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This page is the NHTSA page which features information and articles we get that exposes what NHTSA does against our freedoms and rights with our tax dollars...

NHTSA Distributes Helmet Video - Titled "Without Motorcycle Helmets, We All Pay the Price", NHTSA has ignored ISTEA and engaged in a very biased, bigoted Pro-Helmet/Anti-Biker/Pro-Insurance campaign. Find out what this is, how to get one and what to do about it.

NHTSA Releases Helmet Video - Press Release

Helmet Video - NHTSA producing pro-helmet video to lobby states

NHTSA Producing Film - shows how to oppose helmet modification laws and repeals. Your tax dollars at work!

Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard No. 218 - (FMVSS 218) The federal standard for motorcycle helmets specified by California Law (CVC 27802) and other states. Full text with pictures...

The CODES Study - Analysis and comments

CODES Study Overstates Public Costs - Analysis by the MRF

NHTSA's CODES Study - The Fed's own research (page 29) proves that helmets do not reduce head injury!

Helmets & Necks - Letter to NHTSA

NHTSA Helmet Test Results - 1980 to 1994

Roadside Tests Debunked - is a roadside stop and analysis of your helmet by the police in compliance with the strict guidelines of FMVSS 218?

NHTSA Helmet Brochure "Does Your Helmet Pass the Test?" NHTSA's brochure sure doesn't! More NHTSA propoganda.

Letter to NHTSA - regarding their Helmet Brochure

BESTEA - Building Efficient Surface Transportation & Equity Act.

STOP NHTSA Lobbying Efforts Against Motorcyclists - ISTEA II (S.1173)

NHTSA Lobby Ban - Press Release

AirBag On-Off Switches - AirBags no longer madatory after 1/19/98

 Helmet Laws Suck!

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