Best Motorcycle Jacket 2023 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Best Motorcycle Jacket 2023 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

What separates a casual motorcyclist from a real motorcyclist is their gear. These gears are a culmination of biking accessories that not only make riding easier but also help you identify yourself as a right rider to others. Motorcyclists use them to establish their identity into the world.

It is what makes them unique. The most prominent symbol of that individuality is the motorcycle jacket. Therefore, motorcyclist strives to find the best motorcycle jacket to add to their gear. These apparels are not the same as regular ones. The makers designed these jackets to provide the best riding experience.

Everything from the material to the build makes riding a treat, and even establishes you as a proper biker at the same time. However, a lot of people do not know why they should bother getting a motorcycle jacket. Even if they do want one, with the myriad of options open to you, it is hard to choose.

This is a guide to fully familiarize you with the ins and outs of buying the perfect motorcycle jacket so you can hit the streets in style.

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Benefits of Using a Motorcycle Jacket

There is an excellent reason why most motorcycle enthusiasts own a dedicated jacket.

Added Safety

Unlike regular clothes, motorcycle jackets were made to provide safety. A helmet and jacket are staples of motorcycle riding. Helmets are almost mandatory to protect your head, but the torso is left unprotected. That is where motorcycle jackets come in with extra padding that protects you from damages.

Protects You from the Environment

Riding in bikes leave you vulnerable to weather conditions. You cannot rely on a nice roof to keep all the rain and drought out. For that, motorcycle jackets offer superb protection; keeping you nice and safe.

Establishing Yourself

Most people buy motorcycle jackets as a means to show off one's nature as a biker despite how attractive the previous benefits were. Individuality is a key to self-actualization, and bikers want nothing more than to assert their personality.

These clothes help assert that sense of self to others. Other bikers will take you more seriously and show some respect. They understand the level of experience, sincerity, and personality just by examining your appearance.

12 Best Motorcycle Jacket Reviews

Now that you are aware of the many benefits of these clothes, we are sure you are pining to get one soon. However, it might be challenging to know what to get or what to focus on. For that, here are some of the best motorcycle jackets on the market.

1. MILWAUKEE LEATHER Men’s Classic Side Lace Police Style Motorcycle Jacket (Black, Large)

To start this list, we are going to introduce you to a classic design. From first glance, you can tell that this apparel is something special. The retro design begets a feeling of nostalgia that is hard to overcome. It gives off a cool and classy vibe.

As stated, it offers a classic police style aesthetic to those who wear it. To others, it will make you look like an excellent rider — someone who knows and appreciates the roads.

Its style is not its only selling point. Milwaukee has crafted one of the best motorcycle leather jackets the market has ever seen. Made from the highest grade of cowhide, the texture on this bad boy is incredible.

The very touch emanates a genuine feel, and the zippers are expertly crafted, leaving little room for jams and errors. It is also perfectly stitched; giving it a robust yet flexible structure. You feel like you truly own the jacket from the moment you wear it.

Indeed, this elevates Milwaukee as one of the best leather motorcycle jacket brands in the entire industry. Finally, let us dabble in how the garment accommodates the wearer with a plethora of features to improve the quality of life. For starters, it comes with convenient and accessible pockets to keep your things in.

All of them are adequately chained to ensure maximum security. Moreover, it has side lace detailing. This makes this unit more customizable to better suit your size. It even has a half belt that can be easily adjusted to fit you perfectly. Overall, this is a fantastic attire that is entirely worth your interest.


  • Classic Police Style
  • High-quality material
  • Half belt for better optimization
  • Half belt for better optimization


  • The right size is hard to determine
  • Too much water leaves a wet smell

2. Viking Cycle Ironborn Motorcycle Textile Jacket for Men

True to its name, Viking Cycle crafts jackets that make you feel like a genuine Viking. This is best emphasized by the unit’s expertly integrated armor. Why would you need armor for riding a motorcycle? For security, of course.

Now, that may have been an obnoxiously obvious statement, but you cannot underestimate the value of having armor on your garment. It enhances the feeling of safety while riding. This makes your riding experience more pleasurable. You feel freer; ready to take on whatever terrain you cross.

However, if you believe that the armor gets in the way, you can easily take it off. Indeed, the armor is removable for added convenience. Most might think that an armored jacket might be awkward to wear or merely uncomfortable. That could not be further from the truth in this case.

This unit is made from the most beautiful textile that feels soft and cozy. It can be this comfortable while still being an armored outfit. This jacket goes the extra mile to enhance the experience for the users. It is incredibly easy to slip into, allowing you to make quick changes whenever necessary.

Moreover, it is also designed to give you access to your phone in three seconds or less; perfect for taking essential calls or receiving vital texts on the go.

Textile jackets have a reputation for being durable. This marvelous jacket most prominently demonstrates this. Seriously, it can take an immense beating while still stay entirely intact. It is also wrinkle-free and does not sag. You will not have to worry about facing any inconvenience when you have this clothing.

It is also water repellent; keeping you dry even on the rainiest of days. The number of pockets it has is a lot, and each of them is easily accessible.


  • Comfortable textile design
  • Water repellency keeps you dry
  • Armored for added protection
  • Satisfactory color variety


  • Style may appear a bit basic
  • Does not have body type versatility

3. Milano Sport Gamma Motorcycle Jacket with Red Accent (Black, X-Large)

Utility wise, this Milano Sport jacket is hard to beat. It comes with numerous features that truly make it worth its price. For example, like the previous model, it also has removable armor options. You can give yourself peace of mind while driving at high speeds. Furthermore, it has a removable thermal quilted liner.

This lets you keep yourself warm while you ride on cold, snowy weather. If the days get hot, remove the liner to stay light and cool on hot summer days. This unit is also waterproof for more added convenience.

The size variety of this model is truly something to speak about. It comes in a vast array of sizes that can comfortably fit you. Wearing oversized clothing looks silly but wearing an undersized outfit is quite uncomfortable. You need to find just the right size for yourself.

So, the amount of options provided to you for the Gamma Motorcycle jacket makes this easy for most people to choose from. However, you should know that the size descriptions are of European sizes, which are different from American sizes. So, you should consider that fact before you make the final purchase.

Just from a glance, it is quite obvious that this is very stylish apparel. Although it is not overflowing in colors or patterns, it gives off a relaxed and mature vibe. It appeals to those who want to make themselves seem like they are serious about riding and sports.

Lastly, the colors offered contrasts significantly with the black. Although there are a few colors, you can choose from red, blue, black, white, and green; each brings a new dynamic to the table. All of them are excellent choices; even the black design. Choosing the best one will keep you scratching your head for a while.


  • Great size variety
  • Provides removable armor
  • Cool design on every color
  • Removable thermal quilted liner for all-year-usefulness


  • Extra-large sizes are exclusively for athletic cuts
  • Quite expensive

4. Textile Motorcycle Jacket Motorbike Jacket Breathable CE ARMORED WATERPROOF (XXX-Large, Grey)


Now, let us discuss a superb garb that is not only full of extremely convenient features but is relatively cheap. While the MILWAUKEE jacket provided a classic design, this model by HHR provides a modern, sporty design. The way the pattern molds into the torso from the sleeves emphasizes the outfit's overall convenience.

It makes you feel like a genuine racer, ready to take on professional motorsports and it is also built with removable armor so that you can ride while feeling safe. For those who are into sports and loves to ride fast, the option for armor is vital.

While it may not be the best motorcycle jacket for protection, it offers reliable protection when necessary. Its design is not its only saving grace, and it is comfortable as well. The jacket feels nice and soft on your skin. Putting it on makes it hard for you to take it off.

You do not need to worry about its durability, because it sacrifices nothing to attain its level of comfort. Yes, it is both comfortable and durable at the same time. For those worrying about riding on rainy days, fear not! This garb is waterproof. So, no need to keep yourself cooped up on a rainy day. It is suitable for every weather.

On summer days, you can put it on without feeling cramped and hot. While in the winter, you can add the removable thermal liner to keep yourself warm. It feels almost shocking to see the price of this unit. Surely something so fantastic cannot be this cheap.

The HHR jacket is an incredibly high-value deal. It sacrifices no amount of quality despite its price. It is made from high-quality waterproof textile. The product is also breathable for added comfort and contains a mesh lining for even more comfort.


  • You can wear it on all seasons and weathers
  • Very affordable
  • Highly comfortable
  • Contains removable armor


  • Ventilation is somewhat lacking
  • Zipper quality could be better

5. HWK Mesh Motorcycle Jacket Riding Air Motorbike Jacket Biker CE Armored Breathable (XXX-Large, Blue)


Speaking of affordable jackets, our next entry actively competes against the previous entry for the best value deal on the market. Seriously, the great value it offers despite the price will amaze you. It feels nice with its high-quality mesh build and 600D Cordura construction.

This is both high-quality and comfortable; providing you with the easiest and comfiest riding experience you could ask for. HHR's ability to make quality low-cost jackets is indeed something you have to appreciate. This is one of the best summer garments you can ever find, and that is because it is 100% breathable.

That is paramount when it comes to riding on hot summer days. You want the air to pass through you as though you are tackled continuously by a breeze of cold air. This works best on summer days when staying cool is a massive priority. One hundred percent breathability is hard to obtain at a price like this.

So, this becomes perfect for summer. However, it does come with a drawback. It is not entirely waterproof. This is something you should keep in mind before you get it. It is cheaper than the previous entry, while still retaining a lot of the same features.

Yes, it lacks some, but you must first figure out if you need those features. If you do not, and all you want is a decent jacket to last you all summer, then this unit is perfect for you.

However, if you want something that is waterproof and can last all seasons, it is best to invest in something else. Keep these in mind before you make your final purchase.


  • Extremely cheap
  • Completely breathable
  • Perfect for summer rides
  • Is fully CE armored


  • Is not waterproof
  • Design is not up to par

6. Joe Rocket Atomic Men’s 5.0 Textile Motorcycle Jacket (Black, X-Large)

Joe Rocket 1651-5005

We have talked about quite a few motorcycle protective jackets on this list. However, very few can match the protective prowess of Joe Rocket's Atomic textile motorcycle jacket. It goes an extra mile to offer you the best protection any garb can get you.

While most of the units on this list are appropriately armored, this entry may be the best when it comes to defense. It has shoulder and elbow protection, along with a spine armor.

The spine is a vital part of your body that is under constant risk when riding your bike. Even though a spine armor may exist, it still is not completely capable of defending your spine in case of a mistake. Knowing this, Joe Rocket added a special pocket on the spine to add an optional protector.

This gives you added protection to your spine; keeping you much safer as a result. Is this waterproof? Yes, of course, it is waterproof. However, it does not stop at merely being waterproof. Joe Rocket wanted something more when they designed the Atomic. This is evident in how the waterproof technology is handled.

It is not just waterproof. This jacket takes the waterproofing and combines it with the outer shell to enhance its impact resistance. It could easily be the best motorcycle jacket for safety.

Moreover, the features do not stop there. Atomic comes with state-of-the-art zippers that are entirely waterproof. Not a single drop of water can penetrate this shield. It is also ventilated to enable cool rides on hot days. All of this in a single unit is a merely astounding deal. It is a superb offer that you should not pass up.


  • Highly armored with maximum impact resistance
  • Breathable and waterproof
  • Very comfortable due to an excellent fitting
  • High-quality zippers


  • Quite costly
  • Better armor stitching could have increased value and longevity

7. Pro Mesh Motorcycle Jacket Rain Waterproof White S

Jackets 4 Bikes

Riding a motorcycle in the dark is risky. Often, regardless of the headlights, some drivers do not notice you riding on your bike. It might seem ridiculous to some, but it is a legitimate concern to all the night riders out there. Therefore, they need an outfit capable of reflection.

What this does, is use reflective tape and piping to illuminate the rider in dark atmospheres. Through that, you are visible to other riders in the dark, alerting them of your presence. This feature is a must-have if you plan on traveling on nights often. Thankfully, Jackets 4 bikes have you covered.

With an incredible reflective element, along with numerous unique features, this deserves your attention. Like mentioned before, it comes with a plethora of features. One of the most noteworthy features is its double armor system. This keeps an armor both on the inside and outside of the jacket.

Keeping armor on both sides increases its potential for damage protection. The impact will have a rough time going through the first layer. In the situation, it makes a breakthrough; the second layer will keep you safe from any road rash.

The customization on this is simply a treat. You can adjust it in all sorts of ways to best fit you. Even the waterproofing liner can be removed at will if you think it is not necessary for your rides. We all want a jacket that fits us perfectly. However, it is hard to get one that fits just right.

This is especially true if you plan on ordering them online. For those cases, it has got you covered. With adjustable belts and straps, you can make it fit you no matter how large it is.


  • Highly customizable
  • Is armored internally and externally
  • Reflective feature for safe night rides
  • It is all-seasons compatible


  • The design is quite basic
  • Zippers are somewhat fragile

8. FLAVOR Men Brown Leather Motorcycle Jacket with Removable Hood


After going through a plethora of mesh and textile jackets, we now return to leather. Leather is a staple of classic motorcycle riders. They would strap themselves in stylish leather while cruising through the streets. As a result, leather is a staple material of motorcycles. This is for a great reason.

It feels beautiful and comfortable to wear while also providing adequate style and versatility. This entry by Flavor brings premium leather to the table. Most leather jackets on the market nowadays use faux leather rather than real ones. Of course, this decreases the price, but it prevents it from being genuinely premium.

But this product boasts 100% genuine leather. So do not let the high price tag discourage you. You will be receiving an authentic leather motorcycle jacket.

Among the many leather jackets available on the market for men, Flavor offers a classic, but a smart style to the table. The dull brown coloring contrasts well with most bikes. Also, the material feels smooth with every touch, and the design gives off a classic feel.

Among the many vintage leather jackets, Flavor stands out with its elegance. It retains its traditional feel, while still feeling like something more.

Furthermore, it even has an option for you to add a hood if you so desire. It is incredibly easy to add and remove. The hood can be handy in a multitude of scenarios, not to mention that it looks astounding in design. You can use this to keep yourself warm in winter.

The removability of the hood makes it viable in summer too. Additionally, the sleeves end by wrapping tightly around your wrists, keeping you entirely dry when traveling through the rain. The placing and number of pockets it has are also convenient. You can easily access your phone, ID papers, etc. from them.


  • Premium quality leather
  • Vintage aesthetic
  • Highly durable and long-lasting
  • Removable hood


  • Very expensive
  • Not completely waterproof

9. Pilot Motosport Men’s Direct Air Mesh Motorcycle Jacket (V3) (Hi-Vis, Large)

Pilot Motosport 2001010-03

Moving on from classic designs, we now have a modern, sporty style. Pilot Motosport is famous for making high quality, sports-tier jackets at an affordable price. If you are looking for a sporty and reliable motorcycle jacket for men, then you probably do not need to look any further than this.

From high armor protection to a sleek sports aesthetic, this unit may be the one you are looking for. Let us start with its armor. Protection is a necessity when it comes to the right jacket. It is best to keep an eye on the level of protection a particular garb can provide.

However, once you examine this one, you will be pleasantly surprised by how committed it is to offer you protection. In case of an accident, you will usually fall on your back. Therefore, it is in your best interests to protect your back. For that, it offers you a replaceable back pad.

You can use this to upgrade your back protection; ensuring maximum safety. In addition to its convenient back pad, it possesses numerous overlays on its shoulders and elbows. This allows it to be resistant to abrasion. The resistance bolsters its longevity. You will not have to buy a new outfit any time soon.

Why buy a sports outfit without waterproofing? Well, this unit has waterproofing and more. It lets you adjust parts of this garb to tighten it around your body. This prevents any drop of water from finding its way to you.

Finally, it has a plethora of additional features that truly elevates it to greatness. It is entirely windproof while also being breathable. The pockets have added visibility in the dark, and it is designed to take out the moisture, rather than drawing them in.


  • Added armor and protection options
  • Pockets are conveniently visible in the dark
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Waterproof and windproof


  • Quite pricy
  • Is not suitable for cold weather

10. ILM Motorcycle Jackets, Carbon Fiber Armor Shoulder, Moto Jacket for Men and Women (L, BLACK)


So far, we have been discussing motorcycle jackets for men. Of course, nothing stops female riders from wearing them, but those are designed to fit the male form more accurately. It will not be as comfortable, nor will it be correctly fitted. However, there is no reason to fear.

There is an excellent outfit that is designed to fit both male and female riders perfectly. ILM outdoes themselves with this entry. It can also deliver the perfect summer ride. This jacket excels in its ventilation technology. You feel one with the breeze while wearing this.

With superior breathability, you can always stay cool. Its ventilation quality is one of a kind. You will not be able to experience the same level of pristine ventilation on others. That alone is worthy of making it ideal summer wear.

Do not let yourself believe that this unit is only limited to summer. It comes with a removable thermal quilted liner. You can add and remove the liner as you please based on the weather. Are you feeling cold? Put on the liner to ride comfortably even while it snows.

It is quite expertly crafted, and it was designed to fit both men and women accurately. A dedicated women's motorcycle jacket is hard to come by, but this does an excellent job in satisfying female bikers all over the world. It adds armor on more parts including the kidneys for superior protection.

Besides, it comes with reflective white tape that makes the wearer more visible. It also allows them to find their pockets in the dark.


  • Designed for men and women
  • Increased armor options
  • All season suited
  • Unmatched ventilation system


  • Lack of aesthetic uniqueness
  • Stitching may come off on extreme stress

11. Pro Leather & Mesh Motorcycle Waterproof Jacket Black With External Armor L

Jackets 4 Bikes 5864260562

Tired of choosing between leather and mesh? Why take one when you can choose both. Jackets 4 Biker takes the best out of both worlds by combining the best aspects of each material and combining it into a superior outfit. As such, it is full of numerous convenient features to make their best unit yet.

In case you came to this list looking for the best-armored motorcycle leather jacket, then this might be the one for you. It comes with a wide array of armor options to protect you no matter what. The jacket is armored both inside and out with protection on your shoulders and elbows.

Moreover, the internal armor even has a portion to support your back. The internal and external protection guarantees protection from road rashes. Also, the versatility of this jacket is a sight to behold.

You want your clothes to fit you precisely. However, it is not wise to recut your clothes if you order a size that is too big. With the SureFit customization system, you do not have to worry about recuts, as you can easily adjust the straps to mold your gear into the shape of your body perfectly.

This allows you to look sharp no matter what size you buy. You should also know that this jacket is wearable on all seasons. This adds to its versatility. You can expect great results while riding in any season. It also comes with a removable waterproof lining.

Are you expecting a rainy day? Put on the lining before you head out. You will be completely dry by the end of the trip.


  • Armor placed externally and internally
  • Removable waterproof lining to keep you dry
  • Suitable for all seasons
  • Uses both leather and mesh


  • Zipper quality is not up to par
  • Shoulder padding may interfere with full helmets

12. WULFUL Men’s Vintage Stand Collar Leather Jacket Motorcycle PU Faux Leather Outwear


For our final entry, we are introducing a faux leather jacket by WULFUL. While many may be put off by the mere mention of faux leather, let us assure you, it feels incredible. It is easy to mistake it for the real deal.

Being faux leather also enables it to be less expensive. It is the most affordable leather jacket on this list. Despite its low price, it offers immense value. This makes it a superb deal. It could easily be called the best motorcycle jacket for the money. Let us go into detail on the material.

As mentioned before, it is made with high-quality faux leather. It stays strong despite rough use through its durability. Also, it retains a beautiful color which only grows more appealing over time.

Not to mention, it is waterproof. As for the lining, it consists of 100% polyester along with features that make it a superb choice for spring, autumn, and winter. The style of this unit is worth mentioning as well. It has a vintage design of a classic 1980s biker. This makes the wearer seem like a connoisseur of the traditional style.

Moreover, it allows you to make adjustments that will enable you to be unique. The collars are adjustable to fit your style. This draws out your inner biker and portrays it to the world. It comes with numerous features that are not found on jackets this cheap.

In addition to its waterproofing, it is also windproof. The windbreaker protects you from cold air on autumns and winters; keeping you warm and cozy all the time. It comes with an array of conveniently placed pockets. With so many features wrapped up in one leather jacket, this motorcycle jacket deserves your attention.


  • Great value for its price
  • Customizable collars to fit your style
  • Windbreaker makes it perfect for winter rides
  • Sleek vintage design


  • Not recommended for use in the summer
  • Is not properly armored

What to Look for Before Getting One?

Now that you have learned about some of the best motorcycle jackets available, you need to know which features to prioritize before you choose. This is vital for selecting the best product.


The very first aspect to take note of is the material of the jacket. There is a lot to talk about regarding different types of material. This includes leather, mesh, and textile. Some are hybrids that are made by combining two elements.

Each material is vastly distinct, so it is best to know about these differences before you choose which one to purchase.

Leather jackets are more suited for colder weathers because they specialize in windbreaking. Textile and mesh jackets are versatile and can hold numerous features in one.

Hybrids use two or more materials to get the most out of each type. Each material also varies significantly in terms of feel. You should consider all of this information for a regretless purchase.


When riding a bike, you will not be receiving the convenient shelter of a roof during rainy days. As a result, an unequipped motorcyclist will not be able to stay dry while riding through a rainy day. We cannot let the weather prevent us from making our trips the way we see fit.

Therefore, waterproofing is such a vital part of these clothes. They allow you to ride even in the harshest conditions with safety. However, you must know that not all waterproofing works the same.

Some are better at protecting you from water than others. As a result, examine the jacket's degree of waterproofing carefully before you make a purchase.

Breathability and Ventilation

Riding on hot summer days can be excruciating. This is because you have to face the sun head-on. Regular jackets increase the heat further; making the journey even more difficult. For that, you need some way to regulate the temperature within your body. That is where the ventilation and breathability features come in.

Breathability allows air to flow into your garb. So, while you ride, you will be absorbing the winds. It does not block them. They invite them and let them cool you down. You can feel the winds pass your body, keeping you cool even under the scorching sun.

The ventilation systems also bolster this effect, enabling you to get the most out of the breathability while also letting you release the heat trapped in your body. This feature is a must if you are planning on riding in summer.

Thermal Quilted Liner

We have mentioned how these jackets can keep you cold on hot days, but that also means they will let in cold air on cold days. The thermal quilted liner allows them to retain its breathability, while also providing heat. Moreover, the liner is removable, allowing you to attach it whenever you need it.

This also bolsters the versatility of your jacket, as you will be able to use it in all seasons. As such, you should get one with this feature if you want to ride in the cold.


Riding a motorcycle comes with a good deal of risks. Every rider will fall off of their bike at one point in their lives. This is almost inevitable. However, the injuries you sustain are a serious concern. To decrease the damage, you should always invest in units that have armors in them.

Jackets are usually armored in the shoulders and the elbows. However, many choose to increase their scope and provide protection to other parts. These could be the back, the chest, or the kidneys.

Airbag motorcycle jackets are also an excellent and safe option. Please note that the more protection your jacket has, the better it is for you.

Aesthetic Style

At the end of the day, we want to wear jackets that look cool, and it makes us feel more satisfied and accomplished. It might be the aspect that will inspire you the most to make a final decision.

As mentioned before, the style is meant to express yourself. Therefore, it is entirely up to you on what style you want. Just remember, the style represents your identity. So, make sure you choose wisely.

Types of Motorcycle Jackets

Different motorcycle jackets specialize in different ways. You should choose a kind of jacket depending on the way you want to ride your bike. Knowing the type you need is vital for picking out which to get.

The Cruiser Type

These are for motorcyclists who love to ride the open road. Touring through the streets is one of the biggest joys of any rider. These jackets must enhance the cruising experience.

Outfits of this type are usually made from leather. To give off a cruiser vibe, these jackets are often stylish; prioritizing aesthetics over original features. They also focus on comfort so that you can feel at ease while you conquer the highway.

The Sports Type

For those who are into some high speed, the sports type is the one for you. People who enjoy motorsports travel fast. This increases the risk of falling. As such, these jackets need to be durable and protective.

So, they are full of armor to protect you from harsh falls. Aesthetically, they are vivid. They appear to be the embodiment of speed, coming in straightforward yet impactful designs. This is also complemented by how these boost your bike’s speed further with their aerodynamic designs.

The Adventure Type

By definition, these types of jackets are for those who plan on traversing through different terrain. These are the jack of all trades type. They come with adequate protection options, along with waterproofing and breathability.

These are also made to keep you warm in the cold, letting you travel through whatever weather condition you may encounter. They are the perfect type to take on long-distance travels due to their versatility and the sheer number of features.

The Motocross Type 

Do you own a dirt bike? Do you plan on riding offroad often? Then you need to get yourself a motocross jacket. This type is synonymous with the sports type. However, there are a few differences that set them apart.

Of course, motocross types do possess aerodynamic designs, but they radically improve the armor. This is because off-roading has a massive chance of causing injuries. 

The Commuter Type

This is the simplest type on the list. They are just meant to be used as a simple jacket that you wear on your way to your daily commute. As such, they are quite inexpensive and lack most features. They are light and easy to carry. The design of this type allows the clothes underneath to stay nice and straight.

The Summer Type

We have a preconceived notion that jackets are meant to be worn in cold weather to keep yourself warm. The summer type motorcycle jackets, however, come with ventilation and breathability technology that allows you to stay cool.

Here, the air penetrates the jacket and blows into you; allowing you to ride even on the hottest summer day.

The Winter Type

These jackets are made with cold protective materials. They are made with thick material designed to retain a comfortable amount of heat. These are also quite heavy due to how they are made with denser fabrics.

Winter type jackets must be waterproof. Without proper waterproofing, moisture will penetrate your jacket and make you feel cold.

The All-Season Type

These jackets are made to accommodate both hot and cold weather conditions. For summer, they retain their breathability and ventilation. When winter comes along, you can attach a thermal quilted liner with the jacket to maintain heat. You can freely choose to add or remove the liner, making it available to you in every season.

How To Clean/Wash A Motorcycle Jacket

Now that you have chosen the best motorcycle jacket, you now need to know how to clean it. Not only is this essential for good hygiene, but it is also necessary for the longevity and quality retention of your jacket.

How you wash your jacket depends on the kind of material it consists of. So, based on material, there are two actual ways to clean them.

Leather Jackets

You cannot throw a leather jacket into a washer and expect good results. These need a good hand cleaning if you want it to stay fresh. Start by wiping the jacket with a clean wet rag. Once thoroughly rinsed, let the jacket dry.


You must then apply a waterproofing solution. Finally, add some leather oil to keep the jacket nice and soft. If you do not follow this step, the leather might dry up and become hard.

Textile Jackets

Unlike leather jackets, textile jackets do not require you to follow unique instructions. Most of these jackets can just be thrown into the washer. However, you must apply the waterproofing solution after it has dried for maximum effect.


In case the jacket is not machine ready, the manufacturer provides detailed descriptions on how to clean the jacket. Follow those rules, and you should be set with a clean jacket.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Should I take a leather or textile jacket?

It all depends on what you need. In case you want a stylized jacket, then leather is the best option. On the other hand, if you want a jacket with a lot of features, then it is best to get textile.

2. What do I do if I want my jacket to be more visible?

For added visibility in the day time, choose a jacket with vibrant colors that contrast noticeably with your bike. Night-time durability boils down to a jacket's reflective tape.

3. Is armor worth upgrading?

Absolutely. Safety should be the number one priority. Investments to boost armor is always worth the price.

4. Can I wear my jacket on all seasons?

We do not recommend it even though you can. You should wear the right jacket for the right season or get an all-season jacket.

5. What are the straps on these textile jackets for?

These straps allow the jacket to perfectly fit you even if you do not get the right size.

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The motorcycle jacket is the core of a motorcycle rider’s gear. It is what leaves first impressions on your peers. So, make sure you use this guide to get the best motorcycle jacket and debut the streets in style!

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Leather Thickness

1.10 mm

The Bilt Spirit leather jacket is a nice starter unit accented with features found on more expensive jackets. It is comprised of both leather and mesh textile allowing it to breath for warmer weather riding.

BILT Spirit Leather Motorcycle Jacket

The BILT Spirit features a quilted removable inner liner for cooler temperatures, along with shoulder, elbow and back protection. This jacket also features Velcro size adjustable cuffs and wait. There are also five handy pockets for storage.

The Bilt Spirit leather motorcycle jacket goes well with the Bilt Spirit full face helmet. If you are like me, and you don’t have a lot of spare cash, funds for gear might be scarce after buying that first bike. In fact, you might have forgotten about factoring in the cost of gear with your new purchase altogether.

Don’t worry because Cycle Gear and their in house brand Bilt have you covered. As I mentioned in my write up on the Bilt Spirit full face helmet, sometimes cheap and necessity go hand and hand. Similar to the Bilt Spirit helmet, the Bilt Spirit leather jacket is a low cost model.

BILT Spirit Leather Jacket Features

  • Perforated front, back and inner sleeve panels
  • Airflow main lining
  • Padded sport/tour collar
  • Stretch fabric upper back panels
  • Quilted detachable lining with mobile phone pouch
  • Warranty: 5-Year Guarantee

KLIM Badlands Jacket


Motorcycle Jacket
Badlands Jacket




Badlands Jacket

Product Line

Adventure Gear





Jacket Type




The KLIM Badlands Jacket was inspired by the successful Adventure Rally product line. The Badlands jacket is a sleek jacket that won't weigh you down or inhibit your movements, but is still ready to handle anything you can throw at it.

KLIM Badlands Jacket

If you do any adventure riding, chances are that you own at least one piece of KLIM riding gear. And if you don't, chances are that you want to. KLIM already offers some of the best gear that money can buy, but even the best can get better. KLIM has just unveiled the next generation in its ever expanding line of adventure gear, the Badlands Pro and Latitude Jackets and Pants.

"These two new "leaders-in-their-class" offer unmatched quality, durability and weatherproofness with features and performance inspired and influenced by real adventure riders," KLIM said in a press release.


FIT Happens - Joe Rocket Women's Cleo 2.0 Jacket

Joe Rocket really took the advice of women seriously when they designed the Joe Rocket Women’s Cleo 2.0 Jacket.  They created a jacket that is fully adjustable to make sure the fit is perfect for almost any size woman.

Joe Rocket Women's Cleo 2.0 Jacket

The adjustments include a “Sure Fit™ adjustable waistband utilizing three belts on the back of the jacket to make sure the jacket stays in place.  Straps on the forearms can be adjusted to tighten at three different levels utilizing snaps, keeping the arms of the jacket from turning and/or sliding up.  Not only do the adjustments give women a much cleaner appearance with this jacket, it’s much safer.  If you end up going down with an ill fitting jacket, the protective armor can’t do its job if it doesn’t stay over the area it was meant to protect.

Joe Rocket Women's Cleo 2.0 Jacket

Aside from the almost guaranteed perfect fit, feminine touches throughout the jacket are enough to show off that you’re a woman, yet not overdone. A waterproof liner / windbreaker does its job in cooler weather or rain, and when removed, the mesh of this jacket let’s plenty of air through for those hot riding days.  It has the typical armor that you find in most jackets, but I find the removable spine pad to be thicker and stronger than any of my other jackets.


  • Free-air™ poly/mesh shell
  • C.E. rated protectors in shoulders and elbows
  • Removable spine pad with pocket for optional C.E. spine protector
  • Removable waterproof liner
  • Sure Fit™ adjustable waistband
  • 8" zipper for pant attachment
  • Reflective stripe

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