10 Best Motorcycle Lift Reviews 2020 – Beginners Guide


Motorcycles require regular maintenance like oil changes, basic cosmetic cleaning, etc., to ensure continued top performance.

You can opt to have your bike serviced at your local repair shop, or you can do it on your own (and save some cash).

If you go with the latter, then you'll need to invest the best motorcycle lift for the job. A good lift will stably elevate your bike so that you can easily and safely get access to any part you want to work on.

In this post, you'll discover some of the popular motorcycle lifts being used by fellow riders and motorcycle repair shops today.

10 Best Motorcycle Lift Reviews:

1. Extreme Max Motorcycle Scissors Jack

Extreme Max is one of the top brands dedicated to providing you with dependable motorcycle lifts for easy bike repair and maintenance. This particular jack from the manufacturer extends up to 14 inches—which is good enough height for carrying out various repair jobs.

The bike boasts of heavy-duty steel frame plus high-strength worm drive. These two combine to make the jack so strong it can lift a maximum weight of up to 1100lbs for years and years. The jack can lift just any bike, including touring bike, road bike, cruiser, etc. You just need to make sure your bike doesn't exceed 1100lbs in total weight.

Stability is a non-issue when using this jack. It features a durable rubber padding platform which prevents wobbling and slipping of your bike when you're working on it. Moreover, it protects your bike from possible scratching and abrasions.

Overall, this is one of the best motorcycle jacks you can find at a reasonable cost. Its reliability and exceptional performance make it a favorite for many bikers and motorbike repair shops. If your bike weighs around 11000lbs, try this jack today, and you won't regret.

Highlighted Features:

  • Extends up to 14" high
  • Easy hand-operation with 7/8-in wrench/socket
  • Durable rubber padding top
  • Heavy-duty steel frame
  • Max. weight capacity: 1100lb

2. Powerbuilt 620422E Heavy Duty 4000lb Triple Lift Jack

If you're looking for a lift that you can use to lift your vehicles as well as bikes, this MEGA lift jack from Powerbuilt is an excellent choice. It comes with a massive weight capacity of up to 4000lbs, which means it can safely lift the heaviest motorbike you can think of!

The ANSI-certified lift comes with an excellent lifting height range running from 8-5/8 inches all the way up to 8-3/8 inches. Needless to say, this extensive range allows you to conduct a wide range of jobs on various vehicles.

Note that the lift comes with a removable lift saddle and padded lift rails which enable it to fit in the frames of different vehicle models. Once you have set the lift in your desired condition, you can set the safety lock to ensure it stays in place, so do you don't need any jack for the job.

Versatility takes center stage in this triple lift jack. You can use it to lift not only motorcycles but also ATVs, cars, smalls SUVs, and even some trucks. It also doubles as bottle jack and jack stand, saving you from buying multiple jacks.

Highlighted Features:

  • Removable lift saddle
  • Padded lift rails
  • Locking safety bar holds the lift in place
  • Max. lifting capacity: 4000lbs
  • Wide flat base for added stability
  • Meets/exceeds ANSI standards

3. Dragway Tools LD-M1101 1 100 LB Motorcycle Lift Jack

Dragway Tools 1100 LB Motorcycle was designed to be an easy to use lift jack for use with most motorcycle models and ATVs. It's a great option not only for bike owners but also for motorbike repair shops.

It features a wide deck scissor and a jack hoist that stands in one. It provides you with a maximum weight capacity of 1000lbs…this is the basic weight of most motorcycles and ATVs.

As for the lifting platform, it measures approx. 16 in. x 10 in. And comes with a thicker rubber padding for extra stability. The rubber also helps preserve the tool's delicate paintwork and prevent abrasion of your motorbike parts.

This lift will raise your bike from 3.75 inches up to 13.25 inches, ensuring you have the flexibility you need to conduct various maintenance and repair tasks on your baby.

If you want value for money, this is the motorcycle lift to get today. It's pretty versatile and works with most bike models, including cruisers, trikes, ATVs, and Can-Am Spyders. It has exceptional sturdiness, performance and is super-easy to operate.

Highlighted Features:

  • Fits most motorcycle models
  • Rubber mat on platform for stability
  • Max-height: 13.25 inch
  • Maximum weight capacity: 1100lbs
  • Platform dimensions: 16 in. x 10 in.

4. OTC 1545 Motorcycle Lift

OTC 1545

If you're looking for the ideal motorcycle lift for using with the biggest cruisers you can think of, the OTC 1545 Motorcycle Lift is hard to beat. This lift comes ready to lift bikes as heavy as 1500lbs.

It features a truly rugged, durable construction which enables it to raise your bike for problem-free servicing and repair. It presents you with 2 long skids, each measuring around 17 inches long and 3 inches wide, to facilitate easy lifting of even the largest and widest cruisers.

Another fantastic feature of this lift involves the removable T-handle which makes it easier to operate the lift. The handle lets you raise your bike within a lifting height running from 3-1/2 inch up to 16-3/4 inch. With such an incredibly wide, raising your bike to your desired height for specific repair jobs becomes easier than ever before.

Other notable features of this motorcycle lift include a release foot pedal to help you steady your bike with both hands, automatic safety lock, two rocking rear casters, and 2 ratcheting straps for extra safety.

Overall, this lift scores highly in terms of sturdiness, sturdiness, and ease of use. It's the best option for lifting larger and wider cruisers weighing up to 1500pounds.

Highlighted Features:

  • 15000 weight capacity
  • 17-inch long skids to fit the larges, widest cruisers
  • Wide lift range: 3-1/2 inch to 16-3/4 inch
  • Removable handle
  • Foot pedal release
  • Locking rear casters
  • Automatic safety lock
  • 2-year limited warranty

5. ZENY 1100 LB Motorcycle Center Scissor Lift Jack


Midway our top motorcycle lift reviews, we have this scissors style lift jack from Zeny. Despite its excellent quality and exciting features, it comes at a wallet-friendly cost, making it affordable for most motorbike owners.

This compact lift looks and feels pretty sturdy thanks to the solid stainless steel used to construct it. On top of this, it features a black and red powder-coated finish to keep it from corroding or rusting due to harsh elements. Because of this solid construction, this lift can hassle-freely lift bikes that weigh up to 1100lbs.

It elevates your bike within a range of 3.5 to 7 inches to let you set the perfect height for accessing your bike parts for easy repair and maintenance.

Keep in mind that this jack also comes with 2 variable screw adapters which make lifting even easier. You can easily remove the lift's 12cm crank handle if it gets damaged for continued top performance.

With a smooth crank operation, remarkable features, and an affordable cost, we believe that this is the perfect lift for riders on a budget. The lift can fit cruisers, choppers, trikes, Can-Am-Spyder, sport bikes, etc.

Highlighted Features:

  • Heavy-duty stainless steel frame
  • Red & brown powder-coated finish
  • 2 variable screw adapters
  • Simple crank operation
  • 12cm removable crank handle

6. Black Widow 1100lb MC-JACK Steel Motorcycle Jack

Black Widow MC-JACK

Black Widow MC-JACK goes for less than a hundred bucks, weighs light, and has a compact design…but it's worth more than its size and cost! It will easily lift both the front and rear wheels of your bike for easy and stress-free repair.

You can adjust this jack's lift height as high as 16 ¼ inches or as low as 3¾ inches—depending on the kind of repair/servicing you're doing on your bike. It also comes with removable adapters which let you easily adjust its height between 2 inches and 3.25 inches in case you want to go so low.

For the construction part, this jack enjoys a heavy-duty steel construction, just like most of the top-end models out there. This acts as its source of strength for supporting up to 1100lbs of bike weight. The black coating all over this jack isn't just for visuals but helps cover the steel metal and keep it from rusting or corroding.

As with most of the other top-quality jacks out there, this model also comes with a rubber padding on its lifting platform to eliminate slipping for greater stability. And to prevent metal to metal friction which can lead to scrapping, scratches, etc.

Setting up this is as easy as pie, even for beginners. Just place it beneath your motorbike, fix the hex handle to hex nut, twist it and it's ready to elevate your bike.

Highlighted Features:

  • Lifts up to 1l00 pounds of weight
  • Durable steel frame
  • Rustproof black powder coating
  • Rubber padding on platform for stability
  • Lifting range: 3.75-in to 16.25-in
  • Removable adapters for extending lifting height
  • Hex socket handle for easy operation

7. LiftMaster 1100 LB Motorcycle Center Scissor Lift Jack


Here's another top-performing center scissor style lift jack you can get without shaking your bank balance. The simple crank-operated lift is incredibly easy to use for beginners and meets the needs of hobbyist bikers on the tightest budget.

Unlike most of the jacks in its price category, this lift puts a lot of effort in ensuring your safety while working with it. This is evident from the included safety pin with up to 6 locking positions—helping prevent accidental drops, so you can have peace of mind as you work on your bike.

Another unique feature you'll love about this jack involves the two wings visible on each side of the platform. This makes your bike's stability and balance to a whole never, making the maintenance and repair even easier.

The tool will help you lift bikes as heavy as 1100lbs and within a height range of 3.5" to 15 ¾."

For maximum safety and peace of mind when working on your motorbike, this is the motorcycle lift for you!

Highlighted Features:

  • Lift capacity: 1100 lbs. (500kgs)
  • 2 screw adapters for height adjustment
  • Lifting range: 3.5" to 15 3/4"
  • Simple crank-operated lift
  • Safety pin w/up to 6 locking positions

8. Goplus Motorcycle ATV Hydraulic Scissor Lift Jack


If you have been hunting for the best motorcycle lift for Harley, the Goplus Motorcycle Hydraulic Lift Jack is your go-to option. This jack comes with an impressive lifting capacity of 1500lbs, making it ideal for lifting the Harleys. You can also use it to hoist dirt bikes, jet skis, ATVs, and snowmobiles.

This lifts secret to such a high lifting capacity lies in the solid, high-grade steel construction plus the red & black powder coating which shields it from rust and corrosion.

You can trust this jack to lift your Harley to 17 3/8 inches. And once you load it, you can use the adjustable locking screws and wheels to improve the bike's stability as well as safety. The large handle lets you easily and quickly raise or lower the jack to your preferred height.

Thanks to the 4 durable swivel caster, positioning, adjusting, or even storing this motorcycle becomes the easiest part.

Whether you're looking for the perfect motorcycle lift for use at home or your motorcycle repair shop, we urge you to try this Goplus today. You'll be impressed by its performance. Did we mention its backed by 100% risk-free satisfaction guarantee?

Highlighted Features:

  • 1,500 pounds lifting capacity
  • Lifts bikes up to 17 3/8" high
  • Swivel casters for easy maneuverability
  • Easy, controlled lifting performance
  • 100% risk-free satisfaction guarantee

9. Pit Posse Scissor Lift Table

Pit Posse PP2551S

For an unbeatable price, you can get this best motorcycle lift table and enjoy lifting your motorcycle high up or down low where you want it for easy repair and servicing.

The hydraulic lift has a lifting capacity of 300lbs, making it the perfect choice for lifting light MX dirt bikes, small ATVs, and motorcycles within this weight range.

One thing you're going to love about this pocket-friendly lift table is its extensive lifting range, running from 13 inches all the way up to 36 inches. This gives you a great deal of versatility to carry out various tasks on your job with ease.

The lifting platform is generously sized (measures 13 3/4 x 16") and has an oil and gas resistant rubber top to prevent slippage and increase your bike's stability (and hence safety).

What's more, this lift features safety loops and safety pin, which helps stabilize the bike for maximum safety.

Riders also love that this lifting table comes with castor wheels for easy transporting and positioning of your jack. Once you take it where you want, you can lock the wheels and even rotate them outwards to increase the overall stability of your bike for safer maintenance.

The incorporated lift pedal helps you operate the lift effortlessly.

If you want a professional hydraulic jack that doesn't require you to break the bank, get this Pit Posse Scissor Lift Table.

Highlighted Features:

  • Castor wheels for added stability, movability
  • Lift height: 13" thru 36" inches
  • Top platform dimensions: 13 3/4 x 16"
  • Oil & gas resistant rubber top
  • Heavy-duty steel frame
  • Weight capacity: 300lbs
  • 2-year manufacturer warranty

10. APlusLift 1500LB Air Operated 48" Width ATV Motorcycle Lift

APlusLift AP-MT1500X

Finally, in our motorcycle lift reviews, we have this APlusLift 1500LB motorcycle lift. We strongly believe that this is the best motorcycle lift table for Harley. The table perfectly fits just any Harley bike model and feels solid while loaded.

This motorcycle lift table dictates quality! It boasts of precise picot shafts plus thick gauge steel to ensure it feels solid and stable under the weight of your bike. It has a great lifting capacity of yup to 1500lbs.

Riders go wild about the lift's 7-position safety locking system. With this function, you'll enjoy working on your bike from various heights with a peace of mind knowing that it can't easily fall or get damaged.

The 3-stage adjustable table design means you can customize this table to fit even larger bikes. The front-wheel vice helps secure your bike. And the drop out tail allows easy servicing of your bike wheels.

A FREE service jack is included to let you easily lift your motorcycle for wheel servicing. And with the included adapters, you can as well lift your ATV or any other small vehicle.

Highlighted Features:

  • 8.8 construction-grade hardware
  • Strong and durable paintwork
  • Incorporated precise pivot shafts
  • Free service jack
  • Weight capacity: 1500lbs
  • Adjustable table length: 84" - 97" - 110"
  • Maximum lift height: 33 inches
  • 24-months parts warranty

What Makes The Perfect Motorcycle Lift?

If you don't want to get confused with the numerous motorcycle lifts on the market today, look out for the key features below that define the most suitable lift for your needs.

Lifting capacity

Even if you get the sturdiest, highest-quality motorcycle lift available, it'll be as good as useless if you use it to lift motorcycles heavier than its maximum lifting capacity.

Remember that different motorcycles come with different weights, so it's good to know the weight of your own bike before you head out to buy a lift.

Look for a lift whose lifting capacity is slightly above your motorbike's net weigh for the best performance.

Most of the motorcycle lifts have a maximum lifting capacity of 1500lbs and a minimum capacity of 300bs.

You might also consider checking the manufacturer recommended types of bikes for the lift you plan to buy to ensure it'll work for you.

Lift range

The lifting range of a motorcycle lift refers to how low or high the tool can lift your motorbike.

The maximum height is usually indicated in inches and helps you decide if the model you want to buy will meet your vehicle repair needs.

We suggest that you look for models with an extensive height range. These will prove pretty versatile as they allow to use different height settings comfortably.

While still on it, it's a good idea to ensure the lift has multiple lockable positions to allow secure holding of your motorbike while in an elevated position—for the obvious safety reasons.


You should also ensure that you get a durable motorcycle lift that will serve you for an extended period of time.

The top-rated models come with a high-grade stainless steel frame which enables them to withstand regular lifting of motorbikes within their lifting capacity without developing any problems.

Since steel is susceptible to rust and corrosion, you should ensure the lift comes with a powder coating to shield it from elements than cause the rusting.

Ease of use

Now that you're looking for the perfect motorcycle to buy, chances are high you'll be using it to do bike maintenance.

With this in mind, you'd want to look for the easiest to operate lift available.

Signals that help you choose an easy to use lift include the mode of cranking, whether the lift comes pre-assembled, and attachments included.

Lifts with quick-release pedal are easier to use as they leave your hand free to balance your load.

Avoid lifts that require you to buy separate accessories as they complicate the mounting process for you.

Safety features

Lastly, you want to take home a motorcycle that guarantees not only your bike's safety but also your own safety when using it.

Look for a model that feels stable while on the ground. For instance, some models come with welded side brackets to increase their stability.

A platform with rubber padding also helps increase the stability and balance of your bike.

Other features that ensure the safety of your lift include the tie-down straps and locking bars that hold it in place.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are motorcycles lifts universal for all bikes?

No, a single jack might not work with all the motorbikes available. Remember the ideal lift for your bike will mainly depend on its lifting capacity, lifting height, and compatibility with the bike style.

Always check the manufacturer's recommendation on the types of bike that can work with the lift you want to buy.

As for the weight, most bikes weight less than 1500lbs, so any lift with a lifting capacity around this figure might work with most (if not all) the bikes.

2. How do I take care of my motorcycle jack?

Taking care of your motorcycle lift isn't really a hard job. A typical model will only require to frequently lubricate it, clean it, and replace specific components after some period of time.

3. Can I use a motorcycle lift on a car?

No, motorcycles lifts are specially designed for lifting motorbikes which way less than the cars. We suggest that you get a car-specific jack for lifting your car.

Final Verdict

A motorcycle lift provides you with a stable, elevated platform for conducting your bike's routine maintenance and repair with ease.

Whether you're looking for the best motorcycle lift for your home, garage, or shop, the above guide outlines some of the top-quality, easy to use lifts you can get on the market today.

Get yourself one of these lifts today and make your motorcycle servicing easier than ever before.

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