Is A Three Quarter Motorcycle Helmet As Safe As a Full Helmet?

Is A Three Quarter Motorcycle Helmet As Safe As a Full Helmet

A three quarter, open face helmet covers your head and ears but leaves your face open.

This is unlike the full face helmet which covers your entire face, head and ears, and leaves no part of your head exposed.

Both types of helmets enjoy wide usage among motorcycle riders.

But which of the two is safer than the other? This is what we’ll be discussing in this post.

Full face vs Open face motorcycle helmet

Full face helmet:

Because a full face helmet covers your entre head, it offers you full protection if you get involved in an accident. Studies have shown that the key impact area of your head is the face, more so the left/right chin area. Luckily, the full face helmet covers this area.


The only downside of an open face helmet in relation to safety is that it can be a challenge to remove from a crash victim. This is simply because the helmet feels tight on the rider’s head.

If you don’t know how to remove the helmet, it’s advisable to wait for trained medical personal to safely remove it. and never attempt to move a rider after getting involved in an accident as this can increases the risk of spinal injury.

Nevertheless, full face models are some of the highly safe motorcycle helmets that you can find on the market today.

Open face helmet:

It doesn’t require you to possess any special skills to know that an open face helmet will not offer you as much protection as the full face helmet.


The open face model covers your head and ears only, leaving the key impact rea fully exposed to everything around you. This increases your risk of sustaining injuries in a crash.

The key upside of these helmets compared to the full face models is that they’re quite easier to remove after an accident.

Experts recommends you to wear this type of helmet with motorcycle goggles to help take wind off your eyes and keep off bugs, flying debris, UV rays, and other elements.

IMPORTANT: Whether you’re using an open face or full face model, you should never reuse it after it gets involved in a crash. Consider disposing a motorcycle helmet after it takes a hit because it’s designed to protect you only once. Afterward, it’ll not be effective in protecting you.


It goes without saying that a full face helmet will provide you with better protection in a crash than a three quarter, open face. The former covers your entire head but the latter only covers your head and ears, which makes a big difference in the level of protection delivered by both helmets.

The only good thing about open face helmets is that they’re easier to remove from the head of the victim than the full face helmets. If you don’t how to safely remove the helmet from a crash victim, however, you should wait for a trained medical professional to do it.

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