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Studies, Statistics & Data

The Twisting of Data in Helmet Safety Studies (by Jessica Bosari) - Extensive research has been done on the safety of motorcycle helmets. The most famous study of all, the Hurt Study, shows no question that a helmet protects the head, reducing injury severity. The main question that researchers want to answer is whether the likelihood of neck injury is more significant than the likelihood of a helmet saving the riders life.

New Bike Crash Study - A key U.S. House committee has taken the first step toward updating the famous Hurt Study of motorcycle accidents by with $2 million for detailed safety research.

Motorcycle Accident and Fataility Rates - Comparison of accident to death ratios between mandatory helmet law and voluntary helmet use States.

Condoms and Seat Belts [and helmets] by John Richens, Jan/00. Mr. Richens argues that it is human nature to live with and maintain a certain level of risk. If that level of risk is reduced (or perceived to be) as with seat belts or helmets, there is evidence that we will alter our behavior to increase the risk back to our desired level. With driving/riding increasing speed is often the method used, however going faster will surpass the abiliy of seat belts and helmets to provide the intented safety benefits, thus creating more accidents and/or worse ones.

California Bike Registrations 1991-99 Motorcycle registrations have plummeted since the 1992 Helmet Law. There are 225,000, a whopping 35%, fewer riders today! And of those that do ride, overall... they ride less often.

Maryland Statistics 1985 - 2000 - Instead of a decrease in death's, there has been a 1.04% increase in the Death to Accident Ratio (DAR) since Maryland's 1992 Helmet Law.

The Effect of the NY State Helmet Law - This state sponsored report studies the years 1966-67, before and after the NY Helmet law and details that the fatality rate remained unchanged and that neck injuries increased from 1.1 to 2.4%. This report didn't topple NY's helmet law however, which speaks very loudly as to how powerful our opposition is. Don't give up. Print this out and show your legislators...

The Cooter Study - Austrailian study on the effects of full-face helmets in accidents, "disturbing international reports are now emerging of inexplicable skull base fracturing in fatally injured motorcyclists wearing full-face helmets."

The CDC Helmet Law Effectiveness Study Debunked - Here's a clear and concise review of how and where the CDC's 1990 study is seriously flawed and which key facts the CDC ignores to reach their bogus conclusions.

Reviews of Various Helmet Studies - by Dr. Jonathan Goldstein. "Indespensible!" "Two Thumbs Way Up!" Dr. Goldstein debuncts Hurt, Kraus, McSwain, Dare, Heilman, Luna, NY DMV, Mackenzie, deWolfe, and more - 19 in total! This review is your ammunition to counter all the flawed studies "they" quote at you.

Goldstein Helmet Study - Here's the definitive study with all the facts and figures you need. Wearing a helmet is a trade-off between head and neck injuries over 13 MPH. This is a MUST read. Don't miss the incredible bibliography at the end for additional sources.

Airbags No Longer Mandatory - as of January 1998 because of 87 deaths out of thousands of deployments (see crash statistics). Sure helmets protect your head, but they also cause spinal cord injuries, which is has been documented as far back as 1969 by NY State DMV and Dr. Goldstein in 1986. Isn't it amazing that helmets are not treated the same way as airbags? In comparison to airbags and even bicycle helmets, there is strikingly little government statistical real crash head and neck injury data available on motorcycle helmets. Yet legislators and NHTSA ignore the few excellent private or state studies and insist helmets save lives without ever discussing the very real neck injury risks.

Understanding Head & Neck Trauma - By Tony Pan Sanfelipo.

Roadside Inspection Debunked - How the DOT's own Federal Motor Vehicle Saftey Standard 218 protects your rights! -- Earlier this year, I asked NHTSA to comment on how "roadside" helmet inspections by law enforcement could possibly be accurate or even legal. FMVSS 218 is the Federal Standard that details what a helmet should be and what tests a helmet must pass before a manufacturer can DOT sticker it. A helmet must past 4 lab tests all of which destroy each helmet. Logically, the concept of a visual inspection on the side of the road or in court has no relation to what the NHTSA itself requires by manufacturers. Read my request and the NHTSA's reply. Also read FMVSS 218, S6. Preliminary test procedures and S7. Test conditions.

Hold the Cheese - interesting quick facts and stat comparisions to household accidents (7%) and heart disease and that it only takes 2 MPH to cause head trauma...

Helmets Are Not Safe! - by Steve "Red" Barron

MRF Report - 25 State Update.

UCLA Helmet Study Review - Thunder Press 1994

A Comparison of The Effectiveness of CA The Helmet Law versus Rider Training Programs in Reducing Motorcycle Fatalities in California. 1986 through 1993.

Single-bike Crash Analysis has Lessons for Motorcyclists - In a report titled "Fatal Single Vehicle Motorcycle Crashes," the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) indicated that there are several factors that appear to contribute to motorcyclists' deaths.

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