10 Best Motorcycle Tire Changer – Reviews & FAQ 2020

Best Motorcycle Tire Changer

Life is a shower of unexpected situations. No matter what your profession is, whether you are a casual or a professional rider, you must have had to change your motorcycle tires at least once.

If you are a passionate biker who loves to experience the rough paths, the daring journeys, and the complicated stunts, you must have faced this problem in such an area where there is not a single glimpse of a mechanic.

It must have been very challenging for you in your first experience of changing tires. You must have thought of having the best motorcycle tire changer for easier and faster work.

Without a mechanic, it becomes chaotic to do this type of stuff alone. However, even the mechanics also need suitable and affordable tools for making their business lucrative or showing their deep concern towards customers.    

To be always prepared for facing any trouble, you need to follow a few guidelines. Therefore, from this article of motorcycle tire changer reviews, you can gain specific knowledge regarding tire changers.

This information is going to help you choose appropriate tools with desired features. You can know which is better to meet up your demands. So, be ready to enter the world of the best products!

How Do I Change a Motorcycle Tire?

Before considering the tire changers, you need to know how to change it. It might happen in this way - you have bought the perfect tool with all the advanced features, but you do not know how to use it, so there is no need to spend your money.

And in contrast, if you fail to recognize a better one, you will never succeed.

Accomplishing this task is not that complicated. You do not have to be an expert or a mechanic. Sometimes, even for a mechanic, it gets tough, but the right choices give the best result. Therefore, you should know the rules to make the process effortless. 

To change the tire, you need to understand and follow a few steps.

Step 1

You need to always keep specific devices with you, as you might need them anytime. It is safer when you know the techniques, as accidents keep knocking on the door.

The very first thing you need to do is detach your wheel from the bike. While doing this, remember to lift your bike to a certain height. Do not forget to ensure its stability. You should support it over a device of a wide base and remove the valve cores afterward.

Step 2

Anyway, the hardest part you need to know about is how to break the tire beads. You need to place it on a flat surface to stabilize it and then use the bead breakers or a hammer.

As you might accidentally strike the rim with it, the use of a hammer is risky. But in case if you do not have other bead breakers, then you can use the hammer as a substitute.

At first, break the beads of one side, then turn the wheel to the opposite side and repeat the procedure. After this, you need to use a mixture of soap and warm water. If you spread this over the tire, this will make the separation of the rim from it more comfortable. So, you should prepare this portion and keep it in stock. 

Step 3

To shield your rim from scratches or sudden damage, you can use rim protectors. These will not let the edge of the levers touch the surface of it.

Though it’s not mandatory, you should use these if you are a beginner. Finally, it comes the use of particular spoon levers to remove the tire.

If you want to install a tire, you need to go vice versa. If you get to know the link between each step, then you do not need to be dependent on others.

10 Best Motorcycle Tire Changer Review

For the skeptical and inexperienced individual, we have compiled a list of top-tier products. In this section, you’ll find a comprehensive breakdown of the best tire changers followed by key features. We hope this segment makes you more confident and educated about your purchase decision.

1. Dr.Roc Tire Spoon Lever Iron Tool Kits

Going far with a bike is not an issue anymore. With a tire changer kit, you can solve problems by yourself. To let you be independent and not wait for hours for a mechanic, a company has invented Dr.Roc Tire Spoon Lever Iron Tool Kits with all the tools necessary for the desired work.

You can use these tools to change tires of any three-wheeled vehicles with least hassles. Each equipment is suitable for any tire. The rim protectors, which are necessary for the protection of wheels, are very easy to install. They do not allow any scratch on the tires and protect their internal structure from damage.

This kit also comes with the valve core set and valve caps that separate your tires from debris or moisture. Also, the valve caps prevent air leakage from the tires.

Three tire spoons are of great help because you do not need to worry about buying a new one soon. If one is unusable, you can shift to the other. These spoons are given an accurate composition to change any tire effortlessly.

All you need is better mechanical properties of the spoons, so they are made up of forged steel. The physical or chemical properties of steel get advanced once the forging process is complete.

Being ductile and having smooth round edges, you can turn the spoon in any way while changing the tire without pinching the inner tube. The steel is weather-resistant; therefore, it will not get rusted easily.

Furthermore, the spoons are given perfect finishing with chrome plating. It, too, makes the steel corrosion-resistant, resulting in more prolonged use. For a comfortable grip, the handles are rubberized. For your benefit to keep all the tools collectively, the manufacturers provide a durable fabric bag.

Highlighted Features:

  • Forged-steel spoons ensure durability
  • Chrome-polishing protects the spoons from quick rusting
  • All essential elements are present inside the kit
  • Spacious bag for tool storage

2. Motion Pro 08-0536 BeadPro Tool Set

Whenever one needs to change a tire, a string of panic and desperate search for a mechanic begins.

To remedy this problem, amazing and comfortable featured tools are innovated to make your work easier. The Motion Pro 08-0536 BeadPro Tool Set consists of such devices, which are less time-consuming.

Chrome vanadium forged steel is used to manufacture these bead breakers and levers. Although chrome and vanadium strengthen the properties of the steel, it is also forged to create more capable products.

The addition of two former elements results in stronger and robust steel that can withstand high weariness and withstand random use. You do not have to change your equipment after a few routines. 

Forging means to save the number of materials used to ensure an affordable set. Therefore, at a low price, you are getting durable appliances. These have tongue and groove feature to take the tire off the rim easily. After inserting the grooved one, you can put the other over it and separate the tire from the rim easily.

Additionally, the end has the shape of a spoon, which also lets your tire be removed and installed easily. Using both sides of these lessens the number of tools to be carried.

While performing, you can place your hand at any point on the extension as the length is 16 inches. The longer handle allows you to do the work by exerting comparatively little pressure.

Your hands cannot slide down the distance as there are cross guards, and this feature prevents any damage to your hands. Moreover, their widths are of a suitable inch for a comfortable grip. 

Highlighted Features:

  • The handle’s length is perfect for a suitable grip
  • For longer sustainability, the product comes with forged steel
  • The tongue and groove feature make the work more manageable
  • Cross guards are added to prevent sliding

3. Tire Spoon Lever Tool Tire Change Kit

It is very challenging to get suitable tire changers as you are always looking for tough ones. If you want to be faster and more perfect than others in doing your job, then be the first to grab the Tire Spoon Lever Tool Tire Change Kit.    

This kit has a set of 3 spoons that many mechanics or regular bikers highly require. If you lose one, you can use the other, which saves your money. Each spoon is given a perfect shape for you to change the tires wherever or whenever you face problems.

Hardened steel, which ensures its durability, is used to make the product stronger. The hardened steel means more toughness and hardness, so you can exert maximum force upon it to remove your tire from the rim. You can be sure that it will not break so easily.

Chrome is used to polish the surface to result in a smooth edge. This feature allows it to get into the beads of the tire effortlessly. Due to this metal, it gains more strength that enables it to bear severe usage.

It is very tough for rust to gather around the polished surface. Therefore, it is corrosion-resistant, meaning that you can operate it in any hard environment.     

The handles, which are 280mm long, are very comfortable for a longer and tighter grip. You can place your hand according to your convenience. The longer the tool, the easier it is to do the task.

Highlighted Features:

  • It is of hardened steel for more prolonged use
  • Chrome makes it rust-resistant
  • The handles are proper for a comfortable grip
  • You can use any one of the three spoons

4. No-Mar AC-Y-03905111 Yellow Thing Tire Tool


Is changing tire very tough even with the help of spoon levers? Then be the first to grab No-Mar AC-Y-03905111 Yellow Thing Tire Tool, which is very handy to accelerate your working rate. Its unique design and significant features are specific for its purpose.

It is an essential tool that not only saves your time but also makes tire removal comparatively easier. The product resembles a hand with a grip that can get into the beads, separating the tire from the rim.

Therefore, removing the tire with a lever without scratching on it gets easier. You can rotate it and keep it in any position you want for your betterment. Additionally, it is made up of specific material that has given it a robust and rubberized structure. It is not prone to easy destruction.

Due to its coating, you can wash its stains quickly. For its flexibility, you can insert it between the rim and the tire. Then you can use your other tools to change your tire as it resists the tire bead from sliding. Due to its large size, it is fit for any tire removal.

The grip is so mighty that it does not get dispositioned, signifying that you do not need to hold it while using the lever. Even if you change your tire with hands, it is the most appropriate one as it acts like another hand. Now, while working, you will not need anyone to hold the tire for you.

Highlighted Features:

  • Its unique design fulfills the lack of another helping hand
  • The grip prevents the sliding of the tire
  • There will be no scratches on the wheels
  • It is very durable

5. Pit Posse Portable Motorcycle Tire Changing Stand

Pit Posse

For changing the tire, a stand is the most desired one, as it is quite impossible to always bend over and work with it. If there is a stand, you can keep the tire over it and do your work without hurting your back. For you, a brand has invented Pit Posse Portable Motorcycle Tire Changing Stand.

Its four legs make the product stable. The gap among each leg is wide enough to prevent any accident. There is no chance of it getting bent on one side due to the tire’s weight.

You can adjust the length of the device, so no matter what your height is, you can change it according to your convenience. Therefore, you do not need to bend over the whole time until completing your task.

The stand has a special coating that ensures its durability. Furthermore, it has a smaller rack to carry the smaller wheels. To keep the wheel fixed on its position, the wingnut is introduced. It is a portable motorcycle tire changer; thus, it lets you have an open space while working.

You can rotate it to open parts of the wheel. As you turn, you can put pressure on the whole tire with both of your hands to separate it from the rim. It makes your work easier and faster. There is no need to hold the tire with one hand and use the other for using the lever.

Buying this stand is a way to save money. The rubber-coated stabilizer is included in the equipment to protect your tire from any scrape or damage. So, you can work on your wheel being stress-free.    

Highlighted Features:

  • Adjustable height makes it convenient
  • Its transportability lets you work in any place
  • An affordable stand that is highly admired
  • It stands for both smaller and larger tires

6. Rabaconda Motorcycle Tire Changer Machine


Do you want the tedious task of changing tires to be effortless? If so, grab a stand that will carry the tire and have an attached extension to help you exert more force upon it. For your convenience, we present the Rabaconda Motorcycle Tire Changer Machine, which is regarded as the best manual motorcycle tire changer.

With this device, you can change your tire wasting the least amount of time. It is very straightforward to do the task. For easy portability, you can detach all the parts, assemble those into a 1000D carry-bag, and carry it everywhere. You will be amazed by the strength of the bag that can transport this machine of 34 pounds.

It has a suitable length preventing you from bending over for a long time. The distance between the three supports gives it a perfect balance. Instead of plastic base plates, it comes with rubber feet making it more stable over any rough surface. Therefore, there is no chance for it to tilt over.

A tire iron tray is added to hold tire irons within your reach. The massive flange nut is introduced to support the wheels firmly. Moreover, it has a coating of galvanized and powdered steel that prevents quick peeling off of the paint.

The layer of aluminum makes it weather resistant. You can change your tire under any circumstance, as aluminum is the finest material to resist corrosion.

Additionally, it has adapters from 20-28mm for larger hub bearings. You can change tires ranging from 16-21 inches. The tire bead breaker efficiently pushes the tire down and effortlessly separates it from the rim. You need to insert the tire irons into the beads and have your work done within three minutes.    

Highlighted Features:

  • Comfortable transportation due to high mobility
  • User can change any type of tire available
  • The equipment features a tray for convenient storage
  • The rubber feet make it more stable

7. Pit Posse Tool Tire Remover Iron Spoon

Pit Posse

Garages are not always available in all places. Unfortunately, if you are present at such a location and changing tire becomes mandatory, then you can use your tools for the task. To use the beginner-friendly Pit Posse Tool Tire Remover Iron Spoon, you do not need to be adept at such work.   

To separate the tire from the rim, you have to use spoon levers. You have to use two of them together to finish your work faster. This set can be carried to different places easily as it weighs only 14.4 ounces. You can put your tire in a suitable spot and insert one spoon after another to change the tire.

The spoons have thin shapes to fit in your grip easily. If you are a mechanic and need to change many tires in a single day, then their particular figures will not let your hands hurt easily. Their length is very suitable for you to adjust your hand position for an effective result. As it is not too long, you can pack it inside your tool kit.

They have round edges to protect your tire from sudden pinching. The polished surface protects them from quick corrosion and ensures their durability. Remember, rusting decreases the efficiency of the tools, so the prevention of it is the most considerable aspect.

Due to the large curved ends, you can have comfortable grips and work for a longer time. The new design of the rear side is a suitable and appreciated one. Moreover, it is strong enough to endure extreme usage as you might use it regularly or need to exert more pressure to change larger tires.  

Highlighted Features:

  • The cut ends to allow a comfortable grip
  • For efficient use, their lengths are highly significant
  • They have smooth edges to avoid pinching of tires
  • Their sturdiness ensures durability

8. Mophorn Manual Tire Spreader Portable Tire Changer


Customers are always in need of new products with advanced features to lessen their effort.

As you get more attracted to the products with innovative ideas, you might like Mophorn Manual Tire Spreader Portable Tire Changer. This equipment will make you more allured towards works like changing parts of different types of vehicles.

This machine has a substantial base to prevent it from falling. It can support larger tires without tilting over. As tires of all types of vehicles, be it from light trucks to cars, need to be operated, it has such a robust structure. You can predict from its appearance that it is going to last for years and help you efficiently.

Moreover, the use of hardened steel for its body is highly recognizable as steel acts substantially against wear and tear. The use of steel makes it relatively cheaper than other products.

You can transport it easily whenever you shift your place. Furthermore, its swivel platform can be rotated 360° for your convenience. Tire changing becomes faster as you can spread your tire 3.34” with the use of two firm claws.

Additionally, to work for a longer time, you should take proper care of your hands. Therefore, the handles are of plastic to ensure a perfect and comfortable grip. You can tilt the platform to a maximum of 90° for better performance.

A tool tray is also attached to it, which you can adjust to any angle. It is essential to keep your tools close to you for saving your valuable time.

Highlighted Features:

  • A 360° rotatory swivel platform ensures your efficient performance
  • The additional tool tray means to have tools near you
  • Its strength is unbeatable
  • You can fix all types of tires

9. Car Truck ATV Motorcycle Bike Tire Changer


Tire changing has become a significant issue nowadays. Companies are inventing products with advanced and more comfortable features to satisfy you. You can try Car Truck ATV Motorcycle Bike Tire Changer that hopefully is going to overshoot your expectations.    

This manual device has a perfect length so that you do not consider your height as an obstacle. Taller people won’t have to bend much, and shorter people won’t have any trouble reaching it. It has a wide base that keeps it stable to a great extent. The weight of the tire will not let it fall.  

Steel, which is a strong element, is used to construct the whole device. You will be amazed to know about its outstanding toughness and sturdiness.  Even if it falls, its strong physical properties will ensure its permanence.

You can change the tire under a severe environment, as it has a fine corrosion-resistant coating. Due to the anti-rusting qualities, you can enjoy the product for years.

After using the bead breaker, you need to put the wheel over the stand. It has three-jaw clamps that ensure the stability of the rim. The black pointers on the three clamps protect it from the rough surface of the metal. These save your rim from scratches or damage. You can change tires of variable diameters ranging from 4” to 16.5”.

Moreover, it has two center posts to bear both the centered or hub-centered wheels. Therefore, you do not need to worry about the ability of the machine due to the incredible efficacy.

Highlighted Features:

  • One can place either centered or hub-centered wheels over it
  • Your rim is safe from damage
  • It will last for years
  • The bead breaker does its job flawlessly

10. Venom Motorcycle Bike Bead Breaker Tire Changer

Venom COMINU001770

Are you looking for a machine that is going to solve your problems regarding tire changing? Then do not hesitate to read the descriptions below as you might find your demand fulfilled through this Venom Motorcycle Bike Bead Breaker Tire Changer.

The most accepted machine is the one that has incredible portability. If you change your garage or house, this device will not cause you any extra trouble. Moreover, in your workplace or home, it will not take much space. You can change its position and do your work anywhere you like.

It can be used to change tires with different diameters ranging from 16” to larger ones. This versatility means, with this single manual motorcycle tire changer, you can change many types of tires. Due to its smooth functionality, you do not need to be a skilled or trained user to operate this. 

For making it budget-friendly, hardened steel is used. This element has powerful physical and chemical properties. To make your device enduring against severe load-capacity and frequent uses, this material is the first choice.

It has excellent thermal conductivity and is corrosion-resistant; therefore, the weather has a minimal effect on it.

Additionally, it has a charming and stylish appearance. For exerting maximum force, users can find a long and hefty handle. Bead breaking seems effortless with this equipment. Furthermore, it has a polished and suitable structure so that you do not hurt your hands. 

Highlighted Features:

  • Robust body ensure longevity
  • A good range of tires can be changed using this
  • You can carry it anywhere
  • It has an attractive appearance

What to Look for Before Buying?

After knowing the method of changing the tire, now it is essential to understand what makes the best motorcycle tire changer.

Whenever you decide to shop your essentials, you get befuddled. It becomes tough to choose what to buy or what to ignore. If you know the differences among the products through their features, then you can crosscheck those.

All the companies try their best to uplift their products by confusing their customers. They present their service in such a way that customers fail to think beyond and buy those without giving it a second thought.

Before going to the market, you should decide which features you will love to consider while buying, as your time is very precious.

Whether you are a mechanic or a bike lover, you will try to buy affordable products with desired features.

If you search carefully, you might find that there are some cheap ones which are better than the expensive ones. But sometimes, expensive ones guarantee durability for many years; you might have to buy one of those too.

By reading this section below, you will get to know what features make a product — portable, durable, suitable, and affordable, and then choose the right one for your motorcycle. So, let’s have a look at the necessities.


The most important thing to consider is the type of material used to construct the tools. A well-made product means that you can use it for a long time and save money. You can use that money to buy some other utensils. So, you must know the significance of the material used.

Remember, forged steel is mainly used to give a robust and durable body. This type of material improves both the physical and mechanical properties of steel.

As you need to break beads or separate tires of massive diameter, you should give ample consideration to this property. It also makes the surface weatherproof and rustproof. This feature is of great help, as you can use it even in an extreme environment.

If you want to raise your demands to a higher level, then you can think of a chrome vanadium forged steel body, which will let you enjoy the gadget for some more years. Some products feature chrome, which results in a precise finishing with a shiny surface and smooth edge.

To keep your hands safe, this is necessary. Your hands should not be hurt; otherwise, all your efforts will go in vain.

Some devices have an aluminum coating over the surface, which also acts as a protector of your equipment. All these types of materials are advantageous, while the alloyed one is a little propped. You can undoubtedly choose anyone of them!   

Portability and Size

A significant thought that comes in a rider’s mind is whether you can transport your materials everywhere you go. In an unknown place, there is no assurance of having any garage nearby.

Therefore, if you are a biker, you will definitely like something lightweight that will not be a burden throughout the journey.

Similarly, if you are a mechanic, then you will unquestionably love to store devices that will occupy less space and not trouble you while shifting garages. For your benefit, you should choose such kits with excellent mobility.

There are some highly recommendable stands that you might not choose due to the size. However, you can break them down into smaller components and pack them in the designed bag to roam around with it comfortably. 


Tire changing is not everyone’s cup of tea. You can be clear about the difficulty level from our motorcycle tire changers review. You need to have a keen perception of how to use levers or bead breakers for effective results.

If you have a clear idea, you can pass the test, but if you are a beginner, you will need some assistance. So, look for a tool that is easier to use or will not cause pain in your back within a few moments.

Many of you might be facing spine ache. In that case, you can go for tire changer stands that you can adjust according to your height. You can stand, put your tire over it, and have your work done. We recommend this specific design for aged people.

Shapes and Handles

Always remember to take the spoon levers’ forms into account before buying your stuff. If your hands are sweaty, then you will be happy to know that there are some levers with cross-guards to stop your hands from slipping.

Before buying the levers, you must check the handles, whether they are comfortable enough or not. Some grips are rubberized, while others are the extensions of steel bodies.

The latter type is durable and will not wear out quickly. Thus, if you think that you do not want to harm your smooth palm, then the rubberized ones can be a prudent choice.

Some of the levers have curved ends, which are appreciated by many, and each type has distinct advantages. So, it is up to your preference that which features you will like to have in your tool among a stream of manual motorcycle tire changers.

You should also give priority to the length of the handles. Be careful to choose the right one as they might be smaller for you. With the short ones, it is difficult to exert force.

The longer ones are the best for works that require more labor. For your better understanding — you have to apply more force on the shorter ones compared to the force on the longer ones for an equivalent result.


You do not just replace one type or size of tire. Some stands have frameworks to support both large and small-sized wheels, while others have a system to change the diameters of the racks to hold a specific range of it.

For mechanics, this feature is beneficial. You do not have to worry about what to do with the heaviest or largest ones.

If you want to make your task a breeze, then you need to know about additional features. Several companies have attached iron trays with the stands to hold the necessary tools close to you.


Packages contain not only spoon levers but also rim protectors, valve core sets, and valve caps. If you want a whole combination to make your task more manageable, you can go for a particular set.  

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How much does it cost to change a motorcycle tire?

The price varies according to the types of tires. Each shop charges different rates based on these types. The range is very friendly; therefore, this will not cause much of a trouble to your quiet life and waste much of your precious time.

It costs around 45% less if you change your new tires with the retreads. However, if you become adept at changing tires by yourself, you will be saved from the extra expenditure. You need to buy the equipment and be the one to serve yourself.

2. Do motorcycle tires need to match?

The notable point is that motorcycle tires come in pairs. They are designed in a way that they function together. However, if the rear one gets worn out badly, then you can change it without changing the front one.

Even if you want to mix the brands, the primary wheel-types should not be different. With entirely different functionality of each tire, controlling the bike will be difficult. 

3. Why motorcycle tires wear out quickly?

To ride a motorcycle at high speed to prove yourself as a showman is a fashion now. Cars are never driven at such velocity or so frequently.

The whole pressure of the vehicle is borne by the two tires; moreover, the tires have a softer surface than the other automobiles. This adjustment of speed is necessary for your safety. So, the tires need a faster replacement than others.

4. When to replace the motorcycle tires?

Soft tires are used on a motorcycle to have a grip on the ground firmly. It is instructed by the manufacturers to change the tires after five years, even if you are confident about your old ones.

They have also included wear indicators into the tread grooves. You can check those or look for defects in your tires. If you find any crack on the sidewall, then you should wait no more and replace the tires.     

Final Thoughts

In this advanced world, whatever the task is, you can seamlessly do it entirely without being an expert on that field. The brands are burning their midnight oil not only for a successful business but also to help you to some extent. Therefore, innovative advanced features are added to each product for user satisfaction.

We are here to help you reach all these devices and gain more knowledge. It is crucial to remain one step ahead than others.

Anyway, you need to look for ways to be self-dependent. Wherever you go, you should be fearless to face any situation. For this, we have taken the responsibility to keep you connected to every improved product.

If you read this article, you will be clear of all your doubts. To give you a comprehensive breakdown, we have gone through many types of researches and designed this motorcycle tire changer review.

You can trust the descriptions provided and choose a product that is the best motorcycle tire changer according to your requirements.

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