Why Do Many People Like to Have a Motorcycle Radio?

Many People Like to Have a Motorcycle Radio

Radios on motorcycles are the perfect accessory to have if you’re fed up with your usual boring motorcycle rides. Who wouldn’t want to able to listen to music or talk to people hands-free while riding?

Even though it sounds dangerous, radios on motorcycles are actually very common. More and more people have shown interest in this device and have seen good changes to their road journeys by motorcycle. Most people have agreed that having a motorcycle radio is far better than not having one.

This article about motorcycle speakers talks about an entire audio system in a communication device accessory for motorcycles that has various uses other than just a radio. We’re about to find out why many people like to have motorcycle radios.

What Is a Motorcycle Radio?

Smartphones nowadays come with all sorts of functions and application software. You’re even able to download additional application software if you want.

With the motorcycle radio, smartphone functions play a vital role. The voice command of the smartphone is what we’re dealing with when you install the radio. Because it’s hands-free, you don’t have to worry about controlling the radio with your hands while you’re steering.

Motorcycle Radio

The design is basically a helmet system where you have a microphone for receiving command or audio and speakers for transmitting audio. For motorcycles, there are two kinds of radio setups. These are the intercom style setup and traditional radio speakers.

Moreover, the intercom setup is the type of system where you need to put a headset inside an audio jack that’s on your dash. In this system, the audio comes directly from the helmet, therefore causing less wind noise.

Furthermore, the traditional radio speaker isn’t just ordinary motorcycle speakers. They’re very much like car stereo systems or marine speakers on cruiser decks. The only difference is that the speaker will always be exposed. But it’s perfect as a motorcycle speaker because it has enough protection from the elements.

Reasons Why People Like to Have a Motorcycle Radio

Some people may think using a radio while riding a motorcycle ruins your riding and breaks your focus on the road. But we can show you countless cases where people seem to prefer the radio over silent riding. The reasons why people like to have motorcycle radios are given below:

Motorcycle Radio

1. Communication

Since this is a hands-free system that also works with voice command, you can easily talk to people while you’re on the run. You don’t need to hold your phone, thus preventing accidents. It’s all installed in your helmet, so you can just casually respond while keeping your eyes on the road and hands on the handles.

2. Music

Riding your motorcycle every day and for long hours might be tiring and boring. It’s difficult to use headphones when you need to put a helmet on. So, what’s better than having an entire stereo inside your helmet?

The music will come from the speakers in the helmet directly, so not even the wind can distort the audio. It also picks up radio station broadcasts, so you can also listen to the radio news.

3. Attractiveness

Having radios on motorcycles has also become somewhat of a fashion statement. Riders like showing off different accessories they have on their motorcycle, and the radio definitely falls in that category of accessories worth showing off.

Motorcycle Radio

4. Quality

The helmet audio, including both the microphone and speakers, has been made with better quality than your average headphones.

This accessory is also lightweight, so it won’t put on any extra weight on your helmet. Despite being lightweight, it’s still made with high-quality materials like polycarbonate and ABS.

5. Connection

Since most motorcycles use Bluetooth connection systems, you can switch devices whenever you’d like, and even connect multiple devices at once. This is effective if you’re with a group of riders, and only a few of you have this radio.

Another cool advantage is that it has a USB port so that you can even charge your phone on your journey as well.

6. Durable

These come with waterproof and dustproof protection. Since they’re exposed and used outdoors only, they will most likely come into contact with different elements and could get damaged. But because of such features, being splashed with water, especially from rain or being hit with dust in the air, won’t damage it.

7. GPS

If you have the right application software downloaded, you can even get a navigation system to speak out directions for you.

Final Words

A motorcycle radio isn’t just used to show off. It comes with many more benefits for the user. And it’s not a wonder why so many like to have a motorcycle radio. It’s very easy to set this sort of accessory in your helmet, or you could just buy a helmet that already has it installed.

Instead of having dull rides on your motorcycle that takes away the enjoyment of riding, you should try getting yourself a radio system so that each ride is fun.

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