Best Motorcycle Ramp For Pickup Truck – Reviews 2020


Whenever you are loading a motorcycle at the back of a truck, it is essential to have a ramp that can not only endure the weight but also make the procedure as lenient and smooth as possible.

Because the loading experience itself is quite complicated, moreover, when there is too much weight to withstand, having a low-quality ramp could lead to a catastrophic disaster.

Hence, this article will provide the best motorcycle ramp reviews to make sure that you get a ramp for a pickup truck that is lightweight, durable, and versatile.

10 Best Motorcycle Ramp Reviews

There are multiple motorcycle ramps available in the market. Among them, some are suitable for two-wheelers, some for four-wheelers or some can transmit both. Here we have highlighted on the 10 best motorcycle ramp review. You can take a look to make your purchase decision easily.

1. Titan ATV001

This ramp is capable of carrying up to 1500 lbs weight. If you are looking forward to transferring your motorcycle, please note that ATV001 is one of the best motorcycle ramps considering its weight carrying capacity.

Not only motorcycles, you can move your ATV, four-wheeler or lawnmower also to the truck bed without giving it a second thought. The length of the ramp is 7.5 feet, and it is built very solidly so that you can carry your favorite motorcycle whenever needed.

Do not worry if you need to transport your bike across the country. In this regard, the Titan ramps trailer will get the job done. It is versatile as you can utilize it for transporting any mid-size tires like ATV, four-wheelers, etc. The ramp has a curved design which ensures a smooth transfer and even weight distribution.

Another exciting benefit you should know that it comes with the safety straps. So you do not need to invest extra for buying straps. The heavy-duty safety straps enable the ramp to get properly attached with the truck tailgate. You can quickly transfer your vehicles without worrying about collapsing.

Likewise, the ramp is designed very firmly prioritizing the safety of the vehicles. It weighs only 33 lbs and can be kept folded when not being used. Also, it has rubber-tipped fingers to ensure the safety of the vehicle as well as the tailgate. It is specially engineered to avoid any damaging situation while transferring.

So, next time if you make a plan to get away from home, you do not need to leave your favorite vehicle back. Titan Ramps trailer pair ATV001 will give the assurance for the safe transmission of your motorcycle or four-wheeler to the carrier.


  • Lightweight and foldable, easy to carry
  • Heavy carrying capacity of 1500 lbs
  • Has versatile utility, can transfer motorcycles, ATV, lawn mowers
  • Includes a heavy safety strap


  • The appearance is very cheap
  • The material is not long-lasting

2. Highland (1120500)


Highland is a trusted name in cargo management and vehicle protection products. They specially design products for the effortless and safe transfer of vehicles like motorcycles, four-wheelers into the truck bed. The ramp can carry weights up to 1250 lbs.

Moreover, the company designed its material for rust and corrosion resistance. It also comes with an adjustable attachment strap with a hook to secure the ramp with the trailer to avoid any unwanted situation while transferring.

Therefore, if you are a motorist, you do not need to worry anymore when you need to transfer your motorcycle. Highland products are made by meeting the highest standard to meet your every expectation. Commitment, innovation, and quality are the key factors of these loading ramp of Highland.

On the other hand, the core material of the ramp is high-quality aluminum so that it does not get break off easily. It also has wide spacing between the bars. You should keep that spacing in mind that small tire will not be suitable to transfer as it might get caught between the gaps.

The price is also very low, between $65 to $70, but you should give a second thought before transferring heavy wheels like ATV.

However, it does the best job for small equipment like lawnmower or snowblower. The ramp is very lightweight, around 16 pounds. Compared to the price, the ramp does a great job, and it is very durable as well.


  • Comes with an adjustable strap
  • Lightweight and easy to store
  • Cheaper than other aluminum ramps
  • Very well built, firm structure


  • Suitable for light motorcycles only
  • Vehicles keep slipping from the ramp

3. Yaheetech Pair 7.5’ Aluminium Truck Ramps

It is the best motorcycle ramp for pickup truck having a capacity of 1500 lbs. This ramp comes in a pair so you can easily transfer four-wheelers like ATV and lawnmowers. For easy storing, you can fold the ramps to half its size.

Accordingly, the tips are designed softly to avoid any scratch to your beloved vehicles during the transmission. It also has 3 caps at the top for a firm positioning of the ramp with the loading truck.

Similarly, it ensures non-slippery placement for the safety of the shifting rides. The offering is not limited to the stable design only; it also comes with a heavy-duty safety strap. Safety straps keep a secure connection between the romper and the truck tailgate. It is required to avoid any collapsing of the ramps.

However, you should keep in mind that the ramp pair can carry 680 kg weight, and each piece can carry 340 kg. So before moving your ride, you should get an idea of its weight to avoid any accident.

For even load distribution, the ramps have an arched design. It helps to put less labor while shifting and prevents the load from falling off. The company made it with high-quality and durable aluminum. It is very lightweight, 30.6 pounds only.

So, it is convenient to carry with you. You just need to have a budget of around $130 to own this fantastic tool.


  • Made with high-quality aluminum
  • Extremely portable for lightweight and folded feature
  • Featured with soft-tipped design to reduce abrasion
  • Comes with rubber-tipped fingers and safety straps


  • Sharped edges may cause injury
  • Poorly constructed, bents over easily

4. Yutrax 

Yutrax TX103

The best thing about Yutrax Aluminum Loading Ramps is its lightweight feature, which weighs 28 lbs only, making it easier to carry around. However, that does not mean the material is weak. It is made of high-grade aluminum. So, you can easily move around up to 1750 lbs weight.

Besides, its rectangular inner structure ensures high durability and efficiency in heavy-duty jobs. The joints are adequately welded, not just riveted. So you can relax and not worry about the collapse of the ramps. This ramp is foldable as well. Thus, it is very convenient for easy transportation and storage.

Although a common complaint of most of the aluminum ramp is that it gets bent very quickly, this Yutrax one is specially designed with rectangular side rails to resist bending.

Correspondingly, the taller rectangular cross-section provides stronger support and ensures the safety of your vehicle. It also has a rubber-coated tip so that no scratches are created on the trailer of the truck. It gives an adjustable safety strap to confirm the firm positioning of the ramp with the truck.

Moreover, it successfully resists any bending and scratching even after several uses. At the same time, bear in mind that a ramp is not something you would like to buy again and again.

Hence, this ramp will rescue you from making multiple investments on the same product as it is incredibly durable and functions perfectly.


  • Easy to fold and store
  • Durable because of fully welded construction
  • Rubber tabs prevent slippage and scratching
  • The straps give perfect support


  • Actual length is shorter than advertised
  • Suitable for lower tailgates only

5. Lund 602004 

Lund 602004

If you are still worried about loading your heavy gear, then this is the product that will relieve you of your worries. It is the best accessory for leading heaviest ATVs and utility carts. It has a 1500 pound weight capacity. Each of the panels can hold 750 pounds.

This is Lund 602004, one of the best motorcycle ramps to make your life easier., High-quality aluminum is used to ensure its sturdiness and that aluminum is manufactured in the USA for amplified longevity. It is lightweight and rust-resistant.

Furthermore, they featured it with innovative bi-fold design for secure storage. It has a special hole surface for smoother traction. Even if the tires of your ride are in the worst muddiest condition, you can quickly load it without slipping.

You will also receive nylon safety straps with the ramps for the secure transmission of the vehicles to the truck since a common incident for the motorists is getting scratches on the truck caused by the ramps.

Therefore, you will be glad to know that Lund 602004 Loading Ramp is designed with a rubber angle protector to save your truck bed from scratches in the loading/unloading process. With the help of this protector, it sits flatly on the truck bed and completes the process smoothly.


  • The rubber heads connect to the tailgate perfectly
  • Safety straps secure the truck
  • Very easy to load and unload vehicles
  • Lightweight but well-constructed
  • Provides good traction for heavy load


  • Difficult to assemble the ramp
  • Gets bent easily
  • The edges are too sharp

6. Pit Posse Folding Loading Ramp

Pit Posse

It is a single loading ramp suitable for dirt bikes and other two-wheelers. If you own a lightweight bike, you can easily choose this ramp without spending unnecessary time on other heavy ramps. It can carry up to 750 pounds of weight. Although it’s meant to be for light bikes, that does not mean it is weak.

This ramp is made of 6063 aluminum for high durability. It is very light, 16 pounds only, which is why you can carry it anywhere. The company specially designed it for humid and rust resistance. Also, the crossbars of the ramp are nicely welded, ensuring stronghold of the ramp.

Likewise, you can also enjoy to fold and unfold it as many times as you want without any malfunction. The ramp becomes 46 inches when folded, which can easily make space in the back seat of a car. Hence, you do not need to put any extra effort to set the ramp. It is compatible with most trucks and vans.

Additionally, the best thing is you do not need to allocate a huge budget to buy this excellent tool. The price range is between $65 to $75, which is reasonable compared to other ramps in the market.

Therefore, by owning this ramp, you do not need to worry anymore to load your bike in an unsafe and risky way. To ensure the highest safety, it comes with a tie-down strap to avoid any accidents and damages.


  • Perfect for loading/unloading motorcycles
  • Ensures durability with high-grade aluminum
  • Great value for the price
  • Lightweight and foldable


  • The welding is not strong
  • Poorly crafted

7. Clevr of Folding Arched Aluminium Ramps


Clevr Arched Aluminium Ramp is ideal for loading or unloading any four-wheelers to a truck trailer. If you intend to transfer any light bikes or dirt bikes, you can use one ramp only. But for moving four-wheelers, you must take the support of two ramps.

In this regard, the uniquely designed arched ramp helps a smoother transfer of your vehicle without causing any damage. It works perfectly for any mid-sized tires like ATV, lawnmower, snow blower or garden tractors.

On the other hand, a safety strap is the first thing that comes to our mind when we think of safe loading. The good news for you is that the ramp also includes a safety strap. So you do not need to spend extra on buying any strap.

By using the safety strap, you can ensure the firm attachment of the ramp with the truck tailgate to avoid any slippage. It also has special rubber-tipped fingers to protect the tailgate from any scratch.

Moreover, it designed each component of the ramp sturdily. You can easily fold it whenever you need to carry it around since it weighs only 33 pounds.

Also, you can trust this tool to carry the heaviest ATVs and four-wheelers. The carrying capacity of the ramp is up to 1500 lbs, and it has been manufactured with high quality 6061 aluminum for excellent durability.

Accordingly, the construction of the ramp is strong enough to relieve you with an effortless transfer. Since it is lightweight, it is unbelievably easy to set and remove the ramp after every use.


  • Arched design for smooth transmission
  • Includes safety straps
  • Rubber tipped feature for protection of the tailgate
  • Extremely convenient to use and move


  • Not suitable for long time use
  • Breaks off easily

8. Black Widow AFL-9012 

Black Widow AFL-9012

We often desire for a perfect combination of strength and convenience, but it is challenging to match. The ramps with higher durability usually tend to be expensive and heavy. But you will be glad to know that the Black Widow AFL-9012 Single Runner Motorcycle Ramp is here to fulfill your utmost desires.

It is the best motorcycle ramp you can ever wish for. This ramp is made of high strength but lightweight aluminum. The ramp features with a hinge system that enables the user to fold it in a compact size for easy storing. Additionally, the arched design of the ramp ensures a smooth transition of your motorbike.

Besides, it is suitable for any weather condition due to its heavy-duty, serrated crossbars. The bottom edge has a tapered design for a smoother loading process. Also, the top edge has rubber-coated fingers to avoid any scratching on the tailgate. It also includes a safety strap for the firm positioning of the ramp.

However, one thing you should keep in mind is that the company did not suitably design it for riding your bike to trucks. You have to pull your bike manually to get the best result. It is capable of carrying up to 750 lbs weight.

Thus, the serrated surface allows dirt, debris to wash through the ramp easily. The weight of the ramp is only 17 pounds, so it is not troublesome to carry.


  • Serrated rungs for maximum traction
  • Rubber coated attachment point protects from scratching
  • Compact folding design easy to transport and store
  • Manufactured from lightweight aluminum


  • The bolts are not adequately tight
  • Creates too much cracking noise upon putting pressure

9. Titan Ramps New 10 ft Aluminium Loading Ramp

Titan Ramps

The length of this ramp is 10 ft, which is long enough to load into a tall truck or large trailer. As a single ramp, it is suitable for dirt bike or two wheelers only. You need to include another piece of the ramp if you want to transmit four-wheelers.

However, the weight of the ramp is very light, 22 lbs only. Although the actual length is 120 inch, you can fold it in half. And the folding feature increases the portability of the ramp. Also, it becomes convenient to store it in a smaller space.

Besides, this ramp is manufactured with aluminum and crafted to carry up to 600 lbs weight. The ramp has an arched design which ensures a smoother shifting. The surface of the ramp has serrated crossbars to allow more excellent traction on the bikes.

Moreover, you do not need to assemble it for loading. You can attach it with the trailer and starts loading immediately. Giving safety as its highest priority it includes a safety strap as well. Similarly, it is wide enough to keep the bikes on the track.

At the same time, the width of the ramp will allow you to make space for yourself, and the long length makes it easier to push the bikes effortlessly. Thus, the construction of the ramp is sturdy to ensure the safe loading-unloading of your precious motorcycle or any other two-wheelers.


  • Made of super-light aluminum
  • Motorbikes can be loaded effortlessly
  • A longer ramp makes pushing the bike up easier
  • Well built


  • No rubber tips to protect the truck
  • Confusing operating instruction

10. Reese Explore 7454000 80" Steel Centerfold Loading Ramp

Reese Explore 7454000

Reese is a trusted name in automotive product solutions. This 7454000 loading ramp of Reese is an excellent multi-functional tool to make your life easier. It has an 80-inch arched ramp for smooth loading experience from the ground to the truck.

Furthermore, its unique punched hole surface provides a firm grip both from side to side and front to back. The company designed it with coated side handles for effortless portability.

However, the ramp itself is very lightweight, only 29.4 pounds, but it can carry heavy loads up to 800 pounds. It is made of galvanized steel to ensure superior strength, and you can fold it from the middle.

Also, it can be separated into two small loading ramps so that you can play with the size according to the need of your task.

On the other hand, it has an angled tip that keeps the ramp position firmed with the truck bed. This includes an adjustable safety strap for secure loading of your precious vehicle. It is attached from the bottom center of the ramp to the bottom of the truck.

Hence, if you separate the ramps, you need to buy one additional strap as it includes one piece of the strap only. Correspondingly, the price is also reasonable compared to the other similar products in the market. You have to spend about $80 to $85 to buy this super functional ramp.


  • Multifunctional; can be used as single or two separate ramps
  • Solid construction
  • Not too heavy
  • Very compact and well built


  • Needs to buy additional safety strap

What Makes the Perfect Motorcycle Ramp

Few attributes determine the perfection level of any motorcycle ramp. We have discussed some of the factors below:

Weight Capacity

At the very first stage, you have to be sure about the weight carrying capacity of the ramp. If you neglect it, by the time you realize the ramp was not strong enough would be too late! Your precious motorcycle can be seriously damaged if the ramp collapses in the middle of the loading process.

It is a super easy task to identify the weight capacity of the ramp. And it is usually available online by the manufacturer. If you fail to do that, you can call the customer care, and they will answer your queries with the correct information.

Another critical task is to know the weight of your motorcycle. The company manual usually mentions the weight of the bike. To be double sure you can go to the nearest auto repair shop.

With the help of a commercial scale, they can let you know the exact weight without any hassle. One important thing you should keep in mind is that, along with the motorcycle’s weight, you need to add your weight because you need to be on the bike while loading.

Width of the Ramp

The width of the ramp should be spacious enough to accommodate you because your motorcycle cannot get loaded to the truck by itself. Either you have to ride along or need to walk alongside.

In either scenario, you need to have enough leg space on the ramp. Otherwise, it may lead to slipping and cause fatal injuries.

Besides, being imbalanced, your motorcycle might also fall off the ramp and collapse. Hence, check on the width of the ramp before starting the loading process. If you feel your ramp is too narrow, you can buy another piece of the same ramp.

By attaching the two ramps, you can get enough leg space; thus, you will not waste your ramp.

Ramp Construction

The durability of any ramp depends on the material and its construction. In general, most of the ramps are made of aluminum because of its strong but lightweight feature. It becomes easier to carry and set the ramp with the assurance of the strength to carry heavyweight.

Similarly, construction is another vital consideration which focuses on the joint of the ramp. Some are designed to be folded sideways while the narrow versions can be folded from the middle.

In some cases, the folding part can join through bolts. And in some other cases, integrated pins are used to connect the folding area. Using bolts ensure better durability and longevity rather than pin joints. However, if pin joints get collapsed, there is no way to repair it. Your only option will be buying a new one.


The folding feature is a must for a ramp for compact size and easy storing. While traveling, you can lay the ramp on the truck bed. Another way is to fold it and keep aside the bike. But you have to make sure that the ramp and bike do not collapse. Otherwise, it might be very harmful to your bike.

Consequently, if you need to carry them together, you have to be assured that there is enough space in the truck to keep them separated. For extra caution, you can keep a blanket in between to prevent any scratch during the transmission.

In regular days, you can keep it at the store. If folded, it becomes the compact size and does not require much space.


There are two types of ramp end commonly used, and those are metal and rubber. Although the metal one is more durable, it is better to go for the rubberized one.

That’s because the rubber end gives a good grip between the ramp and truck trailer. And a good grip is a must as you surely do not want to fall off during the loading process.

Similarly, the rubber end will prevent the truck surface from getting scratched. No matter which type you are using, do not forget to use the safety straps. It usually comes with the ramps. Strap secures the connectivity of the ramp with the truck and prevents it from moving.

Ramp Surface

Solid, serrated, and ladder rung; these are the three types of surface commonly found in motorcycle ramps.

The solid surface is a plain metal or wooden board and difficult to climb with the bike as it does not provide any grip. And the serrated one has a rough surface with tiny gripping teeth for smooth loading experience.

On the other hand, the ladder rungs contain rectangular holes on the surface. These kinds of ramps are usually very lightweight but not suitable for you to ride along as your feet might fall off the holes. You also need to consider the wheel size as it should not get collapsed between the holes.

Safety Tips

No matter how expensive or how strong the ramp is, you should not be avoiding the safety measures. Thus, here are some primary safety tips you should follow:

Rubbered Finger Tip

Always look for ramps which include rubbered fingertip. It has two benefits. First one is it protects the tailgate from scratches. Secondly, it helps to position the ramps firmly.

Safety Strap

Sometimes we forget to attach the safety strap, especially for lightweight items. Attaching the safety strap is a must to avoid any unwanted situation. It’s usually attached from the backward middle portion of the ramp to the bottom of the tailgate.

You surely do not want the ramp to collapse with your motorcycles on it! To avoid that, always attach the safety straps.

Lower Ramp Angle

Do not set your ramp too steep; it will increase the risk of the vehicle falling off while loading. That is why it is better to look for a longer ramp. Also, try to keep the truck at a lower level than the place of the ramp. For example, use pavement while setting the ramp up. It will automatically give a height lift.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here are some of the most commonly asked queries regarding motorcycle ramps:

Q. Can it be used for three-wheelers?

A: No, the ramps are suitable for two-wheelers and four-wheelers. There is no question of loading three-wheeler if the ramp is a single piece. Mostly it comes in a pair. Even if it’s in a pair, there would not be proper spacing for the front wheel. If you push harder, the weight will be imbalanced.

Q. Are the ramps suitable for loading a golf cart?

A: If your ramp is capable of carrying four-wheelers, it should be strong enough to load golf carts. Usually ATV, lawnmowers are heavier than a golf cart. So it should not be a problem, but you must check the instruction guide first. The maximum weight carrying capacity will be mentioned there.

Q. Can the pairs be attached to make a long ramp?

A: It depends on the model or brand you are using. Usually, you can use separate ramps as a whole. But if you need to do so, you can look for Reese Explore 7454000 80" Steel Centerfold Loading Ramp. It has precisely the same function you are looking for.

Q. Why is the rubbered fingertip an important consideration?

A: It is important because the rubbered tip protects the tailgate of your truck. If the tip is not protected, only pain coated, it will leave a scratch on the truck while operating. The cushioned tip protects the tailgate from any scratch and ensures a firm positioning of the ramp.

Q. How to understand if the ramp is well built?

A: A well-constructed ramp is a must to ensure the safety of your loaded vehicles. First of all, check the material of the ramp. You can rely on if it is made of high-grade aluminum. Additionally, check whether the joints are welded or riveted because you should always look for welded construction.


Although it looks simple, loading motorcycle is a crucial task. A moment of carelessness can damage your precious bike and can cause injury to yourself as well.

Hence, you should be very cautious while buying ramps for your bike. With the help of the review listing given, you can make the best buying decision. And do not forget that safety comes first!

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