How to Make Motorcycle Exhaust Sound Deeper?

How to Make Motorcycle Exhaust Sound Deeper?

Motorcycle exhaust sounds are unique, depending on the diameter, manufacturer, and material used to make the baffles. The pitch of the exhaust sound is a personal preference for most and can be altered as removable modification can be made to your motorcycle.

Most motorcycle owners would agree that the thrill of hearing your engine roar is half of the experience. But the type of exhaust and several other factors determine your modifications. There are also legal restrictions and regulations that are important to know while maintaining the sound quality of your motorcycle.

This article will help you better understand your exhaust pipes and modification material needed to change the pitch to your liking!

Method 1: Removing Baffles  

Just by removing the baffles, your exhaust machine will have a much deeper and satisfying sound. Removable baffles are readily available, and usually, any standard motorcycle should have one. So, unless yours is rare or vintage, it should feature a removable baffler.

Removing Baffles

Tools You’ll Need 

  • Screwdriver
  • Wrench Set

Step 1: Uninstall the Bolts

Find a small 10-inch nut on the end of the exhaust pipe. This nut keeps the baffler and the pipe in place. Reach into the tailpipe and with your wrench unbolt the nut to the tailpipe, and keep the bolt on the baffle.

Step 2: Remove the Baffle 

Use a flat screwdriver to push back the baffle from the end, and detach from the pipe with ease. Keep the original baffle for inspection and replace it with a new muffler that baffles.

Method 2: Modifying the Muffler 

Buying a second-hand performance muffler and modifying it is the best method of getting the exact sound that you’re looking for from your exhaust.

You can also buy custom performance muffler, and the owner might even give you a spare to the one you already brought. But if you’re looking for a budget-friendly option, then modifying it yourself is the way to go.

Modifying the Muffler

Also, it’s best to invest in a motorcycle exhaust wrap for future needs. Especially with a modified muffler, it tends to get hot often. Make sure to read motorcycle exhaust wrap reviews online before purchasing them yourself.

Tools You’ll Need

  • Three-inch blade angle grinder
  • Wrench Set
  • Screwdriver

Step 1: Uninstall the Baffler 

Unscrew the bolts and nuts to remove the tail cap of the muffler. Make a note of the size and shape of the standard pipe before modifying to determine the length of the cut.

Step 2: Make Modifications 

Cut around the outside edge of the pipe from where it sticks out of the muffler. Stop cutting before the disc goes through it. Take a smaller blade that would fit inside the pipe and start cutting around 2 inches inside the pipe.

Once fully cut through to the inside, use pliers and twist it to make a clean cut. The tail end of the pipe should come out easily. And the exhaust should now become much deeper sounding, and fit more to your liking!

Keep the baffler for further inspections, or if you decide to sell your machine in the future, you will need to provide the original baffler.

Stock Mufflers

Stock mufflers are the most common and the cheapest option for your vehicle. These mufflers for almost all types, unless it’s a rare machine. And these can also be modified to give you a much more unique sound.

But even without further modification, you can use it as it is, and it should pitch perfectly!

When it comes to upgrading your Harley, you must consider the best 2-into-1 exhaust for Harley Bagger.

Stock Mufflers

Performance Mufflers 

For deep sound quality, performance mufflers are the best option. Although these are usually the most expensive option, the modification and custom abilities are well worth the money!

But stock mufflers or self-made mufflers can offer much more satisfying end result, as it helps the owner provide a much more personal touch to their vehicle.

Learn How to Adjust Your Motorcycle Exhaust Sound with This Guideline!

Whether you’re buying a custom or a standard replacement muffler, it’s always best to know what exactly to invest in so you can get the best sounding motorcycle exhaust.

If you know your vehicle well enough, this task should be a breeze. But if you’re new to owning your own machine, then this is the best way to apply a personal touch for self-satisfaction!

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