10 Best Motorcycle Tire Repair Kit – Reviews & Guide 2020


No matter how great your tires are, there is always a chance they might fail. This is more dangerous for motorcycles. Because if even one tire gets punctured, it is vastly more dangerous to ride than cars.

However, there are few options if your tire fails while you are in the middle of nowhere. Especially when traveling, automobile repair shops can be hard to find. That is why every rider should always carry the best motorcycle repair kit on them .

Besides, it is not easy to know which one to get. So, allow us to introduce to you our top ten repair kits. This comprehensive guide and review will get you up to speed on everything you need to know about these kits so you can ride with complete assurance.

Is It Safe to Patch a Motorcycle Tire?

It might seem like an easy question; however, it is in fact, a highly debated topic. Some say it is perfectly safe, while others say that it is risky. It depends on the type of bike you are riding, the kind of damage, and of course, your own experience.

When dealing with dirt bikes, scooters, and road bikes, patching up is a must. You cannot carry tubes on your bikes that effectively and you must patch them up to go home one way or another. However, it is questionable whether you should risk patching up street bikes.

Tires that are patched up are not always safe. They could have a chance of breaking and leading to severe damage, especially for the street, as mentioned earlier bikes. Shops even recommend changing the tubes instead of fixing it themselves in case something goes wrong.

Patching up is not a final solution; it is a temporary one. As such, if you can avoid patching up, you should not. However, in emergency cases where you need to patch a tire up to go home, then you have no other option but to fix it yourself and work around that. Replace the tire once you can.

10 Best Motorcycle Tire Repair Kit Reviews

There are a lot of astounding kits in the market. However, some are just much better than others. So, with intense research, we put together ten motorcycle tire repair kit reviews of the best of the best in the market.

1. Boulder Tools 

We start incredibly strong with what might be the best motorcycle tire repair kit in the market. It has everything these kits could ever need with 56 pieces in just on the kit. In case you did not find that astounding already, it has, even more, to offer as each piece is heavy-duty.

It provides a kind of quality assurance rarely found from any other brand. From the slightest touch, you can tell just how durable and reliable this machine is. The brand offers a warranty that can reassure you that it will not fail on you any time soon.

Boulder Tools utilizes strings like no other. These strings are what make and break a repair kit. Using poor quality strings can result in an increased chance of injury as they may come undone.

Rather than opting for a standard option, this set goes the extra mile of introducing the best quality in the market. They can patch anything up without showing any sign of wear or tear. They are capable of withstanding any rough treatment and always stay strong.

When it comes to plugging, they have 30 superb brown plugs to counter any puncture. It takes extra steps to deliver on every front. Other sets slack off when it comes to the pliers or the knife.

They believe that you will replace it with your house tools, and as such, keeps cheap and weak pliers around. However, Boulder Tools does not settle there. They make sure that every tool included is of premium quality, including the included knife and pliers.


  • Extremely high-quality pieces
  • Includes every possible tool for plugging
  • Comes with a convenient photo guide for easy use
  • Comes in a durable hard-shell over


  • Costs quite a bit for a repair kit

2. Dr.Roc Tire Spoon 

Honestly, the best repair comes from changing your tires entirely. You can plug them up all you want; there will always be some form of risk. However, when it comes to reliability and peace of mind, replacing is the ultimate solution.

When it comes to replacers, there is hardly any brand better than the legendary Dr.Roc. They produce the highest tier tools with the most ergonomic shapes to get the most out of your purchases. Once we go further into detail, you will get what we mean.

We all know that the worst part of changing the tire tube is getting it off. Sure, putting it on is a hassle, but getting it on is the worst. With a simple wrong move, you could easily leave scratches on the rims.

The ideal option is to avoid these scratches with the use of a high-quality rim protector. It prevents the spoons from leaving undesirable marks on your rims and decreases the risk of your extraction. When smooth extraction is a concern, then look to the high-quality spoons.

These can effectively take out any tube with little to no hassle and damage. They effectively crawl into the gaps and lets you push out. The edges are also smoothly rounded up so that they do not pinch into the intertube and cause damage.

Rather than just giving you one, Dr.Roc goes ahead and gives you a set of three. You will not need to replace them any time soon. It also comes in incredibly compact packaging, allowing you to carry it around everywhere you want with complete ease.


  • Gives you three high-quality spoons
  • Easy to carry
  • Effectively protects your rims
  • Scratch-free results


  • Does not plug up tires

3. Stop & Go 1075 Tire Repair

It can take a good amount of time trying to plug up a tire. However, what if you could plug up professionally quickly? To answer you, there is the Stop & Go 1075 tire.

To start, we should talk about its immensely compact packaging. It is surprising how much it manages to fit inside such a tiny pouch. You can easily store it into convenient compartments and always keep them with you in case you need to fix up a tire.

You will barely notice you are carrying something with its 1.12-pound weight. Its dimensions are a measly 9 x 1 x 6 inches; letting you easily store them anywhere. What truly sets this kit apart is its superb gun tool.

It uses this tool to launch mushroom-shaped plugs into the puncture to seal it up effectively. The gun's effectiveness is so professional-grade, it is almost indistinguishable from the work of an expert plugger.  It is also incredibly easy to use; making it such an incredible option to begin with.

The gun does not even weigh all that much either, making it better than it already was. It utilizes mushroom-shaped plugs that are exceptionally effective when it comes to patching up tubeless tires. They make sure that not an ounce of air can escape.

With the addition of such magnificent tools such as the tire plugger and the 25 included black mushroom-shaped rubber plugs, you can repair with professional-grade quality much faster.

Ultimately, you get to save a lot of time and money due to its versatile usability. All in all, it is a superb option for on-the-spot fast emergency repairs.


  • Compact storage boosts portability
  • Professional quality plugging
  • Fast repair
  • Great for tubeless tires repair


  • Costs quite a bit of money

4. Slime 50001 Moto Spair Tire Repair Kit

 Slime 	50001

Air compressors are an essential part of tire repair. However, even the best motorcycle tire plug kit does not include such a necessary tool for its collection. Usually, they rely on the thought that you already have one and carry it everywhere with you. However, that is not always the case.

A great kit should have an air compressor with it, but slime's 50001 elevates itself with an automated air compressor. This makes inflating tires simple. All you have to do is hook up the compressor with your tire and wait for it to fill up.

You would think the catch would be that it takes a while to inflate. However, that is not true as it can inflate in just under five minutes. You will barely have to wait, and it will be done before you even know it. This makes the whole process take only about 15 minutes.

These automatic air compressors are usually restricted in the terms that they require a power source to activate. To counter this limitation, the pump can be powered from three different power sources. This gives you plenty of options and drastically increases its overall flexibility.

The kit utilizes the Slime sealant, the brand’s eponymous signature sealing agent. Rather than your express manual input, this sealant seeks out the punctured area itself and patches it up hassle-free. It can effectively patch up any ¼ inch diameter or fewer punctures.

With all these, it still weighs just about a pound. The lightweight and its incredible usability make it an excellent model to choose from. It is easy to install, and you barely need to do anything to do it.


  • Inflates a tire in 5 minutes or less
  • Very lightweight and portable
  • Easy to use with its slime based sealant
  • Takes just around 15 mins to complete


  • Needs a power source

5. BETOOLL Tire Repair Kit 

BETOOLL 5841857147

We will now make a return to the traditional type of tire repair kits. It has everything you could need from a proper puncturing tool to an excellent plug inserting tool. BETOOLL utilizes the best materials to make an incredible and compact repair set.

Both the inserter and the puncture tool have a T shaped handle. This gives you a lot more room to place your arms to boost your comfort and pressure. The shape also bolsters your accuracy as you get more control over the tool.

With the handle's added pressure, you get to make better results in the actions you take to plug up the whole. The probe tool primarily benefits from this as you will make better and more accurate punctures for the plugs to enter. Its handles also feel great in your hands.

Moving on, we should talk about its highly efficient plugs. They easily enter punctures and sticks perfectly to ensure the best results. Of course, by itself, no plug can slip into holes, and if they did, they would not do an excellent job at plugging.

That is why this set comes with a high-tier jar of lubricants. You can easily attain just the right amount of slipperiness for the plug using this lube. With 15 of these self-vulcanization plugs, you can patch with ease.

Its design was meant to patch up tubeless tires with maximum efficiency. The success rate is great, and you can rely on its quality to serve you for a long time. Its casing is also perfectly sized to make it easy to carry.


  • Comes with a jar of high-tier lube
  • Properly sized for increased portability
  • Comfortable handles boost accuracy and strength
  • Compact sized carry bag


  • It does not come with pliers

6. Stop & Go 1001 Tire Repair

Stop & Go 1001

For our sixth entry, we return to Stop & Go for another one of their most elegant units. Although this unit may lack specific attributes that made the previous 1075 model so great, it certainly adds a lot to the table to make its unique kit.

It may not have the tire plugger gun anymore, but it opts out of other features that make this so great.

First off, we have mentioned the necessity of air pumping tools for tire repair. These are usually big and clunky requiring excess storage space. Other alternatives may require power outlets to functions. Stop & Go thought ahead and introduced a different and convenient method of air pumping.

This unit comes with four canisters of CO2 for you to re-inflate your tire in case they go flat. This way, you will not need to carry a separate air pump; making the process much more convenient. You will not even have to dismount the tire to use it.

It is incredibly small despite how much it packs in its carry bag. The bag itself is of high quality and durable. It carries every tool perfectly, and finding each tool is quite easy.

You get Stop & Go's signature mushroom-shaped black pluggers to patch up your tires. From the previous 1075 review, you should already know how convenient these tools are. This kit gives you 15 of these plugs along with the rest of the tools.

Although it might not have the gun tool, it is still amazing. The air canisters are a unique addition that is very handy in cases of emergency. It earns its spot on this list.


  • Four air canisters included
  • Small and durable carry bag
  • Superb mushroom-shaped plugs
  • Can be used without dismounting the tire


  • Is quite expensive

7. Heavy Duty Tire Repair Kit 


This set comes with gloves, pliers, plugs, probing and inserting tools, gauges, etc. while still weighing less than a pound. Lightweight does not cut how light this motorcycle tire patch kit is. However, do not let the weight make you think that the contents are of low quality.

On the contrary, each tool has a heavy-duty that can last you for ages. While other kits do not bother to add pliers, this goes ahead and adds gloves to improve your grip and to provide you with some safety as you repair. It is a superb set for patching up your tubeless tires.

For plugging it utilizes the brown string plugs. These are much more effective than the black variety as it patches up holes much tighter. It will not let any air escape and installation is easier too.

Is probing and inserting tool utilizes a T handle for added accuracy and pressure. You can make better punctures and more accurate inserts to finish patching up much faster than you would from other options.

To make sure everything goes right, you will need to add a tire pressure gauge to your motorcycle tire plugging kit. However, you would be shocked to see how few kits include this essential device. Besides, ALLTOOLS lives up to its name and consists of all tools in its set.

The tiny and light carry bag lets you easily add this onto any pouch or compartment. They are a great addition if you are worried about emergencies. You can use it for cars and trucks as well.


  • Includes an immense amount of tools
  • Comes with protective gloves
  • One of the lightest weight units on the list
  • Versatile usage


  • T shaped handles are a bit small

8. Dynaplug Pro Xtreme

yDynaplug vXPA-POUCH-FBA

So, let us picture a scenario where you are in a hurry, and your tires are unfortunately punctured. Sure, you could take ten minutes to try and fix it, but you do not have the time for such an investment. What if, you could patch up your tire in a matter of minutes?

That is where Dynaplug comes in with its incredible model. It utilizes tools quite different from the ones we have already introduced. Moreover, they work so well it will leave you astonished.

The motorcycle tire plugging kit comes in a small ballistic nylon pouch. It does not need to carry many components, so it can get away with its compact shape without worrying about anything else. Furthermore, a small number of tools make it incredibly light and easy to carry.

Rather than using string or mushroom plugs, it includes eight arrow-shaped repair plugs. These are inserted with the breath-taking aluminum Xtreme tool for puncturing and inserting. The tool utilizes a rounded end to place your palm so that you can better add pressure to penetrate the tubeless tires.

Once the plug is inserted, cut out the excess to seal off the tire, no lube or glue needed. The process is so simple; even amateurs can plug it up in just a matter of minutes.

You are not just restricted to motorcycle tires either. These are capable of patching up most other vehicle tubeless tires. It can easily be a staple addition to all your biking journeys.


  • High-tier tool material
  • Includes a high-tier pouch
  • It can be used in a myriad of scenarios
  • Fast and easy repair


  • Lacks essential tools like pliers or a knife

9. Secureguard 

 Secureguard 8542044236

Just from the case, you can know that you are not dealing with the average motorcycle tire plugging kit anymore. It has ascended to a level further beyond with its professional-style layout. Each piece has a compartment dedicated to it; let you organize and find every tool with maximum ease.

Like very few other brands, Secureguard lives up to their name and adds in a pair of protective gloves for you. You can use them to plug up any hole with the probing and inserting tools staple T-shaped handle.

It boosts your grip on the already excellent designed handle and keeps you safe in case any accidents might take place.

The inserting tool has a disk-shaped guard. This allows you to insert the plug with maximum accuracy. Meaning, every plug with going in just as deep as it needs and not even a centimeter more.

That fact dramatically improves the effectivity of the plugs and gives them maximum air containing power. In case they do not insert as smoothly as you would like them to, the kit also includes a jar of lubricants. Lather some of it onto the string plugs to let it slide right into the tire with little resistance.

Inputting too much air pressure on your tire is fatally risky. You need to smart about how much air you are pumping. To help you keep track, this unit has a reliable tire gauge to keep track of the air input.

All in all, this is an incredible model. Its 66 pieces give you everything you could need and even more. Each piece is high quality, so you do not need to doubt its quality either.


  • Perfectly organized carry bag
  • Possesses nearly every piece you could need
  • Each piece is very high quality
  • The price is almost a steal for what it gives you


  • Weighs about 3 pounds

10. V1 Motor CO2 Motorcycle 

V1 Motor

When it comes to compact designs, very few can top the last entry of our motorcycle tire repair kit reviews. It may seem a bit complex in terms of contents and design. However, it is nothing to scoff at. Soon, you will figure out how this has earned its spot on our list.

Let us start by talking about air canisters. We have talked about them before, so you should know how they are a convenient alternative to air pumping tools. Attach the canister to the tire and release it to get it re-inflated.

As such, this tool comes with 5 of these CO2 canisters to keep your tires properly inflated. Furthermore, multiple other additional tools make this so great. Starting, let us talk about its unique pliers.

That is because the plier houses a knife within its design as well; like a Swiss army knife. When storing it, you can fold it to achieve half its length. It essentially removes the need for additional tools; improving its compactness as a result.

Like other good kits, it uses the T-handle to make it easier for you to add pressure. The handle adds curves to properly accept each of your fingers and make them sit perfectly onto your palm. Although a bit small, it assists in your accuracy.

It even gives you a rubber solution and brown string plugs to get the best results for repairs. This kit's ability to pack all of this into one small carry bag is awe-inspiring. It has everything you could need, earning its spot as the last entry on our list.


  • 5 included CO2 canisters
  • Small-sized carry bag
  • The pliers are very versatile
  • Consists of a rubber solution


  • The handle is quite small

What to Look for Before Buying?

Now that you are familiar with some of the best kits in the market, you still need to know what to look out for before you make your final decision. This buying guide will help you figure out all the things you need to consider.

Included Tools

If you have gone through the list, you will see that they all vary significantly in terms of what each kit carries. Some have pliers while others do not; some have gauges while others do not. None of them even have the same kind of tools as some of them opt for different methods of plugging entirely.

It is up to you to figure out which method appeals to you the most. However, do keep in mind whether the set you choose has all the relevant pieces for repair such as knives, pliers, and air pumps. In case they do not, you have to make sure you carry it yourself.

Storage Capabilities

Since you are riding on a motorcycle, you should know that they do not have the same kind of convenient storage space as cars. So, whatever you choose, you have to make sure that you can easily carry it on your bike at all times.

As such, it should be compact, lightweight, and capable of storing more pieces in less space.


Since you are getting a kit anyway, why restrict yourself with something that only works for motorcycles. These options could patch up cars, tractors, and trucks too. The more versatility it has, the better option it is.

Material Quality

Patching is a risky business unless you use reliable material. Make sure that whatever you use does not come off easily. Also, make sure you pick tools that do not break.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the best method of plugging?

There is no one best method. Go for a process you think you can perform best.

2. What if my kit does not have an air pump?

Even the best motorcycle tire repair kit might skip out on air pumps. In those cases, it is best to carry your own.

3. Do I have to use pliers?

Yes, they are an essential part of repairs.

4. Do I need a lot of experience?

Your performance will improve with more experience. However, a beginner can still plug a tire just fine.

5. ​Do I have to replace my tires after plugging?

Plugging is only a temporary solution for emergencies. You should replace your tires as soon as you can after repairs.


All of these details may seem like a hassle to you now, but every biker must carry a repair it in case of an emergency. Now that you know everything you need to know; you can now comfortably pick out the best motorcycle tire repair kit for you. So, get one now and ride through the streets worry-free.

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