Motorcyclists Beware: The Worst Drivers in the Country Are in the South

Motorcyclists Beware

Driving a motorcycle is a dangerous activity. Driving a motorcycle in the southern part of the United States, well that's practically a death wish. A new report was just released which ranked states with the worst drivers. All 10 states with the worst drivers were in the South.

The report from reads:

"The states with the best safety records tend to be up north. Massachusetts, for example, had the single lowest fatality rate of any state in the Union.... Meanwhile, the further down the list you get, the more members of Dixie and the Old West start cropping up. The Southwest didn't do much better; in all, the southern half of the country holds nine of the ten worst states."

Here are the 10 states with the worst drivers.

#10) South Carolina - Ranked 48th for fatalities and 45th for obeying road signs.

#9) Alabama - 46th for tickets. 42nd for fatalities. 41st for obeying road signs.

#8) Montana - Highest ticket rate in the country. Also ranked 40th for carelessness.

#7) Kentucky - 42nd for carelessness and 48th for drunk driving.

#6) Arizona - Arizona ranked poorly across the board.

#5) Oklahoma - Lots of DUIs, fatal accidents, and traffic tickets.

#4) Florida - Out of the 10 worst driving states, Florida has the least amount of drunk drivers... Yay... It does have more tickets than any other state.

#3) Texas - Texas ranked pretty poor in all categories.

#2) Missouri - Ranked in the bottom 10 for carelessness and DUIs.

#1) Louisiana - Louisiana is in the bottom 10 in all categories except failure to obey signs.

Most of the states on the worst drivers list consist of large urban areas. The report says that once you get away from urban areas and public transportation, it's inevitable that you'll have a higher accident rate.

Do you live in one of these states? Do you think the driving is really that bad?

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