10 Best Motorcycle Helmet Under 100 – Buying Guide 2020


A helmet is essential for any biker, but figuring out a proper budget might be tough. Of course, we all want to get the best one out there, but they might not be worth the investment. These high-end helmets can cost several hundreds of dollars that are not worth it.

However, if you set your budget to just one hundred dollars, there are a lot of great helmets you can get. As such, we put together this guide to help you get the best motorcycle helmet under 100 dollars. 

What to Expect With $100?

Although the best helmets out there can cost you fortunes, not much separates them from a 100 dollar budget one. Of course, more expensive units will be better and more stylized and premium that does mean that $100 helmets lack these features.

The ultimate difference lies within the fact that more expensive units are more comfortable and offer better ventilation. They are designed with premium-grade comfort for the most relaxing experience. These features are amazing and desirable if you travel long distances a lot.

However, if you do not, they are not needed. You can expect to get a near identical level of protection if you get one of the best motorcycle helmets under 100 dollars. Of course, the comfort will vary based on how much you are willing to expect. The cheaper models are also less stylish.

10 Best Budget Motorcycle Helmet Under $100 Reviews

There are ten great budget helmets out there, but it takes a lot of research to figure out which ones are simply the best. To make it easier for you, we have put together ten of the best helmets under 100 dollars for you to choose from.

1. 1Storm Motorcycle Modular 

Let us start with an incredible mid-ranged headgear that transcended our initial perceptions. We did not expect such a great helmet to come out of a price this reasonable. In terms of style, there are so many alternatives to choose from; it's completely baffling.

It does not stop at coloring choices. The helmet accounts for every possible head size conceivable to accommodate everyone; no matter what their head size is. It accepts all shapes with its incredibly comfortable full-faced design.

Each side perfectly welcomes you in. You feel nurtured and comfortable as its soft padding keeps you comfortable. It gives you the option to remove and wash the padding so that the helmet can always feel and smell like new.

1Storm did not hold back in terms of material as well. It utilizes an alloy shell exterior with thermoplastic properties; meaning that it keeps you cool and stays durable. The shape itself is highly aerodynamic; keeping you at full speeds always.

The headgear uses a dual visor system to protect your eyes from incoming wind even when you do not want the visor on. It gives you all the feel of keeping your visor open while still shielding your eyes. Once you put the visor down, your vision will not be hampered in the slightest.

This helmet’s protection prowess is nothing short of an impressive feat. You will feel completely safe as this DOT approved headgear wraps your head in both comfort and safety. As such, you can ride with peace of mind, comfort, and security.


  • Huge variety of colors to choose from
  • Accommodates nearly every head size
  • Has a dual visor set up at a low price
  • Padding is removable and washable


  • The open visor button is poorly placed

2. ILM Full-Face Motorcycle Street Bike 

If you are looking for the best budget motorcycle helmet for winter, then look no further. Most great motorbike headgears tried to keep you cool and ventilated so that you do not feel stuffed. However, they also do a great job of keeping your head warm when winter hits.

Nonetheless, the same luxury does not extend onto your neck region as it stays wholly exposed to the chilly air. A jacket can only cover so much. For that, ILM introduced this unit with a removable winter scarf.

This way, if you want to protect your neck from the frosty winds of winter, you get the option to do so. Aside from that, it has plenty to offer in terms of material as well. It relies on advanced ABS shells for its exterior.

You should know that the ABS material is both durable and light. As such, you can expect this to take a massive beating and still come out strong while also reducing pressure to your neck. Thus, it will provide superior comfort and protection while riding.

Like the previous model, this too has a dual visor feature. One visor gives you clear sight while the other gives you a smoked vision for those exceedingly sunny days. This gives you the option to choose what would be best for you, rather than being stuck to a single type.

The unit maintains a fully aerodynamic design to such a degree that it cancels out noise from the winds. You feel genuinely free with this helmet on. It is almost hard to believe that it costs less than a hundred dollars.


  • Light and durable ABS shell
  • Dual visor with clear and smoked vision
  • Optional winter scarf for cold days
  • Inner pads removable


  • Visor scratches easier than it should

3. ILM Motorcycle Dual Visor 

There is a great reason we are back to ILM so soon after we covered one of their models already. This takes all the features previously introduced in the two entries and adds a little new touch to make it heavily stand out from the two. Whether the new feature is worth the additional costs, however, is up to you.

First of all, the previous flaw of visor scratches has been removed. That is right, this unit is anti-scratch, and anti-fog; giving you the best view for the most extended period. You will not have to deal with scratch lines over your visor, making it much more accessible.

This also boosts its longevity as you will not need to replace your visors any time soon. Aside from that, the anti-fog feature keeps the helmet accessible even when the weather is against you. With all of these together, it is hard not to acknowledge the improvements from the previous model.

Besides, there are quite a few similar features. It uses the same high-tier ABS shell exterior that is both durable and light. The helmet also boasts an excellent aerodynamic design that is perfect for long rides.

It also has the feature of canceling wind noises to keep your ride more comfortable and less annoying. The inner pads are also extremely satisfying; covering your head and cheek. However, the most prominent new feature is its LED light feature.

This lights up based on the speed you are riding at. You have control over the speed and color. As such, you have the power to customize the light based on your preferences and personality; giving you a sense of uniqueness.


  • Dual visor system
  • The visor is scratch and fog proof
  • Lightweight and durable material
  • LED lights based on rider’s preference


  • Added features might not be worth the added price for some

4. WOW Motorcycle Full-Face Helmet 


There can never be the best inexpensive motorcycle helmet list without including a unit from WOW. It will not take long before you figure out why they are called wow once you see their sleek designs. The helmets have a smooth shape and elegant curves.

This gives these headgears a unique kind of aerodynamic that lets you cut through the wind with unfathomable speed. Although it is shaped for aerodynamics, there is honestly something very alluring about the design. In case matte black is not your cup of tea, you can opt to choose between a plethora of unique styles and designs.

With this many options, you can uniquely express yourself. Nonetheless, aesthetics is not the only aspect that makes great bike helmets. They must first prove themselves in terms of functionalities.

Fortunately, this unit delivers hard. The interior is so heavily cushioned that it gives you instant relief the moment you wear it. This adds both comfort and protection to the helmet.

The inner padding is often soaked with sweat or other undesirable substances. It is in your own best interest to keep it as clean as possible. Since you can remove the padding freely to clean it, you can keep its insides always clean.

You are getting a lot despite the measly price tag; it charges you. You get a great sense of safety from its light and durable alloy shell exterior. Although it might not be as full of features as the previous entry, it cuts down on the price to make up for that.


  • A large variety of coloring options
  • Interior is cleanable
  • Sleek design and aerodynamic shape
  • Heavy cushioning for safety and comfort


  • Top air vent has inconsistent gaps

5. Vega Helmets Warrior Motorcycle Half-Helmet 

Vega Helmets 7817-053

Maybe full-faced helmets are not your style, and you want a premium half-helmet that can last you for nearly a lifetime. Then Vega Helmets has got you covered with their state-of-the-art units.

The Warrior might be the best model under 100-dollars that they released. It only has so many features you would not believe that it is a half-helmet.

Firstly, let us discuss its minuscule weight. You will barely feel any kind of weight pressuring your neck when you put this on. To add to the comfort, the helmet has a strap on its back that tightens up based on the dial.

You can use that to adjust the tightness on the back of your head to give you full support on all sides. As a result, it prevents the headgear from shifting and turning while you are riding and stays completely still. The quick and effective chin strap also does an excellent job of locking the unit in place.

Many half-helmets either make their sunshield too big or too small. In case it is too big, it will interfere with your vision, and if it is too small, sunlight and debris will end up hitting your eyes. However, Vega helmets have concocted the perfect dimensions to get the most optically correct drop-down sun shield.

It uses superb moist wicking liner that pretty much absorbs all your sweat. The helmet itself is exceptionally comfortable and has excellent cooling. There are just so many features for just this small headgear; it is awe-inspiring.

As for the exterior quality, impressive does not cut it. The quality exceeds DOT standards through its sheer quality alone. You can hardly find a better option if you want a half-helmet.


  • Very light
  • Size adjustment dial for a perfect fit
  • Fully vented liner for extra cooling
  • Optical sunshield


  • Quite expensive for a half-helmet

6. LS2 Helmets 569-3013 

LS2 Helmets 569-3013

This LS2 unit just barely makes it onto the list due to how much it costs, but since it requires only under 100 dollars, you can reliably assess that this is a premium unit.

The design it possesses gives you enormous space and superior ventilation akin to luxury helmets while still costing within the budget. Its comfort, space, and ventilation are almost unmatched.

Let us start by talking about its incredible face design. It keeps itself open face but makes sure it does not cut down on the protection to your chin. The long outer visor reaches down to your chin, and the strap gives you tight security to your chin.

Its visor extends outwards, giving your face plenty of space. This was meant to cater to people who feel cramped and cluttered inside their helmets. It also opens up a lot of its face, giving you an ultra-wide field of view.

You would think they would stop at adding a much needed wider field of vision, but they take their priority for visibility a bit further. They understand how vital protection against the sun is. As such, they have utilized a twin shield system sun shield.

Users will not have to deal with the default sun shield settings laid out by the brand. With this, you are in control of how much of the sun and air hits you. You can attain all of this with just a mere push of a button.

LS2 prides itself as the possible best budget motorcycle helmet out there with all these practical functions. It even provides ventilation and comfort reminiscent of higher-end helmets that would cost twice its price. Overall, you are getting a lot for what you invest in.


  • Outer visor counters the flaws of the open-faced design
  • Adjustable sunshield system
  • Superb flow-through ventilation feature
  • Secure and comfortable fit


  • Might feel a bit tight to some

7. AHR Full-Face Flip Up Modular Motorcycle 


Some of us would prefer the best affordable motorcycle helmet that gives us maximum protection. For that, AHR gives you their incredible dual visor full-face headgear. The sturdiness and quality of the helmet give you the kind of pressure we can all rely on.

This unit gives your cheeks substantial padding and protection even while in its open-faced state. The liner is heavily padded so that it accepts your head perfectly. You will feel at home as this headgear molds to your form and comforts you.

The unit has an astounding cushioning capability. It feels soft and does not interfere with your vision or senses. The level is just enough to stay comfortable without being distracted.

Along with that, the padding does an excellent job of cushioning even the heaviest and hardest blows. It DOT approved for an excellent reason after all. Even its visor has superior durability.

The front visor is both sturdy and elastic. It drastically slows down the wear down process with its excellent build. AHR even added reliable impact resistance so that it does not fail on you during the hardest crashes and always keeps you safe.

To top it all off, it has smartly placed air vents that are unthinkable at this model’s measly price tag. It is nearly unbeatable when it comes to protection. As such, we can hardly recommend a better unit when it comes to safety.


  • Extensive protection in all regions
  • Front visor is wear and impact resistant
  • Decent air ventilation for the price
  • Comfortable and secure heavy padding


  • Weighs quite a bit

8. GDM DK-140-MB Duke Series 


With the introduction of this GDM unit, we return to yet another premium helmet that has a ton to offer you. The sleek design is already an alluring spectacle; however, it does not cut down on practical features. All its unique attributes come together to make this the fantastic headgear it is.

As we have already mentioned, this unit is sleek. Just look at how every curve and edge lends to an exceedingly aerodynamic feel. Of course, it does not only feel aerodynamic as its shape does an excellent job in penetrating through the harsh winds with nothing to hold you back or produce drag.

It even includes air vents on its top to give you even more mastery over the winds. You can feel cooled and relaxed, and you can take every breath with incredible ease. Despite its full-faced design, you will feel like you are in an open field.

Instead of opting for a dual visor set up, GDM took a different approach to their headgear. They give you both the clear screen and the tinted visor for you to attach and install. Choose which you would like before you ride, install it, and head out to experience the full glory of these magnificent visors.

It uses a unique double D-ring chin strap that is both secure and comfortable. The belt does not feel like it is cutting into your chin. Instead, it gives you a caressed feeling as it secures the helmet comfortably on you. 

The exterior is made with high-grade composite poly-alloy. It gives the shell intense durability while remaining relatively lightweight for the amount it protects you. With all these together, how can you ever refuse this brilliant unit?


  • Comes with the tinted visor free
  • Epic composite poly-alloy build
  • Sleek aerodynamic design
  • Superb ventilation option


  • Limited style choices

9. Daytona Helmets Motorcycle 

Daytona Helmets "Leading The Way In Quality Headgear" COMINU049916

Although its blatantly rounded style is atypical to the motorcycle helmet world, that does not mean you should take this superb Daytona model lightly. It comes with a unique degree of comfort and safety.

Not to mention that the immense number of size choices makes sure that you get something that can perfectly fit you.

Let us discuss a bit more about its huge variety of size choices. It goes all the way from 2XS to XL. Meaning, you can get the perfect sizes for your entire family to ensure their safety in the best way possible.

Speaking of safety, they blew past the DOT’s standards and achieved greatness. It may be the best cheap motorcycle helmet for your whole family as it can fit them perfectly and provide the ultimate safety. The soft and reliable cushioning also gives you immense comfort for your head.

Daytona made sure that the chin strap would adhere to a state-of-the-art quality. Unlike other straps that may cut into your chin on high speeds, this is so smartly padded, you will barely feel anything there. Instead, you will feel comfortable no matter what speed you ride in.

The rounded shape adds to its impact resistance. It distributes more of the impact across your head to make sure it does not focus on a point to cause severe damage. The headgear also manages to reduce the jarring sensation and protect your brain as a result.

There is more praise to give the chin strap. Especially it is an exceptional lock system that is both secure and easy to work with. Just with one finger, you can easily snap the lock open with its quick-release feature.


  • Exceptional protection capabilities
  • Vast sizing options
  • Exceeds DOT standards
  • Comfortable and easy to use a strap


  • The design might not appeal to some

10. Triangle Matte Black 

 triangle TFF15

For our final entry, we are ending on a superb note. This unit from Triangle is a strong candidate for the best motorcycle helmet under 100 dollars. It has everything a great helmet needs and many more at a reasonable price, making this as impressive as it is.

The headgear uses the best grade ABS shell material it can find. This results in durability while still maintaining lightweight. Your neck with feel lighter and more comfortable, relieving long term stress.

Its visor is truly a sight to behold. The visor has anti-scratch properties that keep it usable for long periods and without any issue or worries of scratches. You can easily take it off with its quick-change mechanism in case you want to replace it for something else.

On the inside, it has a high-tier multi-density EPS liner. This is a fantastic blend of both comfort and protection as it does a superb job of absorbing shock. All the while, it wants to wear a bag of pillows on your head.

The liner is genuinely unique due to its soft laser cut padding. It stays dry and does not interfere with your vision as you ride. In case you want to wash it, you can easily remove it for a quick wash to maintain hygienic rides.

Overall, it has a good number of features that let it stand out. Its anti-scratch visor and a superior liner make it a strong candidate for the best cheap motorcycle helmet in the market. As such, it earned it spots on our list.


  • Incredible liner quality
  • High durability for low cost
  • Visor does not get scratches
  • The great degree of protection


  • Vent quality is underwhelming

What to Look for Before You Buy?

Now that we have already gone over our picks for the best motorcycle helmet under 100 dollars, here are some of the things you need to consider before you buy.

Helmet Shape and Size

The first thing you need to know is its shape and size. There are a wide variety of unique shapes and sizes that you need to watch out for. Some are half-helmets that only cover the top of your head, while the full-faced variety covers your entire head. You have to make sure that the shape is aerodynamic as well.

To get the most out of your helmet, you need to make sure that it fits your head. There are measurement techniques to figure out which size will suit you best. Use that to determine your size and buy accordingly.

Comfort and Protection

These two aspects are two sides of the same coin. When riding a lot, you are going to wear your helmet for a long period. To get the best experience, you will want it to have heavy padding for added comfort.

The padding also protects your head from impact. It disperses the hits across the helmet to lower the pain. So, make sure whatever you get has a soft and reliable liner.

Shell Material

Padding will not matter if the headgear breaks upon impact. We also recommend lighter material since heavier helmets will stress out your neck. As such, choose light yet durable shell material for your helmet.

Visor Quality

Finally, you should watch out for the kind of visor you are getting. Some units come with dual visors while others come with single ones. Choose what type you prefer; however, you should try to get something that is scratch and impact resistant as well.

Is $100 a Good Budget?

Indeed, you will not be able to get the best helmets in the market with a hundred dollars. However, that does not mean you should undermine its worth — there plenty of superb units that you can get with this budget.

Also, if you intend to travel great distances, then the superior comfort and ventilation of the over 100 dollars are preferred. Nonetheless, if you are not traveling that far that frequently, then there is no reason to invest in more expensive options. As such, it is a perfectly good budget.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Should I get half or full-faced helmets?

In case you want protection, go for full-faced. On the other hand, if you're going to feel the wind and keep cool, then half-helmet is preferred.

2. Are all these units DOT approved?

Most if not all these units meet the DOT standards.

3. How can I be 100% sure that a unit is DOT approved?

There should be a logo behind the helmet to guarantee its DOT-approved status.

4. My head hurts after wearing my helmet for a while. Why?

That is a classic symptom of a small helmet. Your best option is to switch to a size that fits you.

5. Do I need dual visors?

They are a convenient addition, but not necessary. Another option let you change your visor type from clear to smoked readily. So, whether your best motorcycle helmet under 100 dollars has dual visors is up to you.


With all this knowledge, you can now confidently pick out the best motorcycle helmet under 100 dollars that suit you the most. Remember, this is a long-term investment, so take your time and choose carefully. Good luck and ride safe!

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