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Press & Publicity:

AirBag On-Off Switches - AirBags no longer madatory after 1/19/98

Hollister Set Up to Tap Biker Phones! - "Paranoia runs deep. Into your heart it will creep..."

Biker: "4"... Georgia Helmet Law: "0" - by David Dismukes. Talk about harrassment! David got 4 tix from the same cop for the same helmet and all had been dismissed!

Hold The Cheese - LA Magazine on comparitive statistices from the National Safety Commission. Good read.

Sen. Ben Nighthorse Campbell - goes down and breaks his arm...

Bike Tanks Millions of Years Old! - rare prehistoric find...

32 Club Members Busted for Bike Fraud - LA Times

Clinton Doesn't Wear A Helmet!!!

Banana Republic Uses Senator Campbell in Ad Campaign - We Have Arrived! The image of Bikers and Motorcycles is evolving from outlaw to All-American...

Los Angeles Times - "Easy Riders Turn Savy Lobbyists", March 7th, 1996. This article is 2,222 words long and was featured on the very front page, column one of the LA Times! This is the most exciting and supportive press we've received to date!

Los Angeles Times - article about AB-244.

Daily News - Off Duty Cop Dies in Bike Crash with Helmet.

NCOM Reorganizes - distances from leg protectors and general CYA...

NCOM Product Liability Lawsuits - force top MRF resignations

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