10 Best Modular Helmet Reviews 2020 – Buying Guide


The recent years have witnessed a MAGICAL rise in the popularity of the modular helmets. Every rider and their grandma wants to ride their bike when wearing the best modular helmet. The reason? It’s simple…modular helmets are a hybrid of full-face and open-face helmets and offer you the best of both worlds. They let you easily flip up to […]

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10 Best Motorcycle Glasses Reviews 2020 – Newbie Guide

Best Motorcycle Glasses Reviews

Elements like wind, dust, and sun’s glare can seriously distract and make you feel uncomfortable when riding your motorcycle. Thankfully, wearing the best motorcycle glasses will offer you protection against these elements and the eye problems that can arise from them over time. What’s more, these glasses will make you look cool—just like those motorbike riders in […]

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How to make a wind turbine for a school project?


A wind turbine entirely relies on wind energy to create electric energy. This makes it an environmental-friendly method of producing power. And an excellent choice for your school project. In the following post, we’ll take you through an easy to comprehend, step-by-step guide on how to come up with a working model of the windmill for […]

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