control and maneuver. 

This motorbike can hit more than 60 mph, which is something every new rider can handle. It is available in two different options, with one having ABS as the additional package. This motorcycle delivers a maximum output of 7.2 kW at 7,250 RPM and 10.5 Nm at 5,500 RPM. 

The front and rear wheels are made of 5-spoke aluminum cast MT 2.5-12. It comes with a steel mono-backbone frame. The fuel storage capacity of this bike is 1.6 gallons while the oil capacity is 1.1 liters. It comes with a very comfortable seat with a height of 29.5 inches. The seat promotes good sitting positions and it is ideal for both male and female riders. 


  • Engine: single-cylinder, air-cooled, 125cc engine
  • Fuel Capacity: 1.6 gallons
  • Transmission: 5-speed
  • Weight: 227 Pounds


  • Super lightweight and portable
  • Easy to maneuver and control
  • Stylish and comfortable design
  • Offers practical riding experience


  • The basic option lacks ABS

2. BMW G 310 GS – Best Highway Commuter Motorcycle

BMW G 310 GS

If you are looking for a stylish commuter motorbike, you should consider the BMW G 310 GS. This is one of the best motorbikes for commuting, thanks to its compact size, engine, and structure. The BMW G310 GS comes with a liquid-cooled, four valves, single-cylinder 4 strokes, 313cc engine. The engine delivers an exceptional performance with a maximum output of 34 HP at 9,500 RPM and maximum torque of 28 Nm at 7,500 RPM. 

This motorbike is small in size but it delivers great speed and can keep up with other traffic. It delivers great off-road performance also. You can use it to hit a couple of mild trails and some gravel tracks. The wheels and suspension are designed for tougher roads. This machine comes with some top-notch instrumentation as well as a fancy ABS. 

The major selling point of this machine is its overall road presence. You can use it on the highway or anywhere in the city without being elbowed away by bigger cars. The bike is cost-effective and you do not have to break a bank to purchase it. It comes with a constant-mesh six-speed gearbox, integrated into the motor housing. The wheels are made of cast aluminum. 

This machine has an adjustable seat, with a height ranging from 32.3 inches to 33.5 inches. The fuel capacity is 2.9 gallons with a reserve of about 0.3 gallons. With standard equipment, this unit weighs 387 pounds with a total permitted weight of 761 pounds. 


  • Engine: liquid-cooled, four valves, single-cylinder 4 strokes, 313cc engine
  • Fuel Capacity: 2.9 gallons
  • Transmission: 6-speed
  • Weight: 387 Pounds


  • Powerful engine
  • Lightweight and easy to maneuver
  • Ideal for some off-road trips
  • Great aesthetic and finishing


  • Not ideal for tougher roads

3. Ducati Monster 821

Ducati Monster-937-Red

If you are looking for the best motorcycle to commute over medium distances, the Ducati Monster 821 is a great option to consider. This bike has a lightweight and controllable nature that makes it a great option for both new riders and professionals. It also features supersport-level technology and control systems, ensuring you have a great commuting experience. 

It comes with a sporty engine that is perfect for road use. This unit features a Testastretta 11-degree, 4 valves per cylinder, liquid-cooled, 937cc engine. The engine delivers a maximum power of 111 HP at 9,250 RPM and a maximum torque of 93 Nm at 6,500 RPM. It comes with an aluminum alloy front frame with wheels made of high-quality materials. 

The height of the seat is 32.3 inches and it is designed to enhance good sitting postures. It is also designed to keep you comfortable when riding on rough and smooth terrains. The fuel storage is pretty large, at 3.7 gallons. This bike also comes with many safety features such as power modes, riding modes, cornering ABS, Ducati wheelie control, Ducati traction control, and daytime running light. 


  • Engine: Testastretta 11-degree, 4 valves per cylinder, liquid-cooled, 937cc engine
  • Fuel Capacity: 3.7 gallons
  • Transmission: 6-speed
  • Weight: 366 Pounds


  • Controllable and lightweight design
  • Powerful sports engine
  • Comes with many safety features
  • Delivers great speed and performance


  • Doesn’t have a windscreen

4. Triumph Bonneville T100

triumph bonneville t100

The Triumph Bonneville T100 is another great motorbike that you can rely on when you want to commute around the city. The capability of this bike is one of the reasons why many riders love it. This machine features a perfect combination of peg positioning and reasonable seat height. The pegs are placed right under the feet, giving it great visibility and ergonomics. 

This unit also comes with heated handgrips to provide you with comfortable handling. It comes with a liquid-cooled, SOHC, 8 valves, parallel-twin, 900cc engine. The engine delivers a maximum power of 55 Hp at 5,900 RPM and a maximum torque of 80 Nm at 3,230 RPM. It uses a wet, multi-plate assist clutch with a 5-speed transmission. 

It comes with a tubular steel twin cradle frame, which is highly durable and lightweight. The width of the handlebars is 28.1 inches while the height of the seat is 31.1 inches. This bike is a bit weighty, with a dry weight of 470 pounds. It has a large fuel capacity, as it can contain up to 3.8 gallons of fuel. 


  • Engine: Liquid-cooled, SOHC, 8 valves, parallel-twin, 900cc engine
  • Fuel Capacity: 3.8 gallons
  • Transmission: 6-speed
  • Weight: 470 Pounds


  • Large fuel capacity
  • Advanced instrument display and functions
  • Reasonable seat height and perfectly positioned pegs
  • Heated hand grips and ABS


  • No windscreen

5. Suzuki SV650 ABS

Suzuki SV650 ABS

Next up is the Suzuki SV650 ABS and it is another great commuting bike on the market. It is the latest addition to the V-twin roadster all-rounder of Suzuki. This machine features a perfect combination of engaging performance, beginner-friendly manners, and brilliant value. 

This is a great middleweight all-rounder, as it is practical, versatile, and very easy to ride. The finishing of the bike is also great, as it features a nice frame design, colors, wheels, and more. When it comes to performance, this machine has a lot to offer. It comes with a 645cc, liquid-cooled, 4-stroke, V-twin, DOHC engine. 

The transmission is 6-speed, constant mesh and it uses a wet, multi-plate clutch. The front brake consists of a dual, 4-piston caliper, twin disc while the rear brake consists of sing, 1-piston, single disc, and they are both ABS-equipped. The fuel capacity of this machine is 3.8 gallons. The seat height is 30.9 inches while the curb weight is 437 pounds. 


  • Engine: 645cc, liquid-cooled, 4-stroke, V-twin, DOHC engine
  • Fuel Capacity: 3.8 gallons
  • Transmission: 6-speed
  • Weight: 437 Pounds


  • Highly practical and versatile
  • Very easy to ride
  • Budget-friendly
  • Great finishing


  • A bit weighty

6. Yamaha Tracer 700

yamaha tracer 700

Yamaha is the most reliable motorcycle brand in the world. This brand makes some of the best bikes in different categories and for different purposes. The Yamaha Tracer 700 delivers great performance on different types of roads, and it is the number one choice of many commuters. This machine comes with a reasonably lofty perch that gives you a great view of the traffic while riding. 

It comes with a liquid-cooled, 4-stroke, 2-cylinder, DOHC, 4-valves, 689cc engine. The machine delivers a maximum power output of 55 kW at 9,000 RPM and a maximum torque of 68 Nm at 6,500 RPM. The healthy torque and strong power this machine generates make it a great option for nipping about the town. 

It has wide handlebars and a low center of gravity, providing you with slow and narrow control. With these features, you can squeeze through gaps in the traffic with ease. The overall comfort of this machine is one of its key features. 

It provides superior comfort and you can ride it for hours without experiencing any back or waist pain. The height of the seat is 32.8 inches while the overall height of the bike is 50 inches. The fuel capacity of this unit is pretty large, at 4.5 gallons. With a full tank and full oil, this machine weighs 432 pounds. 


  • Engine: liquid-cooled, 4-stroke, 2-cylinder, DOHC, 4-valves, 689cc engine
  • Fuel Capacity: 4.5 gallons
  • Transmission: 6-speed
  • Weight: 432 Pounds


  • Compact and lightweight tubular chassis
  • Outstanding power to weight ratio
  • Compact cowl and adjustable windscreen
  • Exciting sports performance with agile handling


  • A bit pricey

Factors to Consider When Buying a Commuting Motorcycle


When looking for the right motorcycle for commuting to work, school, grocery store, or around the town, one vital thing you should consider is the size of the bike. Motorbikes come in different sizes and designs. Commuter motorcycles are not supposed to be large and robust in size. 

The best commuter bikes are small and compact. Their compact and small design makes it easy for you to ride through streets and tight corners. You can enter virtually any road with a small bike. 


The weight of the bike is another vital thing to consider. Commuter bikes do not need to be overly weighty, as you are not using them to tour thick and rough terrains. You are not using them for touring or cruising purposes. As such, you should opt for lighter versions. The lighter, the better. Lightweight commuter bikes are also easier for new riders to ride. 

Safety Features

In everything you are doing, you should always put safety first. Since you will be riding this bike around, where people are, you want to make sure it is safe for both you and the people around you. 

To achieve this, you should make sure the bike comes with many great safety features. The first and one of the most important things you should look out for is the ABS. This safety feature is essential when commuting around the city and you want to make sure your bike comes with it. 


Since you will be riding the bike in the city most of the time, you want to make sure it features great handling. The bike should have wide handlebars and it should be very easy to handle and maneuver. Making sharp and frequent turns should not be an issue with the bike. 


Those are our top recommendations for the best motorcycle that you can commute with around town. When looking for a commuter motorbike, you need a bike that is designed for that purpose. It should have all the right traits and features in the perfect places. 

If we were to recommend just one bike, it would be the Honda MSX125 Grom because it comes with many great features and it is ideal for both new riders and professionals alike. 

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