Best Motorcycle Backpack Reviews of 2020 – Newbie Guide


Motorcycles are indeed a gift!

Cars may be the primary vehicle on the streets, but it is the bikes that genuinely rule them. Only bikers will know how the experience from a car just doesn’t feel enough.

However, due to their stature and build, they do lack something that nearly every car possesses, and that is a trunk. These trunks are what makes cars so viable for traveling long distances.

Travelling begets the need for luggage, and the motorcycles’ lack of a storage unit prevents them from being ideal for trips.

So, you should invest in the best motorcycle backpack that fits your demands. Although these bags are often adequate substitutes, a dedicated motorcycle backpack makes a huge difference.



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Mardingtop 25L/28L/35L Tactical Backpacks

Seibertron Motorbike Backpack Motorcycle

AXO 29101-02-000 Red Commuter Backpack

OGIO 123007.36 Motorcycle Backpack


Why You Should Buy a Dedicated Motorcycle Backpack

There is a myriad of reasons for why a dedicated motorcycle backpack should be part of your riding gear. Here are a few reasons why you should invest in a motorcycle backpack.

Designed for Comfort

A big issue for carrying regular bags while riding is that they are not as comfortable to carry. Riding a motorcycle is an immersive experience.

You do not want to disregard that immersion with a stuffy, uncomfortable bag. Motorcycle bags are specifically designed to maximize comfort while riding through the streets.

Great Storage Capacity

The primary purpose of a motorcycle bag is to act as a substitute for a car trunk. Regular bags can do this effectively, but those are not designed to store the way motorcycle bags are. Most backpacks are made to store books and copies rather than a vast array of different items.

Trying to store your travel gear in a regular backpack is not only ineffective but also runs the risk of damaging your equipment. Motorcycle bags, on the other hand, have an array of compartments that enable them to store your travel gear and items with ease and efficiency.

Durable and Capable

Traveling by bike exposes your bag to a lot of conditions that may cause it to wear down faster. So, carrying a usual bag runs the risk of those deteriorating much quicker.

Rather than having to replace your bag over and over again, it is recommended to get a motorcycle backpack. These are designed to be more durable to weather conditions and rough use.

Most of these bags are also waterproof to protect your items while riding through the rain, subsequently rendering them as a much more reliable option.

Stylistic Value

It is no secret that some of us love to customize our rides to make them our own. The appearance of your ride is considered to be a reflection of your self. Though, rather than merely customizing their rides, many like to style themselves to match their rides.

As such, they want to acquire matching biker gear to bring out the most of their styles or be as expressive as they can. Motorcycle backpacks are made stylistically. It feels like these bags belong to a biker; making it a must-have for motorcycle enthusiasts.

Motorcycle Backpack vs. Regular Backpack

Here are some of the key differences between a motorcycle bag and a regular bag that genuinely differentiates the two:

Layout Design

Although both bags may appear to have the same core structure, when it comes to the minute details in their structural design, they vary greatly. For one, motorcycle backpacks are designed to free up your arms so you can handle your bike easier.

Regular bags distribute the weight evenly on your shoulders. This causes your arms to be restricted, making it harder to ride your bike.

Storage Design

As mentioned before, regular bags are primarily built to carry books. While the core structure is the same, the motorcycle bag's internal storage components were designed to store electronic equipment, tools, and laptops safely and securely.

So, bumps do not cause damages to your things, and you can travel with ensured safety.

Travel Ready

Motorcycle bags are always designed to be travel-ready. You can depend on these bags to have your back while you cruise the streets on your bike. Regular bags, on the other hand, offer less assurance and are prone to deteriorate faster.

In general, motorcycle bags are designed to be taken on long drives, and they feel lighter on your body; making them even more convenient to travel with.

10 Best Motorcycle Backpack Reviews

Now that you know why you should opt for a motorcycle bag; you now need to choose a backpack for yourself. However, there are loads of incredible options out there. So, to find out what may be the right one for you, here are some reviews to get you informed.

1. Mardingtop 25L/28L/35L Tactical Backpacks

To start our list, we will be looking at an incredible overall backpack. A high degree of versatility is desired when looking for a motorcycle bag, and this unit delivers in spades.

Being suitable for camping, hiking, military, and motorcycling, the range of usability of this backpack is immense. It acts as a fantastic jack-of-all-trades unit. This makes it an excellent purchase for those who happen to travel a lot. Its versatility is best reflected in the sheer scale of features it holds.

Firstly, we must talk about how much emphasis this bag places on keeping you hydrated. Keeping yourself hydrated may be an essential part of traveling. As such, the bag holds a hydration compartment that can hold 2.5 liters of water.

This will allow you to drink water without taking your hands off the bike's handles as you ride and so, this can be considered the best motorcycle backpack for long-distance traveling, as you do not need to make stops to drink water.

In cases where you need more space to carry your items, the bag offers an option where you can hang small items or additional pouches. This increases your inventory space without having to make room for another bag on your bike.

It even comes with dedicated compartments for tents and bedrolls, making it perfect for hiking. Now, it would not matter how much inventory space this rucksack contains if the bag keeps slipping.

The bag has an impressive waist belt to counter slipping. This belt keeps that bag still while distributing some of the weight from your shoulder to your waist, making it less burdensome and more comfortable to travel with.


  • Comes in a wide range of color options including camo
  • Reliable 2.5 liters hydration compartment
  • Water-resistant
  • Opportunities to increase inventory space


  • Due to being a jack of all trades, the bag lacks some convenient motorcycle features
  • May sustain damages when overstressed

2. Seibertron Motorbike Backpack Motorcycle

The previous entry, as high as it was, lacked in a specific aspect. It had excellent water resistance. However, it meant that it could get overwhelmed by water and affect your stuff inside. If that is a concern, then Seibertron has got the perfect backpack for you.

This unit is a waterproof motorcycle backpack. With almost complete waterproofing (only lacking waterproofing in the zippers), it is the ideal bag to take on long rides through rain and storm. As such, it is a perfect bag to get if you plan on tackling summer storms.

Another significant aspect to note is that this bag is huge. It can accommodate a considerable number of items, all while having well-made slots that store all of them. You can store five to six days' worth of clothes along with boots and much more all at once.

Moreover, you can rest assured that security is guaranteed as things stay put in your bag. This product lets you transport a lot of your gear, cameras, laptops and so on with ease. Also, this, coupled with the fantastic waterproofing of the bag, enables you to carry them with relative security.

Something to note is that despite how big the bag is, it is relatively light. Weighing just about 2.95 pounds, it is very light considering how much it can carry. This loosens up the stress on yourself while you cruise through the streets on your bike.

Furthermore, the straps are also excellently placed letting you distribute the weight on more of your body, and hence, it allows you to put less stress on your shoulders, keeping you more comfortable for much longer.

All of these features allow this item to act as great travel bags for long-distance because they can carry more, and feels more comfortable while riding. Indeed, this bag deserves your attention.


  • Huge carrying capacity
  • Waterproof bag design
  • Comfortable and lightweight
  • Reliable and durable


  • Zippers are not waterproofed
  • Only comes in two colors

3. AXO 29101-02-000 Red Commuter Backpack

For short distance traveling, a big bag with tons of components is not necessary. In such cases, you usually want to travel as lightly as possible. This rings true when you have to commute to your school, work, or any other activities.

So, should you use a regular bag for these cases? The answer is, of course, no. Motorcycle bags still come in shapes and sizes that are both small and adequately equipped for riding motorcycles. That is why AXO brings you their 29101-02-000 commuter bag.

Looking at the bag, it may just look like a sack with a few straps attached to it. However, it is so much more than that. The biggest issue with standard bags is their lack of consideration for the movement of your arms. With standard bags, the straps interfere with the movement of the arms, decreasing the smoothness and immersion of your rides.

This bag counters such an issue entirely by adjusting its strap positions to such a degree that they barely interfere with your handling.

If you are wondering to yourself how much of an inconvenience it could be to use a regular bag instead, it is best to remember that the frustrations of using them will pile up until they eventually wear out.

Finally, as light, as the bag is, it is incredibly spacious and durable. It has an expertly crafted inner pocket that perfectly accommodates a bike helmet. This, along with all its previous features, makes it the best backpack for motorcycle commuting.

You can easily carry all of your materials while also carrying your helmet as you comfortably commute to your destination. A large portion of its comfort stems from just how light this bag is.

It weighs 8 ounces. You will barely feel like there is anything on your back as you make your daily commutes with ease and comfort.


  • Plenty of space to keep a helmet
  • Superior comfort for commuting
  • Extremely lightweight
  • Inexpensive


  • Very small

4. OGIO 123007.36 Motorcycle Backpack

OGIO 123007.36

The next bag on our list is perfect for those who like to travel fast. We have all been there. Most enthusiasts love taking long rides in an open road, going as fast as they can. For those people, OGIO has brought out the perfect bag. The 123007.36 is designed to travel quickly.

This is evident from how it is shaped. It stays on your back, as though it was part of your torso. Despite how that sounds, it does not drag you down. It feels like a natural extension of yourself. The aerodynamic design helps it minimize any drag caused by the winds.

As such, no matter how fast you go, you will not feel a bag fluttering on your back. The OGIO bag does not sacrifice any of its carrying capacity for its aerodynamics and comfort. It has foam padding that blends onto your back and a proper neck strap so that the bag does not scratch your neck as you ride.

Moreover, the additional straps can also be removed if you so desire. This may be convenient for those who have their bag’s straps hitting the gas tank continuously. The internal compartments are well organized and separated to help you keep all of your items safely and smartly.

Another thing to note is that this is a hardshell motorcycle backpack. These bags are fantastic if you happen to be carrying something fragile.

Of course, security has already been ensured by how well the kit is designed, eliminating the risk of it bouncing as you ride, but OGIO made sure to add this additional security measure for your convenience.

Overall, the bag offers a lot. It is exceptionally convenient, durable, and well-designed. The sleek style of this backpack also adds to how much value you get out of this bag. This bag definitely deserves your attention.


  • Hardshell design
  • The aerodynamic structure prevents drag
  • Security pockets
  • Padded and comfortable to wear


  • Is not compatible with a rider jacket's speed hump
  • Quite expensive

5. Seibertron

Seibertron 4333027697

For this review, we introduce another great backpack from Seibertron. It is waterproof from top to bottom. This bag presents a plethora of new features that make it truly astounding. Firstly, the bag has an immense range of customization options.

Of course, the customization falls on your shoulders based on what you want to add to your bag, but it acts as a great blank canvas for you to make this bag your work of art. Let us start by mentioning the superb helmet storage unit.

As you can see from the bag's appearance, it has adjustable straps on the back of the pack that lets you place anything from a football, a basketball, to a helmet. When properly adjusted, you can be assured that the helmet stays put and will not fall off.

It also frees up space inside the bag as you will not have to stuff your helmet in there. This maximizes the convenience of the bag while sacrificing next to nothing. It could easily be the best motorcycle backpack with a helmet holder in the market.

Now, let us discuss a little bit about the customizability offered by this rucksack. Starting with its adjustable straps, you can move these around at your convenience. You can even keep a helmet or a basketball in your bag and most useful of all; you can install a hydration system into the bag.

Although you need to get a hydration compartment dedicated to this bag, having the option is a massive benefit due to how much convenience they add further down the line.

This becomes an excellent tool for traveling, and the convenient inventory space lets you carry a lot too. It is an incredible value bag that you should consider.


  • Made with waterproof fabrics
  • Can install a Hydration system
  • Dedicated helmet holding straps
  • Expansive main compartment


  • Hydration must be bought separately
  • Zippers are not waterproofed

6. Reflective Motorcycle Helmet Backpack

 Badass Motogear 8542069790

With a full helmet attached to it, from a glance, this bag may look like it is a bit on the short side. Do not let that fool you, as Badass Motogear introduces a heavy-duty, capable, and light bag that can fulfill all your needs.

From the aesthetics and functionalities, Badass knows what you would want out a motorcycle bag and delivers.

The sleek design of the bag leaves little to desire. It looks incredible when worn with a biker jacket. This item is an overall perfect addition to your biker gear set. It has just the right amount of storage capacity to fill in your gear, including a biker jacket itself.

Moreover, the design also allows it to quickly adapt to different colored biker jackets, keeping you in style all the time. The bag also shows considerable storage capacity with its dual storage compartments. Also, the zippers are both heavy-duty but easy to use.

We cannot but talk about how great the helmet holder is. Its exclusive design keeps whatever you store in there, be it a helmet, a basketball or a football, with a good grip. There is no fear of them falling off. It adds to the convenience of this bag.

That being said, it is also very lightweight for the kind of storage it offers. It weighs in at just 1.45 pounds, letting you carry it around with relative ease as you ride, hike, or commute. The advantages are plenty, and the drawbacks are few. This is a true motorcycle helmet backpack, and it is hard to go wrong with this.


  • Lightweight bag puts little stress on your back
  • Excellent storage capacity considering its weight
  • Can fit a full-faced helmet
  • Great fit with biker gear


  • The bag may show signs of damage after heavy use
  • Straps are a bit small

7. Seibertron Roving Motorcycle Backpack

Seibertron santian

Yes, we will be talking about yet another Seibertron backpack for this entry. Seibertron has a good track record when it comes to making superb motorcycle backpacks. They have already made it onto the list thrice after all. This bag is just another fantastic entry in the array of bags they provide.

However, what separates this bag from the ones we mentioned before is that it has also been designed to suit dirt bikes. We all know how dirt bikes differ massively from regular street bikes. So, you cannot expect to ride out with a standard motorcycle backpack on a dirt bike and achieve satisfactory results.

How does Seibertron make this an excellent bag for dirt bikers? Well, for those who go off-roading often, you know how much bounces you must sustain while riding. This bouncing becomes difficult if the bag with you is not strapped properly.

The additional bounce and friction from the bag may lead you to lose balance and may even cause injury among many other things. So, this roving motorcycle bag is designed to stay firmly on your body without any additional bounce. It achieves oneness with your back and lets you roam the off roads with ease and comfort.

Although it is made with waterproof 900D polyester, zippers often are not entirely waterproof. This flaw is especially relevant when off-roading as the bounces lead water towards the zippers and into the bag. Thankfully, this bag comes with a rain cover to attain absolute security when riding.

You will not have to worry about your belongings as not a drop of water will be able to seep into your bag; making it perfect for rainy days as well.


  • Supports off-roading
  • The internal storage can store the right amount of items
  • Comes with a rain cover
  • Big and high quality


  • Is quite heavy, weighing in at over 3.15 pounds
  • Despite its size, it does not have a dedicated place for a hydration pack

8. MotoCentric Motorcycle Leather Waterproof Backpack

MotoCentric 8542069803

If you have been looking for a bag with both style and functionalities, then MotoCentric has you covered. You can take a look at this leather bag if you are interested in emphasizing form. It emanates a relaxed vibe, with its insignia and stylish color pallets. Also, it can adopt any combination of colors.

It was designed to fit perfectly with any manner of motorcycle jackets, making it a perfect addition to your rider gear. This item has been made with great attention to detail. Wearing it over a biker jacket feels natural and welcoming. It holds onto your chest perfectly, making its 2-pound weight feel unnoticeable.

Now that we have discussed the design let's elaborate on how functional it is. This is quite a big bag, capable of housing a full helmet, but you do not have to. This is because the bag has a net for your helmet intelligently placed underneath the bag; concealed by a zipper.

You can easily take it out and tether your helmet onto your bag; wasting no space inside. It has an area which is more suited for books, items, and laptops.

We have to mention just how comfortable and well designed the bag is. The back feels soft and does not heat up quickly. You can keep your back cool even during your summer travels. The fabric is pristine; capable of enduring lots of stress without wearing down.

This bag also has reflective strips that allow the bag to be fastened to your body tightly. It also assures more security and comfort as well, making it an overall excellent bag to buy.


  • Innovative helmet net
  • Highly stylized and visually pleasing
  • High-quality material which is both durable and waterproof
  • Maximizes comfort


  • Zipper quality does not match the rest of the bag
  • Zippers are not waterproof

9. Nelson-Rigg CB-PK30 Black Compact Backpack

Nelson-Rigg CB-PK30

Some bikers conclude that bags are inconvenient. Unlike a car, you cannot leave them in there and have to take it with you wherever you go. Moreover, some people do not want to deal with carrying it around all the time. This is exceptionally inconvenient when you do not want to carry anything at the time.

However, what if there was an option to have a bag that is so convenient, that could disappear when you do not need it and appear again when you do. Surely, you would think that such a convenient bag cannot exist. However, Nelson-Rigg is here to prove you wrong.

This bag embodies the very core of what it means to be compact. The bag is capable of being folded. Big deal, right? Well, it can be folded up to such a degree that it can fit into a small pouch. This can easily be put into your pocket, avoiding the need to be carried.

You can do this despite it being an incredibly capable bag. It is spacious enough to hold a full helmet. Durability is not a concern as it can handle 30 liters of storage with no issues. This is because of its Tri-Max nylon build.

There is no understating how convenient this bag is. By being able to place it in your pocket, it acts as a superb emergency storage unit.

It bolsters that by being incredibly dependable due to its sturdy build. You can even carry multiple bags if you are traveling far and might need extra space. Being as cheap as it is, there is no reason to skip out on this bag.


  • Highly portable and compact
  • Quite cheap
  • Expansive storage space
  • Acts as a great emergency bag


  • Lacks some of the signatures features a motorcycle bag should have
  • No organized compartments inside the bag

10. Motorcycle Backpack Motorsports


The final bag we reveal is a quality hardshell bag, incredible for rough use and long rides. CUCYMA has gone out of their way to craft one of the best bags in the market, with high durability, high quality, and aerodynamic bag worthy of finding itself as the last entry of this list.

To say this bag is well crafted is an understatement. It is made of carbon fiber and PVC. Are you worried your bag will mold out of shape due to wind shear? Worry not, the material and hardshell design keeps the bag in the form at all times.

Design-wise, this bag offers so much. The bag feels lovely to wear, and it is made specifically to ensure maximum comfort for the user. It achieves this while still maintaining completely aerodynamic proportions. The feeling you get while riding with this bag attached to you is almost magical.

Moreover, the shoulder gasket feels like it was meant for you, as you ride. Your back feels comfortable due to the air ventilation the back foam creates, and your neck feels relaxed as the straps are designed for maximum comfort.

Then storage capacity is nothing to take lightly. You can fit in 30 liters of goods with ease. However, to maintain its form, it sacrifices how spacious it could be. The biggest drawback to that would have been that you would be unable to store a full helmet into this thing.

Knowing that full well, the bag comes with an external handle to keep your helmet. This item offers you all the space and form that the bag prides itself with, while also retaining the ability to hold your helmet.

Coming with water resistance, durable zippers, comfortable padding, and adjustable straps, this bag is worth all the hype.


  • Hardshell bag made with excellent quality materials
  • Comfortable and adjustable straps
  • Does not mold out of shape
  • 30 liters storage capacity


  • Keeping the helmet on a buckle is riskier than keeping it inside the bag
  • Straps may be limiting to taller individuals

What Makes the Best Motorcycle Backpack?

With all these options, it is perfectly understandable if you are a bit overwhelmed about which bag you should choose. For that, allow us to educate you further on the things you should know to choose the best motorcycle backpack.

Storage Capacity

A backpack is defined by how much it can store. That is the primary function of a bag. If it cannot store anything, it is not fit to be a backpack. This may be the most crucial factor to consider when choosing a bag.

The storage capacity of a bag is measured in liters. The more capacity it has, the more weight the bag can handle. However, the more capacity the bag has, the more they weigh. As such, its storage capacity is a kind of double-edged sword.

Now, it is up to the type of bag you need that will determine how much it should be able to handle.

For instance, if you want a bag that can hold your helmet, then invest in a smaller and lighter bag. On the other hand, if you want your bag to carry an array of tools, gear, clothes, and other equipment altogether, it would be wise to invest in a bigger and more capable bag.

Gauge your necessities and make a note of what you need out of your bag. Once you figure out just how much storage you need, get a bag that meets those preferences.


The next aspect to consider is how comfortable your bag is. Do not underestimate the importance of a soft bag, especially when you plan on taking it with you to ride your bike.

Taking an uncomfortable bag is has detrimental effects on the rider. It can cause damage and even make driving your vehicle riskier. As the bag is supposed to stay on your back, you must make sure it stays secure. Look for a bag that has all the essential straps to hold your bag firmly while you’re riding.

Not only does this prevent the bag from bouncing around your back, but it also distributes more of the weight across your body, leaving less stress on your shoulders. This makes the bag feel lighter and enables you to travel safer.

Along with that benefit, you must make sure the bag has the proper components to feel comfortable. This includes adequate padding and back foam. Air ventilation is fantastic when traveling on hot days, so it is a good idea to watch out for bags that do have this feature.

If your clothes expose your neck to the bag's straps, make sure it is adequately padded to maximize comfort. Without them, you may end up having scratches and rashes on your neck.

Helmet Holder

If you are carrying a bag, why not carry one where you can keep your helmet? Most riders need to keep about two helmets in case they have a passenger coming along. Even if you are only carrying one, it is best to keep them in a secure place to keep them safe from environmental conditions.

That is why having a backpack with a helmet holder is exceptionally convenient. Now, it is no surprise to anyone that helmets are quite significant. This is especially true for full helmets. You cannot expect these helmets to be easily stuffed into just any bag.


However, containers that can accommodate something so big might have to sacrifice other features to do so successfully. On the other hand, other bags should be able to store smaller helmets with ease.

Some come with straps that hold the helmet onto the bag while others come with a net that secures the helmet entirely. All of these are perfectly adequate methods, but you have to choose what you think is more viable. Do some research based on the type of helmet you have and get a bag that suits it.


When you ride at high speeds with a regular bag, you will notice that your bag will flutter and shake with the end. Loose straps will slap your arms and cheeks. The bag will even capture some of the air and drag down your speed.

If you want the best backpack for motorcycle riders, you cannot afford to have a bag like that. For that, you need a bag which is properly aerodynamic.

Aerodynamics in bags allows them to blend into the air. These bags will not be weighed down by rough winds. This feature is an absolute must if you travel long distances often since long-distance travels beget riding fast. You do not want these dragging you down.

A properly aerodynamic bag does not have these issues. They are designed not to catch air, allowing you to breeze through the streets with little to no resistance.

As we have mentioned, the importance of an aerodynamic bag is proportionate to the amount of distance you usually travel. As such, when looking for a backpack, look for something according to the aerodynamics you need.

Hydration Packs

Speaking of long-distance travels, anyone who has ever been one can tell you how difficult they get when you dehydrate. It is not just for biking; you should always keep yourself hydrated to maintain proper health.

However, once in the flow, bikers find it hard to let go of their flow to go to a stop to drink a bit of water. Thankfully, a lot of bags understand this issue and offer a hydration pack option.

Hydration packs mostly let you drink water on the go. It has a liquid system that stems from a water-storage unit within the bag. A sipper is conveniently placed near your mouth to allow you to get a drink no matter where you are.

Each sip revitalizes you and will enable you to ride for a longer period without interruptions.

This is honestly a very optional utility feature that you should consider when choosing a bag. It is quite unimportant if you travel short distances. In those cases, it is not even worth the extra weight. So, consider these when you choose a bag that may have a hydration pack.


Another essential aspect to consider is the weight of your bag. As mentioned in the storage capacity section, mass is directly proportionate to the storage capacity of a bag. So, a more substantial bag is more likely to be a more capable bag. However, weight does have an impact on both your comfort and your flow.

Being weighed down is stressful for yourself and your bike, so you have to try to choose a bag that makes the most out of the weight it comes with.

An array of factors impacts weight; the bag's material, the zippers, the hydration pack (if any) as well as the straps. Padding also increases the weight of your backpack, so you have to make sure the pads are worth it.

It is essential to determine how much you want your bag to weigh before you choose it. For example, if you are looking for a hardshell bag, then you have to be more lenient with weight.

On the other hand, if you are looking for a commuter bag, you need something light. With these in mind, make sure you choose the weight that is best for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do I have to have a hydration pack?

Honestly speaking, Hydration packs are a very optional addition to your bag. It is a very situational tool that is immensely convenient for some instances, including long-distance traveling and hiking. If you need a bag for such activities, hydration packs are recommended.

2. If the bags are waterproof, but the zippers are not, what is the point?

While waterproofing the outer material of a bag may be easy, zippers always leave some holes where water may seep through. Thankfully, most bags cover up these zippers so that the water cannot get to them, so you do not have to worry about them.

3. Are hardshell bags worth it?

If you are looking for a durable and reliable bag that will last for a long time, they are.

4. What kind of bag should I get if I am only commuting?

It is recommended to choose bags on the smaller and lighter side if your purpose is to commute.

5. Can I use these for everyday use?

You can use all of these bags as an everyday bag without a doubt.


The motorcycle backpack is an essential element that makes up a biker's gear. It is something sacred to all riders that genuinely enhances their riding experiences.

You too can now join their ranks with your new-found knowledge and get yourself the best motorcycle backpack ever!

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