How Long Does a Motorcycle Battery Last?

How Long Does a Motorcycle Battery Last

The first thing on a rider’s mind when they get a new motorcycle is not the longevity of their motorcycle’s battery life. They are too thrilled about other more exciting things at that time. However mundane it may be, though, it is crucial for a motorcycle battery to not only be looked after and maintained […]

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Can You Ceramic Coat Exhaust? How Much Does It Cost?


Coating your exhaust with a high-temperature ceramic spray is the new trend in the aftermarket motorcycle exhaust market, as it significantly heightens the overall performance. Fuel and exhaust systems last much longer and more efficiently when ceramic coats are used, due to its ability to protect the machine against corrosion, rust, and extreme heat exposure. […]

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How to Make Motorcycle Exhaust Sound Deeper?

How to Make Motorcycle Exhaust Sound Deeper

Motorcycle exhaust sounds are unique, depending on the diameter, manufacturer, and material used to make the baffles. The pitch of the exhaust sound is a personal preference for most and can be altered as removable modification can be made to your motorcycle. Most motorcycle owners would agree that the thrill of hearing your engine roar […]

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