What Are The Safety Standards for Motorcycle Helmets?

What Are The Safety Standards for Motorcycle Helmets

Have you ever wondered what those stickers at the back of your motorcycle helmet are all about? Well, these stickers usually indicate that a helmet has been tested and approved for road use. They indicate that the helmet will protect your head against injuries and brain damage during a crash. However, different helmets undergo varying types of […]

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What Would Your Perfect Three Motorcycle Garage Be?

What Would Your Perfect Three Motorcycle Garage Be

Every biker with unmeasurable love for motorcycles have their dream motorcycle garage in mind. You can always picture all your dream bikes sitting in your garage. But then again, most motorcyclists prefer limiting their dream motorbike garage to 3 bikes only. This brings up the question of the perfect combination of bikes for your garage. Which 3 […]

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When Do I Need To Replace a Motorcycle Helmet?

When Do I Need To Replace a Motorcycle Helmet

Helmets don’t last forever…Hard pill to swallow? No matter how advanced or latest your helmet is, the general rule states that you should replace it after every 5 years. But this shouldn’t always be the case. Sometimes you might be forced to replace your helmet before it hits the 5-year lifespan. A helmet comes designed to protect […]

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Why Don’t We Make Motorcycle Helmets Out of Metal?

Why Don’t We Make Motorcycle Helmets Out of Metal

Metal is one of the hardest materials known to man. It boasts of exceptional durability and can’t easily crack, become brittle or shatter into pieces. It just doesn’t take damages easily, no matter how many times its gets dropped or how hard it gets hit. That sounds like the perfect material for making a motorcycle helmet that […]

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How To Flush and Change Your Motorcycle Coolant?

How To Flush and Change Your Motorcycle Coolant

If you’re a new motorcycle owner, then you might have already heard that regular motorcycle coolant flushing is one of the rituals you’ll be performing on your new baby. This not only helps keep your engine in top working condition but also extends the life of your motorcycle. But the real riddle is, how exactly do you […]

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Best Motorcycle Exhaust Wrap – Ultimate Buying Guide 2020

Best Motorcycle Exhaust Wrap

Most motorcycle enthusiasts admit that exhausts are the lungs of the vehicle. It’s where all the harmful fumes are discarded, along with all the heat produced within the vehicle during a long journey. Regular motorcycles don’t include high-quality exhausts which can safely emit all that heat without hurting the driver. Fortunately, regular motorbikes can use the […]

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How to Remove Paint from Tires?


When spraying your car, it is often recommended that you cover your wheels to avoid spraying on the tires. However, if you forgot to cover the wheels and the damage is already there, it time to think of the best and easy way to remove paint from the tires. The process is often easy if you […]

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10 Best Motorcycle Exhaust – Reviews & Guide 2020

Best Motorcycle Exhaust Reviews

Having a hard time deciding the best motorcycle exhaust for your lovey bike? If yes, you’re not alone. Many other bike owners, especially novices with less knowledge of exhaust systems, usually struggle to choose a suitable exhaust system. Ideally, you want to get something that looks sexier, produces that rumbling sound you’re always obsessed with, saves weight, […]

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6 Pro Tips For How To Remove Rust From Tools?


We need utility tools in our everyday life. I mean, even an 18 pound metal wrench is so useful to fix things. But often tools become unusable, in courtesy of rust attack. But, do you know what exactly rust is? When metals react with the moisture from nature, it leads to rust. In scientific language, when iron reacts […]

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Using Wind Energy to Power a Motorcycle: Is It Possible?


We’re all aware of the fact that gasoline won’t last forever. And before the days of scarcity catch us by surprise, motorcycle manufacturers need to start thinking outside the box. They should start researching alternative methods of powering the two-wheeled machines. One of the possible alternatives that might power our motorbikes in the future is wind energy. […]

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