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A Comparison Of The Effectiveness Of
The Helmet Law vs. Rider Training Programs
In Reducing Motorcycle Fatalities in California

1986 through 1993


* There have never been any claims by any of the pro-helmet forces that helmet use could prevent an accident. In fact all evidence points to the contrary that restricted vision and hearing, along with other disadvantages, can actually create defensive driving limitations. The point is, this statistical analysis of motorcycle accident fatalities to training graduate numbers confirms that safety training, not safety helmets, reduces accidents and saves lives.

** If the mandatory use of helmets was the most significant factor, it would be reflected in the Fatality Rate. The 2.5% figure for 1988 and 1993 is con-sistent throughout the various states, with only an occasional deviation, rarely radical, usually the result of an error on the part of the statistic gatherer.

The statistics used in this analysis were obtained as follows: Accident and Fatality statistics were obtained from the California Department of the Highway Patrol; Motorcycle Training Graduate statistics were obtained from the Motorcycle Safety Foundation (with the exception of the 1993 graduate figures which are an estimate based on previous years and from CHP statistics showing 11,969 graduating from the California Motorcycle Safety Training Program in 1993); and, the Motorcycle Registration statistics were obtained from the California Department of Motor Vehicles.

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