Best Harley Seat for Tall Riders in 2023 – Top 10 Picks

Best Harley Seat for Tall Riders in 2023 – Top 10 Picks

If you’re a tall rider, then finding a motorcycle seat that suits your body is crucial. You don’t want to be hunched over in an uncomfortable position, but you also don’t want your knees up around your chin. Finding the best Harley seat for tall riders can be difficult, but it doesn’t have to be.

The first problem—a seat that is too short—can cause pain in the back and legs because it puts pressure at an unnatural angle. The second problem—not enough support for your legs—can also cause pain in your back and legs but differently: by putting stress on them at an unnatural angle. The solution? A taller seat!

But how do you know what makes a good tall rider’s seat? Where can you find one? That’s where I come in! I have been an avid Harley enthusiast for over five years. Not to mention, I’m well over six feet, so I’ve had my share of problems with uncomfortable seats. I’ve compiled a list of my favorites below so you can choose which one best suits your needs and preferences.

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Best Harley Seat for Tall Riders

At A Glance: top Harley Seat for Tall Riders

Harley Davidson motorcycles are known for their classic styling and big engines. But what if you’re 6’5″ and riding on a Sportster? The stock seat will leave you with some uncomfortable aches and pains.

Luckily, many options are available for tall guy on motorcycle looking for seats that fit their body type better. Here are some of my favorites:

1. Mustang 79006 Super Touring Deluxe – Best Overall

The Mustang 79006 Super Touring Deluxe motorcycle seat is perfect for any rider who needs a little extra comfort while out on the road. The seat is made from premium quality leather and is ergonomically designed to support your back, not to mention that it’s super durable and looks great too.

This is a high-quality seat designed to provide comfort and support for your body. It has a wide base and backrest, which helps to keep you comfortable while riding. The seat also comes with a thick layer of padding, which helps to provide extra cushioning for your body as you ride.


  • It’s made of sturdy, durable material that will hold up well to wear and tear.
  • They are designed for riders of all sizes.
  • It has side bolsters that help keep you from sliding around.


  • Doesn’t come with mounting hardware.


The Mustang 79006 Super Touring Deluxe motorcycle seat is the perfect choice for riders who want to keep their bodies comfortable while out on their bike. It has a high backrest and a padded seat. This makes it comfortable to sit on, even if you’re riding for hours. In addition to these features, the seat has an extra-wide design that can be adjusted so that you can customize it for your body size and shape.

2. XFMT New Hammock – Most Comfortable Seat

The XFMT New Hammock is designed to provide you with the most comfortable riding experience. The seat is made of high-quality material and tested in all weather conditions. It’seasy to install and can be used on any Harley.

This seat has a unique design that makes it look like a hammock. This feature makes it very comfortable for long rides. It also features an airflow system that provides extra comfort when riding over rough terrain. The system allows air to flow through the seat, preventing overheating and keeping your body cool even during summers.


  • It’s made from durable material that can withstand the elements.
  • They are designed in a hammock style, which allows them to support your lower back.
  • It comes with an elastic strap that helps keep you secure on the bike.


  • The price of this seat may be prohibitive to some people.


The XFMT New Hammock is designed to be a comfortable and safe motorcycle seat. This seat is ergonomically designed and has been tested to withstand the weight of a full-grown adult. It has been designed to enhance the riding experience by providing comfort and support for your back, neck, and lower back. The hammock design also makes it easy for you to get on and off your bike without having to put too much strain on your body.

3. Mustang 79538 Super Touring – Best in Quality

The Mustang 79538 Super Touring seat is a great choice for those who want to upgrade their bike’s seating. It’s made of durable leather and fits all models of motorcycles so that you can ride with style and comfort.

This seat has a molded foam cushion that will conform to your body over time, making it comfortable for long rides. It also comes with adjustable lumbar support and air vents for added comfort. You’ll find this seat easy to install on most bikes. The instructions are easy to follow, and it should take about 30 minutes or less to get it installed properly.

This seat also features a wider base than most other seats in this category, giving it more stability when riding on uneven terrain or during high-speed maneuvers. Additionally, this model has been designed with safety in mind and includes multiple airbag cushions to help absorb impact during an accident or fall off your bike (which can happen!).


  • It can be adjusted up to six inches in height.
  • Patented concave design helps reduce pressure points and eliminate hotspots on your backside.
  • It is built with high-quality materials that are durable and long-lasting.


  • Not ideal if you have a small body frame or sit close to the ground when riding.


The Mustang 79538 Super Touring seat is a great way to pimp your ride. This seat is made for touring, perfect for long rides, or just cruising around town. The seat is made with a high-density foam that provides excellent support and comfort even after long rides. The cover is made of leather and has adjustable armrests and backrests with lumbar support built-in, so you can customize it based on what works best for you!

4. Saddlemen 806-04-172RD Step-Up LS Seat

The Saddlemen 806-04-172RD Step-Up LS seat is a specialized seat designed specifically for tall people. It’s made of high-density foam meant to provide comfort and support during long rides. The seat also has a gel pad that helps reduce rider fatigue, allowing you to enjoy your time on your bike without feeling tired or sore at the end of the day.

The Saddlemen LS motorcycle seat provides an elegant look while also allowing you to enjoy comfort when riding your bike. Saddlemen has developed a motorcycle seat for the tall rider that will provide the necessary support to help you be comfortable and confident on your bike.


  • It’s made of durable leather, which is resistant to wear and tear.
  • It has high abrasion resistance, so you can expect it to last for more than a few years.
  • It has a comfortable design that conforms to your body shape.
  • It helps make long rides more bearable.


  • Price may be high for some people.
  • Some say it doesn’t fit well with their bike model.


The Saddlemen 806-04-172RD Step-Up LS motorcycle seat is a great option for riders who are taller than average. It features an extra-long cushion with a higher seating position, giving you more legroom and comfort. This seat is made from high-quality materials built to last and designed to withstand the elements. It has a durable vinyl cover with non-slip leather trim, which provides extra grip and comfort when riding. The seat comes with a limited lifetime warranty.

If you’re looking for a comfortable, supportive seat that’s made specifically with taller riders in mind, then look no further than the Saddlemen 806-04-172RD Step-Up LS motorcycle seat!

5. Mustang 76145 Fastback – Best in Affordability

The Mustang 76145 Fastback motorcycle seat provides comfort and support for taller riders. It offers a long seat that provides more legroom than other seats in its class, making it ideal for taller riders who have longer legs. It’s also great for riders who need extra back support. The seat has a contoured design that keeps you comfortable during long rides. This seat is designed with taller riders in mind.


  • It has a sleek look that’s sure to turn heads.
  • Sturdy build.
  • It’s made from high-quality materials.


  • Not compatible with all models.


The Mustang 76145 Fastback motorcycle seat is a great choice for any rider who is over six feet tall. The seat has an extra-long design to make all of your rides more comfortable and more enjoyable.

The seat is made from high-quality materials and uses a high-density foam core to support your back and butt so you can enjoy every mile of your ride. The leather covering on this seat is soft and comfortable, making it easy to sit on for long periods without becoming uncomfortable. Whether you’re looking for something that offers support for your back or want to be able to ride comfortably on long journeys, this Mustang seat will do it all!

6. Mustang 76694 Wide Tripper

The Mustang 76694 Wide Tripper motorcycle seat is a must-have for any rider who needs extra room in the saddle to accommodate their larger frame. The wide tripper seat is designed to provide more room on both sides of the rider, allowing them to sit comfortably while riding.

The Wide Tripper motorcycle seat will fit riders over six feet tall, and it features a wide seat that provides more than enough room to allow you to ride comfortably. The backrest will keep you supported while riding, and the extra padding in this seat will help prevent fatigue on long rides.

This seat has been designed with comfort in mind. It features a contoured design that spreads out your weight evenly across the entire surface area of the seat, making it easier for you to ride longer without feeling uncomfortable or experiencing pain due to pressure points on your body from sitting too long in one place.


  • Very comfortable and offers plenty of support for the rider.
  • It has a unique design that makes your bike look stylish.
  • Easy to install and remove when needed.


  • It doesn’t have any cushioning below it, so riders may find themselves sliding around on the metal frame underneath.


If you’re looking for a motorcycle seat that will fit your tall body, the Mustang 76694 Wide Tripper is the one for you. This motorcycle seat is made to accommodate riders that are six feet or taller.

This has a cushioned seat with an adjustable backrest and leg support to always get the most comfortable ride possible. Its high-density foam padding ensures comfort even when riding for long periods.

The seat also has a lightweight design so that it’s easy to carry around when needed, which makes it great for people who frequently travel with their motorcycles. The seat is wider than the standard model, with more room between the rider’s thighs and knees. It also has a higher back to accommodate taller riders, and it comes with two different mounting brackets: one for bikes with a passenger seat and one for bikes without one.

This seat is made from high-density polyurethane foam that has been molded into an ergonomic shape that supports your body and relieves pressure on your tailbone. The foam absorbs vibrations from the road, so you don’t feel every bump in your path.

7. Saddlemen Dominator Solo Seat

This Saddlemen Dominator Solo Seat is an extremely adjustable seat for tall people. It comes with a backrest option which supports your back better. The Harley oem driver backrest has a metal bracket that is attached to the bike, and the backrest slips into that bracket and holds firm to support your weight when riding. It has an amazing style center which provides an air flow passage.


  • It offers great comfort and a backrest option.
  • It has a sturdy build.
  • The seats are made from high Gel Channel technology.


  • It is a bit shorter than other seats.


The Saddlemen Dominator Solo Seat is a very relaxing option for all the tall riders. It provides you with a high rised seating option and extra legroom. The backrest option is one of the many features to provide you with extra comfort. It is great for travelling miles or for road trips.

The seat is made with high-quality materials that are meant to last and are resistant to the weather. It sports a tough vinyl surface with non-slip leather trim for increased grip and comfort when riding. The seat is backed by a limited lifetime guarantee. It blends cutting-edge design with comfort-improving Gel-Channel technology to alleviate tailbone strain. If you want a comfortable, supportive seat designed expressly for taller riders, this Saddlemen Dominator Solo is the perfect seat for you.

8. Le Pera Maverick

Motorcycle seats for tall people are easy to find, but most of them come with the same problem: they’re not comfortable. They might be made for a tall person’s body type and size, but they don’t consider the fact that most tall people also have longer legs. That’s why Le Pera made this motorcycle seat—it’s designed to fit taller riders perfectly!

The Maverick motorcycle saddle has been designed with two things in mind: comfort and style. The manufacturers have worked hard to make sure that their design is as comfortable as possible—and it shows. This seat features extra padding on both sides of the saddle, so you can ride for hours without feeling sore or uncomfortable. It also has a built-in backrest, which will help keep your spine straight as you go down the road. Everyone knows that long rides can be rough on your back, so the manufacturers included this feature in their design!

They’ve also gone above and beyond when it comes to style. Not only does this seat look great on any Harley (even other brands), but it comes in different colors. This seat was designed by motorcycle enthusiasts who understand the need for comfort and reliability when spending all day in the saddle. The Maverick motorcycle seat has been expertly crafted from top-quality materials, and it’s built to last.


  • It’s made of high-quality leather that is both durable and comfortable.
  • It has a unique design that allows you to sit comfortably.
  • It has a classic look that will never go out of style.


  • It’s expensive compared to some other brands on the market today. 


The Le Pera Maverick motorcycle seat is a great choice for tall riders looking for a comfortable seat to help them stay safe on the road. This seat is designed to fit most bikes and comes in various colors, so you can find one that fits your style. It’s made from high-quality leather, making it durable and comfortable, even during long rides. The construction of this seat keeps you safe from impact injuries by absorbing shock as you ride.

The seat features an extra-long design that’s perfect for tall riders who need more legroom on their bike. It has a wide seating area with plenty of cushioning for your backside to sit comfortably during long rides or just cruising around town with friends. If you’re looking for a motorcycle seat that will fit your tall frame, the Le Pera Maverick motorcycle seat is perfect.

9. Saddlemen Road Sofa PT Seat with Backrest

This Saddlemen Road Sofa PT Seat with Backrest is styled with a classic buttoned cover in such a way that anyone riding it would experience a great comfort. It comes with soft pillowed upholstery covers and features a SaddleGel comfort for the driver and the passenger. The backrest option backed by a compliant foam layer with this seat would add to your comfort, and make it even more relaxing to drive. It extends the driver’s seat area by 2 inches, so you can expect some extra space.


  • Very comfortable and offers plenty of support for the rider.
  • It has a unique design that makes your bike look stylish.
  • Easy to install and remove when needed.


  • Price may be high for some people.


You will have better control at stops with the Saddlemen Road Sofa PT Seat even if you are feet tall. The narrowness of the seat allows your legs to flex somewhat. The seat is suitable for short excursions of up to 200 miles and may be suitable for longer rides. When you initially sit on the seat, it seems rigid, but after a while, you can feel it developing beneath you and evenly distributing your weight across your buttocks.

10. DANNY GRAY 21-403 Solo Seat

The Danny Gray 21-403 Solo motorcycle seat is the perfect addition to your bike. This seat offers a comfortable and ergonomic riding position, making it ideal for long rides for tall people. The seat also boasts an advanced suspension that absorbs road vibrations and bumps, so you’ll be able to ride in comfort even on rough terrain.

This motorcycle seat is made from high-quality materials that ensure durability and longevity. It also comes with a full one-year warranty, so you can rest assured knowing your purchase will last long into the future. If you’re a tall person looking for a comfortable seat for your motorcycle, look no further. This seat is designed for taller riders, with a wider base and more padding than standard seats. It’s made of leather and can be adjusted to position it exactly how you want it. The seat also has shock absorbers to make your ride smoother and more comfortable. If you’ve been having trouble finding a seat that fits comfortably and properly, this is the one for you!


  • Made from high-quality foam that is durable and comfortable.
  • Comes with a removable backrest for added support and comfort.
  • Features a mesh cover that makes it breathable and easy to clean.


  • It may not fit on some motorcycles with narrow seats or ones that have an adjustable backrest.


Danny Gray’s 21-403 Solo motorcycle seat is the perfect solution for you if you are a tall rider and looking for a comfortable motorcycle seat that will fit your stature. This solo seat features a deep bucket design that cradles your body, keeping you in place while riding your motorcycle. The seat also has extra padding at the front to prevent pressure points from developing on your thighs as you ride.

The seat is made from durable leather material that will hold up over time while still providing comfort and support throughout any type of ride. It also comes with a limited lifetime warranty so that you can rest assured know that this product will last as long as possible! The comfort of this seat is unparalleled. The padded, high-density foam can be adjusted to fit your body shape and size. It’s also designed to relieve pressure points so you can ride all day without feeling fatigued.

What to Look for While Buying a Harley Seat for Tall Riders?

What to Look for While Buying a Harley Seat for Tall Riders

When buying a Harley seat, your first concern should be the height. The taller you are, the longer and wider your seat should be. Longer seats are especially important if you have a long inseam or long legs.

The next thing to consider is your weight. You want to make sure that any seat you buy can support your weight without breaking or failing. Finally, check out what kind of materials are used in constructing the seat. They should be durable and sturdy enough not to break or fall apart when riding over rough terrain or bumps in the road (or off-road). Here are a few factors you should consider.

Solo v Passenger Seats

You’ll find that most seats are designed for passengers and not solo riders. This is because they’re built to accommodate someone sitting behind you, so they don’t have the same kind of support that a solo seat has. You can tell if the seat is designed for passengers by looking at the backrest; if there’s no backrest, it’s probably meant for passengers and not solo riders.

If you’re looking for a solo seat, you’ll have more options than if you’re looking at passenger seats—but they’ll also be more expensive. Solo seats are typically made with thicker foam padding and more cushioning than passenger seats, which means they’re more comfortable but heavier (and pricier).

If you plan to ride in different weather conditions or situations, then a less expensive passenger seat might be the way to go. But if comfort and safety are top priorities, we recommend investing in a solo seat instead.


A comfortable seat will help make your ride more enjoyable, and it will also help prevent injury. If you don’t have enough room between your knees and tank or handlebars, then it can cause pain in your legs from leaning too far forward or back. A seat with improper padding can also lead to discomfort in your back or neck and numbness in your legs from sitting in one position too long without moving around at all!


Harley seats are designed to last, but not all of them are created equal. In fact, some can fall apart in as little as a few months.

The problem is that durability isn’t something most Harley owners consider when shopping for a new seat. Instead, they focus on looks, price, and comfort.

But here’s the thing: if you want to get the most out of your Harley bike, then it’s worth spending more on a durable seat than anything else you’ll find today.


Harley seats are available in two sizes: standard and low. The standard seat is an inch taller than the low seat, but it doesn’t offer any real advantages for tall riders. In fact, the low seat is more comfortable for many tall riders because it sits lower to the ground and allows for more legroom.

While you can’t change the fact that you’re a taller rider, you can choose a seat that will make your bike look more proportional and sleek.

If you have already purchased a seat but are unhappy with how it looks on your bike, don’t worry! There are many ways to customize your ride to fit your style while still fitting your body.


Another thing to consider is how much time you spend on your bike each year. If it’s just one week per year riding around town during vacation time, any old seat will do! However, if you ride every day, investing in something more expensive might be worth considering since it will last longer before needing replacement.


Best Harley Seat for Tall Riders - Height

The seat’s height is one of the most important considerations when picking a Harley seat for tall people. The height of your seat will determine how comfortable you are on your bike and how safe you are in case of an accident. There are two main factors to consider when choosing a seat:

1. How much room there is between the floor and your crotch. If there’s not enough room, you may feel like you’re sitting on a small stool. This can be uncomfortable after riding for long periods. It can also make it difficult to shift gears while riding because you’ll have to move around to do so.

2. The distance between your footpegs and saddlebags or other accessories attached to your bike’s frame (if any). If this distance is too short, it may be difficult for you to reach these items while riding. This could cause safety issues if something were to happen while riding alone without another person present who could help out with an emergency such as an accident or flat tire!

Why is it Important for Tall Riders to Look for a Comfortable Seat?

If you’re tall, it’s important to look for a comfortable motorcycle seat because the wrong one can cause back pain, fatigue, and even neck pain.

If you’re tall and you buy a motorcycle with a seat that’s too short or too narrow, then your body will start to ache after riding it for just a few minutes. That’s because when you sit on a seat that doesn’t fit you well, your body isn’t in alignment with the bike. So not only is it uncomfortable for your legs and back, but it also makes it harder for you to handle the bike.

When you ride a motorcycle that has an ill-fitting seat, your spine will curve forward as if it were trying to compensate for the position of your legs. This can lead to lower back pain or even pain in other areas such as your neck and shoulders. A comfortable motorcycle seat is one that fits your body perfectly so that you aren’t straining any muscles while riding!

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Harley Davidson has been making motorcycles for over 100 years, and they have a reputation for being durable and reliable. The company also offers a lot of customization options so that riders can get their dream bike. But when it comes to seating options, there are some things you should know, especially if you’re tall.

Choosing a seat for a tall rider is largely about choosing one that maximizes comfort. It has to be soft enough but not so soft that it loses support from the trunk of your body. Tall riders tend to appreciate larger seats and will want enough width to make up for their long legs. Seat height is also important to ensure that the rider maintains the correct posture for long-distance riding. 

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