The AGV S-4 Helmet: Premium Protection at a Reasonable Price

The AGV S-4 Helmet: Premium Protection at a Reasonable Price

Finding a premium quality helmet at a reasonable price can be a daunting task.  Premium helmets usually carry a premium price tag.  In these tough times dropping $500 - $700 on a helmet may simply not be possible for most people.  However, putting your head in a substandard shell is just not a good idea. What if I told you that you can purchase a helmet that matches the safety performance of the top-tier helmets at a sub $200 price point?  Read on.

The AGV S-4 Helmet

AGV introduced a helmet called the S-4 a couple of years ago and it is proving to be a good mid-priced alternative to the premium helmets.  The S-4’s shell construction is ACF2 Kevlar, which is a definite step up from the polycarbonate construction of most helmets in a similar price-range.   With this shell construction, the S-4 has earned both DOT certification and the very impressive BSI 6658 TYPE A rating.  That BSI rating is one of the most respected in the world.

Here is something even more impressive: the S-4 received a 5-star rating on the new SHARP standard.  The British SHARP rating reflects the performance of each helmet model following a series of advanced laboratory tests and rates helmets from 1-5 stars.

The AGV S-4 Helmet

Okay, we’ve established that the S-4 is an ultra-safe helmet, but if it is not comfortable, all that safety is for nothing.  I have worn a lot of helmets over the years made by virtually every major maker, so I think I have a good reference point on helmet fit and function.  I find the S-4 to have a very plush interior and a very secure fit.  The only place I find the padding to be a bit thin is in the very crown of the helmet.  The circumference and cheek padding is very supple and comfortable.  The full liner is removable for laundering.

The AGV S-4 Helmet

Ventilation is also effective on the F-4 with dynamic intake and exhaust venting.  One note – the venting on the S-4 is not as adjustable as on some other helmets.   The shield system is of the quick release variety and I found its function to be straight-forward.

The styling of the S-4 is sleek and attractive.  The finish is a tasteful matte in several basic colors.  The motif that I like the most is the model with the twin stripes down the middle.  It has a retro-cool look to it.  There are also “Multi” variations with more complex graphics.

So there you have it - premium protection, comfort and style at a great price. Competition Accessories has these helmets starting at only $185.

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