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Rights Around the Nation

States and Helmet Laws - Table of all states and their laws

California - information, laws, updates and notices.
Florida HB 117 - 5/3/00 - passed all legislature hurdles and is on the Governor's desk for signature. It is attached to Bill 1911, which is reportedly a "must sign bill". HB 117 is a 21 and over modification bill requiring at least $10,000 medical insurance to ride helmetless.
Kentucky HB 619 - 4/5/00 - was signed by Governor Patton at 11:00 AM today. This bill removes the health insurance requirement! You can ride without a helmet and without insurance if you're over 21. The law goes into effect July 15, 2000.
Legal Loophole in Michigan Helmet Law? - Michigan law requires helmets, however police are concerned about a loophole in the law that won't allow them to pull over motorcyclists without helmets...
New Hampshire - 2/17/00 - HB 1458 - Helmet bill defeated in the House of Representatives.
Illinois Just Says No! - This article was forwarded to me from ABATE of Illinois. They had a Senator in Iowa make similar statements about them last year. This is what can be accompished if people stay focused, don't compromise and work together.
Maryland Helmet Law Unconstitutional? Thanks to Mike Lewis and Terry Nolan, MD may be the next to fall...

Hats off to Maryland! - the MD Pro-Helmet Heads are taking a beating and might do well to don a lid of their own...
The Effect of the NY State Helmet Law - This state sponsored report studies the years 1966-67, before and after the NY Helmet law and details that the fatality rate remained unchanged and that neck injuries increased from 1.1 to 2.4%. This report didn't topple NY's helmet law however, which speaks very loudly as to how powerful our opposition is. Don't give up. Print this out and show your legislators...

NY Motorcycle Safety Program - Gov. Pataki to establish self-funded safety program.
Michigan - HB 4284 passed out of the House Trans Committee (9-5) 6/18 & now awaits floor vote.
Arkansas Helmet Repeal - First repeal in 14 years!!!
Unconstitutional in Spokane - May 2nd, Superior Court rules: helmet ticket "unconstituional".
Richard Lester AIMS at Harely-Davidson - AIM associate, Mitchell Cohen, recently filed a product liability suit against Harley Davidson on April 21, 1997. AIM argues that this is an old case, but it is really an old accident and a new case which, contrary to what AIM says, is "lame" and iNCOMe producing.
MRF President Condems PIP Insurance & Helmet Laws - Thankfully, now both the AMA and MRF have released public statements condeming PIP insurance clauses and helmet bills like that of Texas, Kentucky and ABATE of California's AB1412.

MRF Position on PIP Insurance - and specifically toward the latest in medical insurance sell-out bills HB 106 from Kentucky.

Helmet Law Review
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