What Can Motorcycle Riders Do To Hold Pant Legs Down?

What Can Motorcycle Riders Do To Hold Pant Legs Down

So you’re riding your motorcycle at high speed, all stretched out. And then the wind starts blowing your pants up your legs… and it won’t stop no matter what you do.

This makes you feel annoyed, uncomfortable, or even look funny. And if you’re riding at that time of the year, your feet will feel cold as well.

If you have ever experienced this, you’re not alone. Many other motorcycles have always complained about the same problem.

And this brings us to wondering, is there a way you can hold your motorcycle pants legs down to keep them from flying up when riding your bike?

How To Hold Your Motorcycle Pant Legs Down

The wind blowing up your pants isn’t an entirely new problem. It has been around for ages. It can happen to just anyone, regardless of whether you’ve got the best motorcycle pants on the planet.


Riders have tried coming up with all possible solutions to help stop it. Some have tried using velcro straps to hold down, but it doesn’t work all the time. Others have even tried putting on a pair of leg warmers just to keep their feet covered when the wind tries to expose them.

Still, some riders try to stuff the pants in their boots.

These are just a few examples of the solutions riders have tried coming up to keep their pants held down when riding.

But what happens when experts take it upon themselves to come up with a long-lasting solution to an old age problem? That’s doubtlessly a new hope for motorcycle riders…

At last, A Working Solution!

Experts in the motorcycle industry have come up with a way to help solve this problem for good.

In fact, most riders consider it the easiest and simplest method they’ve ever tried.

So, what’s it all about?

It’s simply using BOOT STRAPS to hold down your motorcycle pants and prevent them from exposing your feet when riding on the freeway. The straps come specially designed to keep the pant legs down and in place.


These straps are essentially small stretch bands that fit right under your riding boots and clips on both sides of your pants. They simply work like your pants suspenders and work great to help solve this problem once and for all.

In addition to keeping your trousers from rising, these straps also solve another problem—your pants getting caught up on the brake pedal.

As your pants’ bottom edges are held in place by the straps, they won’t fly around, not even to your brake pedals, assuring you of an undistracted and safer ride.

With time, many manufacturers have joined in the race to manufacture these helpful things. And today, you can find multiple boot straps and loops made varying in terms of materials, designs, and styles.

Most of these straps are also fully adjustable to match various pant lengths as well as different boot sizes.

Above all, they’re incredibly affordable; you can get a high-quality pair at less than 10 bucks. This means every rider can get a pair or two.

Final Verdict

Comfort is an important aspect when riding your motorcycle. The problem of the wind blowing up your motorcycle pants and leaving your feet exposed can seriously affect your comfort and make your rides less enjoyable.

By using the motorcycle boot straps, you can easily hold your pants down and prevent them from rising. These straps are pretty cheap and easily accessible and offer you a long-lasting solution to your problem.

What other ingenious ways have you used to hold your pant legs down?

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Jennifer Wilson Reply

I use magnetic hold downs that allow my pants to move when I straddle my bike.

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