Motorcycle Exhaust Wrap Benefits And Drawbacks!


You might have heard all manners of rumors and misinformation surrounding the motorcycle exhaust wraps—leaving you confused about whether to use them on your bike or not.

Experts are often divided on whether it’s a good idea to wrap your motorcycle pipes. A bunch of them believe that these wraps can really up the horsepower of your engine and increase its efficiency While others strongly disagree with these claims.

In this guide, we’ll give our opinion on pipe wraps in the form of the benefits and drawbacks they bring to your bike. This info will help you decide whether to use them or not.

Benefits of Motorcycle Exhaust Wraps

Let’s first look at some of the top benefits that come with wrapping your motorcycle exhaust pipes…

Helps decrease your bike engine temperature

One of the main reasons why motorcycle owners wrap their exhaust systems is that it helps minimize the engine temperature.

This is beneficial in that it helps in increasing engine efficiency.


For starters, the more heat you can dissipate from your motorcycle engine, the better. Wrapping your pipes helps keep this heat in the pipes and greatly assist in enhancing the pipe’s functionality of kicking out heat and smoke.

In the absence of a wrap, the heat inside your exhaust pipes tends to bake off and transfer through the metallic side and back into the engine. This can seriously affect engine efficiency.

Improves your bike aesthetics

Another top benefit of using the best motorcycle exhaust wrap is that it helps enhances the looks of your motorcycle.

We can all know that the bike pipes are always under exposure to a lot of heat. This tends to discolor them with time and make them look horrible.

Luckily, wrapping your exhaust pipes helps cover these flaws and improve the look of your motorcycle.

What’s more, these wraps come in various color options to let you choose one that gives your bike more customized looks. The most common colors include tan, white, and black.

Recently, the market introduced titanium wraps, which gives you even more color options.

Anyone can install the exhaust wraps

Another fantastic benefit of motorcycle wraps is that they’re incredibly easy to install on your bike.

This is unlike most aftermarket parts of your bike that might give you a hard time figuring how to install if you don’t have prior experience or skills.

You can easily put these wraps around your motorcycle wraps without any special skills or experience. Even if you’re an absolute beginner, you DON’T need to hire a motorcycle mechanic to do it for you.


If you can read and follow a set of instructions, then you can install motorcycle wraps.

The whole process can take you roughly 30 minutes or slightly longer, depending on your experience.

Wraps protect your feet when riding your bike

When you’re riding your motorcycle, there’s no denying that your feet are the closest part of your body to the exhaust pipes. And keeping in mind that these pipes can get really hot, they can easily burn your feet or ankles…or even damage your motorcycle riding boots.

This is where the wraps come in; they help cover the metallic pipes and reduce the amount of heat that can cause burns. Keep in mind, however, that the wraps still feel hot to the touch, so you’d still want to take not to get burnt.

Pipe wraps don’t cost you an arm and a leg

One more thing…the wraps aren’t the most expensive aftermarket products for your bike.

You can get a 50-foot roll of fiberglass wrap for as low as $20, which is enough to get the job done in most cases. Additional parts you need for this project, such as stainless steel anchors, silicone spray, are also relatively cheap.

The whole process should cost you approx. $60, which is quite on the lower side of the price spectrum.

Drawbacks of Motorcycle Exhaust Wraps

We have just discovered the benefits that come wrapped with motorcycle bike exhaust wraps. Unfortunately, these wraps aren’t without a few downsides, which make motorcycle owners skeptical about using them.


Below, we reveal the ugly side of these motorcycle wraps:

Poor wrap job has consequences

When you decide to wrap your exhaust pipe, then you have to make sure you do it right. You’ll need to ensure you obtain a nice looking end product.

Otherwise, doing it poorly can seriously affect the look of your motorcycles. As some bikers like to put it, poorly wrapped exhaust pipes make your bike look like trash.

The wrapping doesn’t last forever

That’s right! The nice-looking wrap you just installed on your motorcycle won’t last forever. The best wraps tend to last for a few months only

Your pipe wraps will turn color after a few rides…black models usually change to charcoal while white ones turn dingy. It gets even worse when you’re used to hitting rough terrains; your wraps will deteriorate and look shabby even faster.


To ensure your bike continues looking good, you’ll have to do a regular rewrapping job as well as invest in new wraps after every few months.

Wrapping your exhaust system can cause it to corrode faster

If you don’t ride your wrapped motorcycle quite often, then water can easily find its way to the pipes and cause rust and corrosion. Needless to say, this will cost you money in repairs or even replacements.

Riding will help dissipate water that could otherwise cause costly damages. Even if you don’t ride often, you should consider starting your bike occasionally to help get rid of the residual water underneath these wraps.

Get ready for lots of smoke and bad odors from your bike

Part of the curing process of motorcycle exhaust wraps involves the production of lots of smoke accompanied by bad smells.

However, this effect lasts a couple of hours only, and it’ll be gone for good. Nonetheless, it’s nothing pleasant to have on your motorcycle.


Now that you know the main benefits and drawbacks of using motorcycle exhaust wraps, deciding on whether to do it on your motorcycle should be easy.

Analyze all the benefits and downsides we have discussed above to get a clear picture of the good and ugly sides of motorcycle wraps. This way, you’ll be able to make the final decision quite easily.

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